Ashley and Riott, the twin sisters, were renowned figures among the central nobility as the daughters of the prestigious Duke Izbe.
From a very young age, they were presented at parties, held in their caretakers’ arms, and learned etiquette as soon as they could speak.
And now, in their twenties, having just celebrated their coming-of-age ceremony, they became the center of attention wherever they went.

Their reputation was not solely obtained by riding on the coattails of their family name.
It was the result of their relentless efforts to improve their appearance and acquire knowledge.

There was a reason they were raised and groomed with such dedication.
Duke Izbe had plans to make one of them the Empress.
And when Dianel wore the prince’s crown, their wish would also come true.

Dianel’s face perfectly suited their tastes.
That’s why the two sisters would go anywhere Dianel went, even after his return from subduing the Demon King.

That’s why they went through the trouble of traveling to Astita.
And finally, the prince they had been waiting for arrived in Astita.

As Astita’s reception hall was filled with guests, Ashley, who had been walking around with a bored expression, covered her mouth with a fan.

“Did you see, Riott? His Highness Dianel has really come.”

“Of course, Ashley.
Who would have thought he would come to this dreary land himself?”

“It’s unbelievable.
I thought for sure he wouldn’t come.”

“Yeah, he wouldn’t come just to see some sunflowers… I wonder what the reason is.”

Their gazes subtly met.
They had already finished their investigation on Astita.
However, Astita was an unremarkable rural area.

They had received the blessing of the gods, but as a result, they hadn’t been able to develop properly.
Moreover, Astita was surrounded by mountains, making transportation difficult.

On the other hand, Prince Dianel was born with a business acumen.
He was terrifyingly adept at calculations and never wasted his time on unnecessary matters.
It was difficult to easily guess why he had chosen to visit Astita.

However, the two clever girls had recently obtained a piece of information.
While listening to Ashley’s words, Riott, who had been observing Dianel’s descent, suddenly smiled mischievously.

“Could it be because of the Calendula Herb? It only grows in the Astita Mountains.”

“But how did the Astita family learn to make the herb ointment and they suddenly started making a profit from it?”

“They say the true owner of the herb ointment is Hierian.
He has a bad relationship with Dianel.
Maybe he came here to gather information.”

Ashley shrugged her shoulders and replied, 

“But why is High Priest Adandito here?”

“Has the High Priest become acquainted with Dianel?”

“He doesn’t even show his face often.
Strangely, he would come along.”

To have two giants among the guests visiting a small local flower festival was quite a spectacle.
It felt like something suspicious was brewing, matching the scale of the two giants’ influence.

The two girls scattered people around, exploring the reasons behind it.
And it didn’t take them long to discover a suspicious figure.
It was Siara.

Riott began reciting the report she received from her informant.

“Name is Siara.
Unknown origin.
Recently appeared at the Astita Cemetery and claimed to have cured Lady Astita’s madness.
She owns half of the shares of the Calendula Herb ointment and donates a significant portion of the herb’s profits to the family.
Moreover, she seems to be close with Hierian and Adandito.
There was a report that they dined together in the same room.”

“The high priest and the administrator of the Mage Tower are close? What the hell is it?”

“I don’t know either.
The Astita Mansion people speculated that she was a healer.”

“Healer? What does a healer have to do with the High Priest and the Mage Tower’s Administrator?”

“Well, they might have traveled together to slay the demon.”

At Riott’s words, Ashley raised an eyebrow. 

“There were three members in the official subjugation party, right?”

“Officially, yes.
But isn’t the combination strange? Near the Demon King’s stronghold, a strong healer capable of purifying poison would be essential, but Adandito was in charge of the barrier.
It would have been difficult for him alone to purify the poison.
There are also people whose abilities don’t match.”

“…Come to think of it, you’re right.
So, Siara might be an unofficial member of the subjugation party?”

“It’s just speculation.
But if we assume she was a member of the subjugation party, it explains why Dianelcame here, doesn’t it?”

“…Are you saying that Dianel came to Astita because of Siara?”

Their eyes met, and at the same time, they both smiled wickedly.

“So, our rival has appeared.”

* * *

After finishing their speculations, Riott and Ashley returned to the banquet hall.
It was because they had heard that Prince Dianel had once again appeared at the banquet hall, and as reported, he was indeed present.

There were only two reasons why Dianel would reveal himself at the banquet.
Either he had an obligation to attend, or there was an important person he needed to talk to. 

If it was the former, he would simply be present without much interaction, but if it was the latter, he would be engaged in conversation with someone.
Though they didn’t know the purpose of Dianel’s visit, he was currently sitting there leisurely, like in the case of the former.

Riott, whose eyes were fixated on Dianel as if enchanted by his slender and well-shaped legs, approached him with her stunning red hair fluttering in the air.

“Your Highness, it is an honor to meet you here in Astita.”

Dianel turned his head slightly, confirming Riott’s face, and smiled.
It was a polite smile, but it made Riott’s heart race uncontrollably.
Dianel, who knew her well, spoke kindly.

“I didn’t expect you to follow me all the way here.”

“Well, it’s because Your Highness came.”

Dianel raised one corner of his mouth and smiled, then fell silent.
It meant that there was nothing more to discuss with Riott.
At that moment, Ashley, who had adorned her flashy red hair into twin braids like a shy girl, walked up to Dianel.

“Your Highness, it’s an honor to meet you like this—”

“It’s an honor, huh? I heard the same greeting from your sister.”

Ashley nodded quietly and opened her mouth.

“We sisters are always similar.
How are you, Your Highness?”

“I am the same as you.
Just passing a mundane day.”

After that, Dianel didn’t say anything more.
Riott and Ashley tactfully left their positions.
From a distance, they watched Dianel, who similarly interacted with others, even when the hosts, the Astita couple, and Count Therid came to visit.

It was an action that proved he had no interest in the Astita family.
Then, could it be that he came to Astita because of Siara? 

While the sisters whispered and conversed, a child came running down the corridor.
His appearance was familiar to them, as he had been constantly bustling around the palace, befriending the aristocrats.


“Oh, he really exists.”

“But why did he become so young?”

As they talked, Hierian, who had turned his head at their conversation, frowned and retorted.

“What? You two came too?”

Riott shrugged her shoulders casually and replied.

“Of course.
Your Highness Dianel came, after all.
But what’s that?”

Riott pointed with her chin to the dish in Hierian’s hand.
Under the lid, a well-roasted beef peeked out.

Hierian hid the dish behind his back and sniffed dismissively.
It seemed he was embarrassed, so Ashley asked curiously.

“Could it be that the people here don’t know that you’re the administrator? Is that why you bring your food?”

“Shh! Keep it quiet.”

Hierian quickly covered her mouth with his index finger, but the sisters simultaneously asked.

“…Why are you hiding your identity and staying here?”

“What about your youthful appearance?”

The two sisters narrowed their eyes.
But instead of answering, Hierian waved his hand as if he was bothered.

“I have nothing to talk about with you two.
I’m busy.”

“You’re busy! Eat with us here.”

“I have someone to eat with.”

With a curt response, Hierian turned and walked away.
As soon as he did, the sisters’ gaze locked.
They exchanged wicked smiles and gestured for the guards who were protecting them to follow Hierian.
Then, they casually waved at Hierian.

“Well, since you’re busy, there’s nothing we can do.
Chew it well.
See you later.”

“Do you really think I’ll fall for that?”

Hierian grumbled and distanced himself with quick steps.
Shortly after, the accompanying entourage, who had been following the sisters like shadows, also disappeared.
The sisters covered their mouths and chuckled.
It seemed that something interesting was about to happen.

* * *

Hierian hurried his steps.
Since Adandito had brought only grass for the meal, he was under the command of Siara to bring meat dishes from the kitchen. 

It was then that he encountered the Riott and Ashley sisters.
Unlike Duke Izbe, who was blind to power and money, the two sisters were infatuated with Dianel.
It was something that Hierian, as an outsider, couldn’t understand at all.
Naturally, he didn’t want to get involved.
However, the sisters’ subordinates kept chasing after him.

‘They did the same thing last time.’

Hierian clicked his tongue and entered the bedroom, shutting the door.
As soon as the door closed, there was a thud from the corner of the hallway.
It was the sound of the subordinates who had been chasing Hierian losing consciousness and falling.

* * *

‘That Adandito, I asked him to bring the meal, but he only brought a bunch of grass.’

I grumbled while stabbing the lettuce with a fork.
However, Adandito didn’t care and smiled as if he was going to say something like “Please eat quickly.” He elegantly poured tea and asked.

“Aren’t you very hungry?”

“I don’t like salad.”


He widened his eyes as if he had heard an impossible statement and asked.

“I purposely brought a salad with lentils to balance your nutrition.”

“I don’t like beans either.”

“Beans are meat that grows in the soil.
Siara, you said you like meat.”

It wasn’t a person I could communicate with.

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