It was thanks to the noise of the servants chatting that I heard while walking through the corridor.

“I heard someone else came from Viscount Leven again.”

“Again? They came to collect money last month too.”

“That’s what I’m saying.
The Count doesn’t bother to read the contracts properly and just quickly borrows money.”

“It seems like he’s having a hard time with the interest.
His salary is coming in regularly, but…”

“How did it end up like this?”

“They said a swindler claimed that they needed money immediately to cure Madam’s illness.
The situation was urgent, so the Count got anxious and borrowed the interest money.”

‘A swindler and interest money.’

I roughly understood the situation.
It seemed someone found out about Mother’s insanity and used it as a scam.
Father, thinking it was the only hope, eagerly seized the opportunity and borrowed the interest money.

‘In that case, Viscount Leven might be involved in this too.’

The moment the swindler demanded money, a high-interest loaner appeared who was willing to lend a large sum of money.
It was hard to believe it was just a coincidence.

However it happened, it was clear that Astita’s financial situation was not good.

‘It’s because of me again.’

I felt heavy-hearted, realizing that I couldn’t enjoy leisurely favors.
I pondered on how to make money.

Although I had the VIP membership given by Hierian, I couldn’t just go back brazenly after escaping from Mage Tower.
If I were caught again, I wouldn’t know what they would do to me.

As I thought deeply, suddenly, the image of Calendula from the latest herbal book came to mind.

‘Yes, that’s it.’

The sun was setting at that moment.
It was the perfect time to go and find herbs.

A smirk formed on my lips.

* * *

I headed straight to the stable.
Unlike other servants who made an effort to show respect, the stablekeeper asked me with a guarded attitude.

“What’s the matter?”

He had always been straightforward in his speech, so I didn’t pay much attention and replied.

“I want to do some horseback riding.”

“Horseback riding? Do you know how to ride? These horses are all valuable, I can’t just let anyone ride them.”

“Don’t worry about that, please bring out the white mare over there.”

Liz, whom I had trained since I was young, was quietly standing in a corner of the stable.
Father had specially chosen her for me.

She had a good bloodline and was very gentle, a horse with a high market value.
The stablekeeper frowned as if he didn’t want to give such a horse to a stranger.

“I don’t just let anyone ride this one.”

“I’m confident in my riding skills.”

However, it seemed he didn’t believe me and didn’t readily let me pass.
In the end, I bypassed him and extended my hand to Liz.
As I let her sniff my hand, she gently rubbed her face against my palm.
I stroked her muzzle gently and said,

“She’s very gentle, isn’t she? Seems like she likes me.”

Unable to find any more reasons to refuse, the stablekeeper brought out Liz.
Yet, he couldn’t stop muttering.

“What if something happens to her? She’s an extremely expensive horse.”

“I’m a skilled healer.
If she gets hurt, I can make her healthier than before.”

“You know how to ride, right? Your body seems feeble… Haven’t you only ridden foals?”

Instead of answering, I immediately leaped onto Liz.
There was no saddle, no bridle, no reins.

It was one of the skills I acquired during my time with the subjugation force, but it was a surprising Siara for the stablekeeper, who was left dumbfounded.
I addressed him, unable to hold back my excitement.

“I’ll be back before it gets dark.”

I left the mansion immediately.
As soon as I stepped out of the gate, a vast sunflower field stretched out before me.
The weather was clear, and each time I rode, a refreshing breeze blew through my hair.
It made me take a deep breath, and unknowingly, a sigh of relief escaped me.

“It feels so good.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this free.
Of course, I couldn’t get lost in the moment.

‘Calendula, wait for me.’

My heart raced at the thought of making money.
Originally, it would be Hierian’s money, but he was already wealthy, so it should be okay even if he earned less.

‘Hold on, come to think of it, Hierian is quiet.’

I’m sure he’s already noticed I’m gone because there’s no trace of me in the tower.
If that’s the case, I don’t understand why they would confine me to the restricted area for non-administrators. 

‘It’s a good thing for me though.’

Feeling pleased, faint laughter escaped my lips.
Immediately after, a familiar voice sounded from beneath my feet. 


I shuddered and looked down at the unrecognizable voice.

* * *

Hierian meticulously searched the restricted area for several days. 

Being a space where no one could enter except for the administrators, he had to investigate it all by himself. 

However, Hierian’s body was weak.
If he pushed himself even a little, he would feel drowsy and become easily fatigued. 

During that time, time flowed incessantly, and it took a very long time to conduct the investigation. 

Nevertheless, he had searched through all the secret passages and found no trace of an escape. 

Now, there was only one thing left: the magic pillar. 

Hierian swallowed hard as he gazed up at the towering magic pillar in the sky. 

“…That’s a passage only dragons can use.” 

Since all the dragons had been eradicated, it was practically impossible to travel through the magic pillar. 

That’s why it had been left as a last resort. 

However, she was someone who had entered the restricted area without being an administrator or having any official access.
It meant she wasn’t an ordinary existence. 

Hierian prepared himself and examined the magic pillar.
Finding traces of an escape was nearly impossible due to the complex flow of magic.
However, Hierian was a genius, and he had the help of a snack set sent by Izaya. 

With twenty waffles, fifteen macarons, and five packs of strawberry milk, Hierian finally succeeded in finding the traces of an escape.
It was confirmed that she had used the magic pillar to travel. 

Hierian pondered how Siara could use the magic pillar and soon came to a conclusion. 

“Maybe Siara is a dragon.”

He hadn’t known that the dragons, believed to be extinct, might secretly still exist.
And they could potentially polymorph themselves to imitate humans, either to hide their true identity or for simple amusement. 

If that were the case, it explained why Siara had entered the restricted area, why her name couldn’t be found in the Astita lineage, and why she had traveled through the magic pillar.
And somehow, even Hierian’s heart raced and wanted to rely on her. 

‘She’s a being stronger and longer-lived than me, so it’s only natural!’

Hierian’s hazy, ash-gray pupils gleamed brightly. 

‘To actually see a dragon!’

His curiosity as a magician surged.
Hierian immediately headed towards Astita, where Siara had traveled.
And as if it were a coincidence, she was running toward him.
It seemed as though she knew he was coming and was coming to meet him. 

Hierian was about to call out Siara’s name but hesitated. 

‘Should I call her Dragon? No, that sounds too awkward.…’

If he carelessly called her by name, it might cause trouble later on. 

As he was pondering, one word firmly stuck in Hierian’s mind.
He shouted out that word without hesitation. 


* * *

Something was definitely wrong with my ears.
No, it had to be something strange. 

“Oh, I hear something.” 

I urged Liz, digging my heels into her sides.
Liz, with her gentle nature, ran as well as her excellent bloodline suggested. 

Since I hadn’t saddled her, I held onto Liz’s mane and bent my upper body forward.
Liz swiftly descended the hill at a rapid pace.
Swish, the sound of the wind cutting through filled my ears. 

The voice that had been calling out to someone indistinct grew fainter. 


…It was a mistake.
The shouts that had momentarily grown distant quickly became closer. 


Ah, I messed up.
Why didn’t I think that Hierian could come straight to Astita? I corrected my thoughts, feeling a bit frustrated. 

‘Wait, am I a criminal? Why do I have to run away from him?’

However, I didn’t slow down my pace.
The whining voice continued to reach my ears. 

“Sister! Sister! Sister!” 

That damn sister! I shouted into the empty air.

“Why am I your older sister?”

“Sister, you traveled on a magical pillar.”


“But only dragons can use it, right? Sister, aren’t you a dragon?”

……I didn’t realize that.
By the time I wiped the sweat off my face, the horse had slowed down.
It was because the city was right in front of us.
I thought it knew where to run and where to walk.

This made it easier to hear his mutterings to himself.

“Hmm, so you’re not a dragon either? Should I still study? Maybe dissecting this time…”


“The recent trend was research conducted by organizational units, where you dissect organs one by one…”

“Yeah, I’m a dragon!”

“Wow, that’s right.
I’ve never seen a dragon before!”

Hierian exclaimed with sparkling eyes.

“I read about it in a book.
If a dragon gets into an act, they behave true to their appearance, right?”


“Right now, you’re a human girl concept called ‘Siara,’ right?”

I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but it seemed like he was positively misunderstanding me.
I replied with blurry eyes.

“…Think whatever you want.”

“Wow, just as I thought! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

He jumped up happily, truly delighted like a child.
I felt a slight pang of guilt seeing his innocent joy.

‘Should I tell him the truth now?’

Perhaps Hierian would understand if I did.

While contemplating for a moment, Hierian dashed off somewhere.

“Wow, sister.
This is my first time coming to the Imperial Village.
They sell stuff like this too.”

He ran towards a second-hand bookstore that piled up and sold old books.
Hierian familiarly rummaged through the books and picked up one as thick as my forearm to read.
It was an ancient magical tome.

‘Why is something like this here?’

Unable to conceal my surprise, Hierian handed me the book.
His adorable finger pointed at a certain sentence.

“Sister, I have something I’m curious about.”

“…What is it?”

“There’s a figure called the ‘Savior’ in ancient myths.”

In an instant, I was astonished to the point of breathlessness.
Fortunately, Hierian was engrossed in the book and seemed unaware of my expression.
He continued talking non-stop.

“It says that by taking the Savior, one can attain the wisdom of the world.”

At that moment, something like vitality flickered in his eyes.

“…So, if I kill the Savior, will I become the strongest in the world?”

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