I asked, surprised, with a puzzled expression, 

“How did you know that I like fairies?”

“Well, you transformed into a human with fairy powers.
You even have a ring on your hand.”

In response, I absentmindedly fiddled with the ring.
The fairy trapped inside the pink crystal had been asleep ever since coming to Astita.

‘I wonder when she will wake up.’

Curious, I answered Hierian’s question.

“Yeah, I like fairies.”

“Everyone likes fairies.
Maybe it’s because they’re cute.”

“Yeah, that’s true.
Everyone likes cute things.”


Hierian lowered his head.
It seemed like his ears had turned slightly red due to fairies flying around us.


A gentle, cool breeze swept through.
As I quietly enjoyed the view of the garden in the middle of the night, the suffocating feeling I had just experienced melted away.

I stroked his hair a couple of times and said, 

“Thank you, they’re so beautiful.”

* * *

Hierian returned to the bedroom with both cheeks still blushing.
He was relieved that it was late at night, thinking it was fortunate until he could say goodnight to Siara.

If the corridor’s torches had been a bit brighter, Siara would have noticed his bright red face if he turned his gaze to the garden, as if he was soaked in a dream.

Even though he didn’t have a drink considering his weakened body, his mind was hazy.
Siara’s voice kept echoing in his hazy mind.

‘Yeah, that’s true.
Everyone likes cute things.’

‘Yeah, that’s true.
Everyone likes cute things.’

‘Yeah, that’s true.
Everyone likes cute things.’

‘Hierian, I like you because you’re cute.’


His daydreams created falsehoods on their own.
Hierian was taken aback and slapped his cheeks several times.

“Snap out of it! It’s just a fantasy!”

No, it was a fantasy.
Siara clearly said he liked cute things, and Hierian was cute.
All the wizards at Mage Tower and even the servants at the mansion found him adorable.
Siara would also look at him and burst into laughter as if he had fallen apart.
It was all because he was cute.

He had been cute since he was young.
He had always lived hearing that.
So, Siara would probably stay by his side.
Children had to be cute to be loved.

Siara keeps him around because he’s annoying.
Hierian had completely forgotten about it and hugged the cushion tightly.

“I’m cute.”

Hierian giggled and tilted his head.

“…Am I cute?”

Hierian stood up and walked to the mirror.
His reflection was captured on the mirror illuminated by the flickering candlelight.

His big eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief beneath long eyelashes.
The fair skin had a rosy hue, and his lips were as red and plump as cherries.

He examined himself in detail and burst into laughter.

“…I’m cute.”

Satisfied, he smiled and drank the warm milk in the glass placed on the small table.
It was something the maids, who had also fallen for his cuteness, brought him every day.

He covered himself with the blanket up to his neck and blinked his eyes.
The mobile of shooting stars that he had hung from the ceiling spun round and round.
The bedding was soft, and his tired body, which had been moving since morning, felt drowsy.

However, he couldn’t fall asleep.
Instead, the image of Siara, who used to marvel at the fairies in the garden, kept appearing in his mind.

No matter how cute he may be, Siara’s appearance was incomparable.
Even the mansion’s servants also felt uncomfortable with her and whispered about her appearance behind her back.

‘Did you see her today? The girl who woke up looking prettier than those heavily dressed noble ladies.’

‘Who is she? But she is indeed pretty.’

‘Stop it.
Rumors have already spread throughout the marketplace.
People were asking who she is and caused a lot of trouble because she had to be cautious.’

Although he didn’t like hearing gossip about Siara, he decided to overlook it because even he acknowledged Siara’s beauty.
Of course, coming from a servant’s mouth, the phrase “Who is she?” turned into a fart joke.

Someone so beautiful said she liked him.
Hierian closed his eyes, captivated by an overwhelming sense of contentment. 

Even with his eyes closed, the corners of his mouth didn’t drop.
Finally, the sleeping Hierian had a dream of becoming a fairy with Siara and running on a hill.

* * *

Adantito had been busy preparing for a grand evening ceremony.
Half of the guests attending the ceremony were the ones who hurriedly prepared themselves upon hearing that Adantito had arrived. 

As the High Priest, he couldn’t ignore them and had to deliver speeches to every one of them.

Normally, he would despise such occasions, but today wasn’t that burdensome.
It was because he could feel Siara watching him from above.

In the end, Adantito, who had been dragged around by the nobles until dawn, stood outside by the window, leading his tired body.
It was to offer his prayers before going to sleep.

However, the outside, which should have been pitch dark, was filled with shimmering light.
It was fairies.
His eyesight became faint as he saw them.
It was Hierian who had cast illusion magic for Siara’s sake.
His gaze naturally lowered.

Siara was delighted to see the illusion magic.
Hierian shyly lowered his head and held onto the hem of Siara’s clothes.
His face turned red from his ears to the back of his neck.

Adantito, who had been watching the scene, muttered unintentionally.

“Just a trivial trick.”

In that spur-of-the-moment remark, he realized that he was jealous of Hierian.
Whether it was because he heard the comment or noticed his gaze, Hierian raised his head and looked at Adantito. 

Despite the considerable distance between them, their gazes collided precisely.
And Hierian smiled.
It was the smile of a victor.

At that moment, Adantito pulled the curtains shut.
But Siara’s image continued to replay in his mind.
No matter how hard he tried to forget, he couldn’t.
Unintentionally, a wrinkle appeared on the hand that had clenched into a fist.
And then, a mocking voice mixed with laughter reached his ears.

“Adantito, it seems like you’re starting to like her, aren’t you?”

Adantito turned his head towards the source of the voice.
There was a beige-colored cat with a swaying tail.

Adantito murmured with a chilly voice.


Without responding, Dianel leisurely groomed his fur.
Adantito squinted his eyes and looked down at Dianel.
There was more liveliness in the golden light flickering in the candlelight than usual.

“Why are you here?”

“Because my loyal subordinate is here.”

“Don’t lie! No one knows better than me that you’re not the kind of person to come to the countryside for just one knight!”

Upon hearing that, Dianel opened his eyes wide and spoke.

“No one knew that you would become infatuated with a woman, right?”

“Who became infatuated―!”

As Adantito hastily continued his words, he ran his hands through his dry hair and let out a sigh.

“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

It was an utterance of resignation.
However, Dianel jumped onto the bed without caring and spoke again.

“It’s inconvenient for me to leave.
My companions are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.”

“Then you should go to them right away.”

Instead of answering, Dianel pointed to the night sky.
Just above the clear sky, the moon was rising, about to swell to its fullest.

Dianel’s power became stronger as the full moon approached.
Along with that, the risk of him losing control and going on a rampage also increased.
Having experienced his rampage during the expedition, Adantito hardened his expression.

Dianel spoke softly.

“If I stay outside, I feel like I’ll turn the mountains into dust.”

“…So you came to find me because of that?”

“You are a divine being, after all.
I think I can control myself better if I’m near you, who possesses strong divine power.”

Dianel chuckled strangely and continued.

“As a side note, let’s also enjoy the interesting sightseeing.”


Adandito shouted, but Dianel continued speaking without paying attention.

“Adandito, shall I tell you one of Hierian’s secrets?”


“Everyone treats him like a treasure that must not be harmed because he’s the administrator.
But as long as he stays alive, he can fulfill his role as an administrator.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It means that even if he loses his limbs, as long as he’s alive, it’s enough.”


“I hope this information is helpful to you.”

With those words, Dianel leaped out of the window and concealed his tracks.
Adandito silently stared at the place where Dianel disappeared.

His lips twisted unusually.

“Is it that noticeable?”

Adandito clenched his fist tightly.

* * *

When the festival began, various events were held in the mansion from morning till night. 

Consequently, the mansion’s servants became busy.
Due to the unusually large number of people at this festival, even Becky had to be deployed.
Becky, who had been helping with the decorations during breakfast and lunch, disappeared, leaving a sense of loneliness behind.

‘It’s boring.’

I briefly considered going out to the streets to observe, but I had already seen enough in the past few days, so I lost interest.
On the other hand, if I wandered around the mansion, my presence could be revealed to others, so it was better to be cautious.

However, there was a bigger problem.
It seemed like Becky had forgotten to bring me my meal.

‘She said she wouldn’t bring me breakfast because I was sleepy, but I didn’t expect her to forget about lunch as well.’

My grumbling stomach sang a hungry song.
I embraced my skinny belly and sighed.

“I’m hungry.”

I couldn’t continue starving like this.
But calling for Becky was not an option since I didn’t even know where she was or what she was doing.
In the end, I stood up from my seat.

‘Just a quick visit to the kitchen.’

I pressed my hat down firmly to avoid drawing attention and headed toward the kitchen.

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