A grand banquet was taking place at the Astita Mansion.

Although it was originally planned as a modest flower festival, the banquet hall had transformed into a dazzling and boisterous venue.
The sudden change from a sunflower festival to a pleasure-filled event with alcohol and music was due to the noble aristocrats from the central region.

‘Since I brought my musicians, let the music flow day and night.’

‘Make sure to provide plenty of drinks at the ball.
I have prepared the beverages and glasses, so don’t worry.’

‘They said the next event would be a treasure hunt in the garden? We don’t need that.
Instead, prepare a card game.’

The pompous central nobles prioritized their interests over Astita’s traditions.
Even Prince Dianel, who was familiar with such party customs, approached Count Astita with a request.

In the end, the count accommodated their demands, and as a result, the servants of Astita were rushed into preparing a new festival. 

As a consequence, Adandito also suffered.
He found himself indulging in a pleasure-filled party that was completely out of his element, only to escape at the last moment.

‘Why am I doing this?’

While Adandito was tormented by shame, Dianel was enjoying the festival quite comfortably.
The previous night, when he visited Adandito, he spoke with a cold detachment that was hard to believe.
Dianel seemed at ease as if he were wearing his clothes.

Leaving Dianel behind, Adandito exited the banquet hall.
Having blessed all the nobles who attended the festival and enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content, he considered his duties fulfilled.

‘Where could Lady Siara be?’

He already knew that Siara wouldn’t be attending the festival.
However, with the sun not yet set, he became anxious.
He wandered through the mansion with an uneasy heart, unintentionally ending up in Siara’s bedroom.
Adandito swallowed hard.

Was it appropriate to knock? Was it impolite to visit in the first place? His worries were endless.
While he was deeply contemplating, a maid approached cautiously.

“Um… What are you doing here?”

She had freckles all over her face.
In her hands, she held a basket full of food.
Adandito had seen her sneaking into Siara’s room before.
He immediately put on a gentle smile.

“You must be Becky.”

The maid looked at Adandito with guarded eyes, then slowly nodded.

But, how did you know my name…?”

“I saw you serving Lady Siara.
But what’s in the basket?”

“Oh, this is Lady Siara’s meal.
It’s almost time for her dinner…”

Adandito glanced at Becky.
She was drenched in sweat, and her eyes lacked vitality.
It was evident that she was tired from running around the festival all day.
Adandito readily accepted the basket from her and spoke.

“I will deliver the meal.
You should go and rest, Becky.”

“No, I… I should be the one to do it.
It’s my duty.”

“It’s alright.
I arranged with Lady Siara, so let me handle it.”

He spoke with a seemingly soft tone but firmness in his words.
Becky hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded.
She believed he wouldn’t lie.

“Then, please take care of it.”

Becky left hesitantly.
Adandito watched her until she disappeared, then returned to his original expression.
After a short contemplation, he knocked on the bedroom door.

Knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.

However, no matter how hard he knocked, there was no response from inside.
Adandito once again fell into contemplation.
He pondered whether to open the door and check if Siara was inside.
He had a valid reason for doing so.

It was the food basket he received from Becky.

Moreover, there was no answer to his knocking, indicating that something might have happened to Siara.

After rationalizing his decision, Adandito reached for the doorknob.

“What are you doing there?”

“…Count Therid.”

Adandito let go of the doorknob and turned around.
As he did, Count Therid approached him with a furrowed brow.
Therid’s gaze glanced at the basket in Adandito’s hand.

“Why do you have the food basket that Becky was supposed to deliver?”

“She seemed busy, so I took it upon myself to receive it.”

“Hmm… you took over the duties of a maid?”

Therid looked at Adandito with a skeptical gaze.
Adandito responded with a compassionate smile.

“I have a conversation to share with Lady Siara, so I took the opportunity to bring it to her.
Is there a problem?”

“…Of course, there are many problems.
Above all, this is her bedroom.”

“I am aware.”

“Is it such an urgent matter that you had to come to a lady’s bedroom while she is alone?”

Adandito graciously stepped back, giving way to Therid.

“Then, would you like to go in first, Count?”

Therid, who had raised the question, found himself at a loss due to Adandito’s polite attitude and eventually couldn’t say anything.
He opened the door himself.

The bedroom was dark and quiet.
Sensing something was amiss, Therid stepped into the room. 

Adandito followed behind him.
Therid was the first to spot Siara, who was fast asleep, and let out a sigh of surprise.

“…Sleeping at this hour.”

As he did, he realized that the blanket Siara had covered herself with seemed unusually lumpy.
It felt as if someone else was hidden within the blanket.
Therid cautiously lifted the blanket, and to his horror, he discovered Hierian buried underneath.

“Why is he here?”

Adandito, who was standing behind Therid, also noticed Hierian and unconsciously stiffened.

Not knowing the situation, Hierian was giggling as if nothing was wrong.
Seeing his relaxed and carefree expression, Adandito felt a chill running through his body from head to toe.

It was no different from Therid.
He stared at Hierian with a bewildered expression, but soon he swallowed his breath.

“Why are the two of you here…?”

Instead of speaking, he muttered with a pale face.

“Is he Siara’s child, by any chance?”


Adandito replied firmly.

“I will take him away immediately.”

“But he’s still a child.”

“He may look like a child, but he’s an adult.”

Therid’s jaw dropped in disbelief.

“He… he said last time that he couldn’t use transformation magic.”

“It’s not that he used transformation magic.
He became younger for some reason.”


Therid looked at Hierian with a betrayed expression.
Undeterred, Adandito embraced Hierian’s arms under his armpits.

“Be careful, as he is quite mischievous.”


“I will take him away.”

“Ah, yes.”

Therid stared at Adandito with wide eyes.
Not only was it surprising to hear the respected Count personally speaking like this, but it was also astonishing to know that he was already acquainted with a magician.

Siara was sound asleep, oblivious to everything.
Unable to wake her up, Therid let out a sigh and left the bedroom.

* * *

It took a couple more hours for Hierian to wake up from his sleep.
Rubbing his eyes, he got up from his bed, looking truly like a child.
However, Adandito’s gaze toward Hierian was far from gentle.
Instead, it grew colder as time passed.

Adandito, who had been waiting for Hierian to wake up, pursed his lips with a displeased expression.

“Are you awake?”


Hierian nodded, then looked around as if sensing something was off.
His gaze locked onto Adandito, and his expression hardened.

“Why are you here?”

Despite the sharp question, Adandito calmly spoke.

“You were sleeping, so I moved you to my bedroom.”

“…You moved me to your room when I was sleeping with Siara?”

“Yes, that’s correct.
Is there any problem?”

Hierian hardened his expression.
There were countless problems if he were to list them.
Starting from the fact that he had entered Siara’s bedroom to the point of moving himself unnecessarily when she was asleep.
It was so overwhelming that he didn’t know where to begin, causing his words to choke up.
Stuttering, with his lips trembling, he was left speechless while Adandito calmly sipped his tea.

“Hierian, you’re an adult.
Just because your body has changed, does that mean you have to behave like a child?”

“What does it matter to you!”

“Why wouldn’t it matter? Above all else, does she even know that you’re an adult?”

Hierian remained silent.
He had never asked Siara if she knew his age.

But Siara was a dragon.
Regardless of Hierian’s age, it was clear that he was much younger than Siara.

However, he couldn’t tell Adandito that fact.
Hierian muttered with a hint of dissatisfaction, pushing his lips forward.

“…Why does that matter? Siara said it’s fine.”

“You probably relaxed because you thought she saw you as a kid.
If she knew you were a grown adult, she would have kept her distance.”

Hierian asked with an uneven voice, 

“How do you know that? Siara could say it’s fine.”

“She wouldn’t say it’s fine.”

“So, how do you know that?”

In a probing tone, Adandito dumbly asked, 

“Does she see you as a man?”


“Adult women don’t usually bring adult men into their bedrooms.
It’s usually when they’re lovers.”

Adandito calmly sipped his tea and continued, 

“Hierian, if Siara considers you her lover, I won’t interfere anymore.
But if that’s not the case, I won’t stand by and watch you pretend to be a child in front of her.”


“Because that would be deception.”

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