After Siara disappeared, Adandito made an effort to find her with Hierian.
However, Hierian, who was initially angry, suddenly became gloomy and locked himself in the room, refusing to come out.

“She left me and ran away.”

Seeing him crying non-stop, Adandito shouted as if he couldn’t understand.

“Then let’s look for her together! It’s clear that Dianel kidnapped her, and Siara is nowhere to be found in the palace.
He may have separated them in space, so I need your help!”

“…But sister hates it.”

“Why would she hate it? You follow Siara so well, and I don’t understand why you’re abandoning her now.”

“Well, Sister… she has the power to come out from there.”


“She deliberately doesn’t come out.
If Sister made that choice, I shouldn’t interfere.
I will be resented.”

Hierian turned the blanket upside down and burst into tears, looking pitiful.
Adandito was shocked and swallowed a breath.

Do as you please.”


“One thing is clear.
Even if we don’t know the situation Siara is in, if she sees you like this, she will think you’re pathetic.”

Adandito turned his back and Hierian bit his lip while looking at him.
Tears welled up in his eyes buried in the blanket.

He also wanted to go and find Siara.
But Siara was a dragon and had enough power to escape from any situation.
So her not returning to Astita Mansion was her own will.
He couldn’t disturb a dragon who enjoyed playing.
If he broke the pact, Siara would never look back at Hierian.

Hierian gritted his teeth and mumbled.
There was sorrow in his teary eyes.

“…Knowing nothing.”

Adandito frowned at his muttering.

“You keep saying I know nothing! What more do you know about Siara?”

“That… I shouldn’t say.”

“Fine, forget it.”

Adandito frowned and cut him off.
Now was not the time to indulge his tantrums.

Dianel kidnapped Siara.
As Dianel, whose identity was unclear, showed more interest in Siara, Adandito could only be convinced of one hypothesis he had been guessing all along.

The savior in the scriptures.

‘Is Siara really the savior?’

At that moment, a ringing sound came from his right ear.
It was the sound that came when God guided him with an answer.

Adandito clenched his fist and looked at Hierian with a determined gaze.

“Hierian, if you want to know Siara’s whereabouts, please spread your magic around the north palace.
I will take care of the rest.”

Hierian hesitated, and Adandito spoke again.

“Are you okay even if you never see Siara again?”

Finally, Hierian nodded.


* * *

Since that day, there was no way for Siara to defy Dianel’s mind.
She ate her meals on time and slept well.
If there was something to wear, she wore it, and if there were instructions, she followed them all.

Dianel suspected Siara, who begged like a tongue in his mouth, but she no longer mentioned family.
The precarious peace continued in that way.

It was an ordinary day like any other.
It had been a month since Siara was trapped in the tower.
Dianel returned early to the tower to have dinner with Siara.

Siara was combing her hair, and when she spotted Dianel, she waved her hand.

“You’re here?”

Dianel didn’t answer and sat down.
Siara also sat in front of the familiar table in the middle of the bedroom and casually spread the napkin.
Dianel rang a bell placed on the table.
Then the knights brought the food inside.

In front of Siara was a large steak.
Siara dipped a piece of bread soaked in wine sauce, which she had made herself, and took a big bite of the meat.
Dianel, seeing her devour the food messily, finally started cutting his steak.

And so, the meal began as usual.
Usually, there wasn’t much conversation between the two, but today was different.
As Dianel was halfway through cutting his meat, he paused and spoke.

“Count Therid was completely delighted.
He forgot everything that happened here.
After the welcoming ceremony, he was officially assigned to the knights.”

The last time Therid had passed out in the tower, he’d never told Siara, even if she’d begged.
After ten days or so, a frustrated Siara stopped asking. 

Upon hearing the belated answer, Siara’s hand paused.
Dianel’s gaze turned towards her.
However, Siara nonchalantly put another piece of meat in her mouth and answered with an indifferent expression.

“…Is that so? That’s good to hear.”

Aside from a momentary hesitation, Siara didn’t reveal her true feelings.
It was also her determination not to let her captive mind be known. 

Her plan had been quite successful, and Dianel had gradually started watching her, while Siara had learned to avoid his scrutiny.
However, Dianel didn’t find the shift in power dynamics uncomfortable.
On the contrary, he accepted it naturally.

Once again, the sound of cutlery clinking could be heard.
The two finished their meals at almost the same pace. 

It was Dianel who adjusted his speed to match Siara’s.
Almost simultaneously, they washed down their meal with their drinks.
After that, Dianel briefly excused himself from the table.
During that time, Siara would go downstairs to take a bath and change into her nightwear.

Today was no different when Dianel got up from his seat.
Just as he was about to leave the bedroom without a word, Siara grabbed his arm.

“Dianel, I have something to say.”

Instead of responding, Dianel stopped in his tracks.
Siara took the initiative to speak.

“What happened to Mother?”


“Can you tell her that I didn’t disappear, that I just temporarily left?”

At that moment, faint, mocking laughter filled the air.
Siara stiffened her face at the unmistakable intention behind the words.
Dianel turned away without caring and said,

“If lying will only make the Countess more anxious, feel free to do so.”

His cold gaze swept over Siara’s face.
It was a persistent stare that seemed to search for any trace of wavering.
Siara, who had been gradually shedding her tears, met Dianel’s eyes and bit her lip.
Then she raised her head and looked at him.

“…Why are you going this far?”


“It feels like you want me to suffer just by looking at you.
Is that true? Have I become your enemy?”

Dianel didn’t answer and turned his head away.
He no longer had the persistence to keep staring as if to ask when he had last seen her. 

Siara also remained silent, no longer probing.
Dianel walked out of the bedroom without another word.
The door closed, and until he descended the long staircase, Siara showed no sign of any emotions.

There was no easy way to break a vase or throw a dish.
The silence that had been so peaceful felt more like a protest to Dianel.
As he completely left the tower, he looked up at the darkening sky.

A month had passed, and another two weeks had come.
Dianel felt an unbearable impulse and hurriedly left the tower.

The space shrouded in mist, just a few steps away, cleared up.
As he went a little further, the subordinates who had been waiting for him lowered their heads.

“Your Highness, there’s an intruder.”

“They’ve come again.”

“Yes, this time the high priest came in person.”

“Have they been captured?”

“Since it was before sunset… we couldn’t.”

Dianel nodded his head.

“See to it that the magic doesn’t disperse.”

The subordinates bowed their heads and left their positions.
However, Dianel didn’t move his steps.
He stood still and calmly observed the mana that was beginning to stir, becoming restless.

Hierian seemed to be moving as well, and the movement of the mana was unusual.
Even if the Mage Tower’s wizards were all immobilized, it would be difficult to maintain the mana if the Tower Master himself intervened.

‘They’ve already noticed, it seems.’

Indeed, it wasn’t easy to deceive the two of them. 

However, Dianel had already experienced facing them before.
Adandito and Hierian were from the future, something they couldn’t even fathom.
He couldn’t take Siara away from them as he did then. 

The enemy lurking within the depths of his mind silently raised its head.
The demon inside whispered.

“Suspect and resent them.
Ruthlessly eliminate the savior who betrayed you.
Her terror will be your nourishment, and her tears will become your bones.
Dianel, you will finally have everything in your grasp.”

Dianel clenched his fist as if steeling himself. 

The day when the demon returned his memories still felt vivid to him.
The savior he’d fallen in love with, Piasse.
She had crawled back to Siara by turning back time. 

Still, Dianel believed in Siara.
He thought she would look back at him someday.
But his expectations were shattered.
Siara had no interest in him whatsoever.
She only associated with Adandito and Hierian. 

Even after a hundred years, she remained the same.

The sense of loss was as great as the trust he had placed in her.
In his confusion, the demon showed him the forgotten memories once again.

‘Piasse, why don’t you love me?’

‘Well, Dianel, I’m not sure if you would understand even if I told you.
You’re devoid of emotions.
You just act convincingly.’

‘Adandito is just as hypocritical.’

‘It might be hard for you to understand, but Adandito at least has empathy.’


‘Have you ever empathized with anyone, even once in your life?’

‘Should I make an effort? I will dedicate the lands beyond the sea to you.’

‘….Dianel, you really know nothing.’

With that, she averted her gaze from him.
His suffocating heart felt as if it had been sliced by a knife.
If it was going to be like this, she shouldn’t have taught him about emotions in the first place.
Dianel resented her and longed for her at the same time.

The demon inside whispered.

“The savior has abandoned you.
Even if you turn back time, it will be the same.”


“Are you still expecting to be rejected?”

“You’re making too much noise.”

Dianel closed his eyes tightly and bit his lip.

And at that moment, a golden divine power poured down above Dianel’s head.
Adandito had forcefully intruded, piercing through space.

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