ly buried in the bed, enjoying the scent of the bedding, which had been dried in the sunlight.
It was a comforting fragrance as if rewarding me for all the hardships I had endured. 

‘I don’t want to do anything more intense.’

As I lay there, almost like a melting slime buried in the blanket,

Knock, knock― 

An annoying voice accompanied the knock. 

“It’s me.” 

Me? Who’s there? 

I realized it was Therid by his voice, but I pursed my lips and didn’t respond.
It seemed like he had come to say something to set the mood, but I didn’t want to give up the long-awaited rest because of him.
I completely ignored him.
Despite that, the knocking continued. 

Knock, knock― 


Knock, knock, knock! 

“Is anyone there?” 

I closed my eyes, ignoring whatever he said.
The sunlight was warm and the wind was cool.
Sleep was drifting in. 


I closed my eyes, listening to the knocking sound spreading like a lullaby. 


Knock, knock, knock! 

Knock, knock, knock! 

After a long series of knocks, a weary voice came through. 

“Hey, didn’t they say she’s in the room?” 

“Yes, I didn’t see her coming out.” 

“But why isn’t she responding?” 

“Maybe she’s sleeping? I’ll go in and check for myself.” 

“…Never mind.
I’ll come back later.” 

The conversation ended, and the sound of footsteps faded away.
I fell into a deep sleep, smiling like a satiated predator. 

* * *

Hierian finished his work and returned to the restricted area for the non-administrators.
His hands were full of snacks, a board, and puzzles to enjoy with Siara.
He had prepared everything so that Siara wouldn’t get bored. 

Finally entering the restricted area, Hierian shouted with a cheerful voice. 

“Siara, you’ve been waiting a long time, haven’t you?”

However, the inside of the restricted area was unusually quiet.
Sensing that something was wrong, Hierian immediately used detection magic.
Magical power spread out in all directions, searching for Siara’s trace. 

But there was no sign of Siara anywhere.
Hierian immediately left the restricted area and went down to the lower floor. 

The teleportation devices connected to the top floor were all closed.
There was no evidence of anyone having used them.
So if Siara had disappeared, she must have gone to the lower floor. 

There were magicians assigned to guard the lower floor, preventing anyone from leaving the top floor.
When they saw Hierian, they lowered their heads.
But Hierian, who had been in a good mood just a while ago, was nowhere to be seen.
He asked coldly, 

“Has anyone left the top floor?” 

Hierian’s gray eyes were chillingly cold.
With an aura that sent shivers down their spines, the magicians hurriedly shook their heads. 

“No! No one has left!” 

“You can check the surveillance stones! No one has left!” 

In response to their desperate cries, Hierian replied sternly.

“…Bring the crystal stone.”

At his command, the magician detached the crystal stone and placed it delicately on a hollowed-out pedestal. 

Suddenly, the crystal stone shimmered with a purple light, vividly reflecting the events that had transpired. 

Hierian quickly reviewed the recorded footage, but there was no sight of Siara leaving the vicinity. 

He examined for any signs of manipulation but found the video to be intact. 

Siara disappeared as if she vanished into thin air.
Hierian’s body may have weakened, but his emotions took precedence over reason, and he muttered in a melancholic voice.

“…She promised not to go anywhere without me.”

However, the melancholy didn’t last long.
Though young in body and mind, he was the administrator who reigned above the magicians.

The administrator is determined by a decree, with typically the strongest magician among them being chosen as the administrator. 

Hierian was no exception.
He was undeniably the most powerful magician in the current tower, with exceptional abilities.
Finding one missing person was a trivial matter to him.

When asked when he felt melancholic, his hazy gray eyes gleamed darkly.

“We need to find out how she left.”

If nothing was captured on the crystal stone, then she must have vanished within the restricted area accessible only to the administrator.
The restricted area was known as a sealed space, but in truth, several passages were leading outside.

It was evident that Siara had used one of those passages.

Hierian clenched his fist tightly.

‘I have to find her before Adandito and Dianel do.’

He wordlessly headed towards the restricted area.
Recognizing the alarming situation belatedly, the concerned Izaya quietly grabbed his arm and led him into the kitchen.
Then, she gently pointed to the busy chefs.

“The dessert team is preparing cakes, puddings, chocolates, candies, macarons, waffles, apple pies, and chocolate cookies.”


“The beverage team is preparing ten varieties of fruit juice and milk tea filled with sugar.”


The chefs started moving swiftly.
It was the moment when Hierian’s fuel was being prepared.

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