a sunflower, to her emerald green eyes resembling newly bloomed spring leaves.
Hierian, who was tracing the characters of the name with his fingers, unconsciously bit his lips.

“Set her free.”

The spirit had spoken, and he had to free Siara.

‘I need to think carefully about how.’

Just as he was about to take a step forward, Siara murmured in a heavily suppressed voice.



“You can have your candy…….”


“Are you sure?”

Siara took a bite.

Hierian stared at Siara for a long time, noticing something strange.

“…Why did candy suddenly appear?”

Was it because the candy he had given her before going to sleep tasted good? Lost in doubt, Hierian heard Siara mutter once again.

“You’re becoming like a child by eating candy all the time.”

“All the time?”

Hierian loved candy.
He always had it in her mouth.
It was a well-known fact among those close to him.

But it was natural for Siara not to know that.

‘She doesn’t have any magical powers, yet she enters and exits the restricted area outside the control of the administrator, knows about people mentioned by the oracle, and even knows my habits.’

Something felt off.
And come to think of it, it was also strange that Hierian was paying such close attention to Siara.

It felt like he was missing something important.
But Hierian was a genius, and once he saw someone, he would never forget them.
That was a fact.

‘Could there be memory manipulation?’

It was extremely rare for someone to be able to manipulate his memories.
However, taking advantage of the opportunity when the magic pillar went out of control and caused a malfunction, someone other than Siara might have sneaked into the restricted area outside the control of the administrator and done something wrong.

‘I need to investigate.’

Hierian went straight to Izaya.

Izaya, who was focused on her work, noticed Hierian and bent her knee to meet his gaze.

“Hierian? What’s the matter?”

“Well, it seems like I might have had my memories manipulated.”

“Memory manipulation?”

“Yeah, someone could have intruded while I was unconscious.
We can’t be sure if there are no other intruders besides Siara who entered the restricted area outside the control of the administrator.”

“…The problem might be more serious than we thought.”

She immediately sounded the alarm throughout the entire Mage Tower.

[Emergency notice: Mental realm mages, please move to the top floor immediately!]

At that moment, the mages rushed to the top of Mage Tower.

While the mages were busy setting up barriers and diagnosing Hierian, who remained silent, Hierian suddenly remembered something and turned to Izaya.

“By the way, Izaya, did you tell Siara that I enjoy eating candy?”

I haven’t said anything like that.”

“Is that so…?”

Hierian sank into deep contemplation.
Then Izaya, who had a belated thought, added.

“By the way, she mentioned that she read your autobiography.”

“…My autobiography?”

She said she remembered every page and called herself a fan.”

The corners of Hierian’s mouth twitched before Izaya had finished speaking.

At that moment, a mage spoke up.

“Hierian, your excitement level is rising.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes, we couldn’t find any traces of manipulation, but it seems you have become more emotional instead.”

“I see.”

Hierian twiddled his fingers.
While Izaya looked at him with a pleased expression, she added an explanation.

“Perhaps it’s not memory manipulation but rather you have feelings for Siara?”

Upon hearing that, Hierian was startled and stepped back.

“Do I like someone?”

It seemed like you used the confession spell skillfully.”

“……because Siara is innocent.”

Startled, the wizards who had been silently listening to their conversation asked in surprise,

“Are you saying there’s a perfectly fine human who fell under Hierian‘s confession spell?”

“She’s a subject of study.
I’ll explain later…”

“Everyone, quiet down. She‘s someone Hierian likes.

As the murmurs grew louder, Hierian’s face turned even redder.

“No! That’s not true!”

In the end, Hierian waved his hands in the air and hastily fled from his spot.

* * *

Afterward, Hierian locked himself in the library.
Among thousands of books, he crouched down in a corner where books on torture magic were shelved and muttered to himself.

“It can’t be true.
There’s no one I could possibly like.”

But he did feel good when Siara touched his head.
In hindsight, it hurt his heart too much because of what she had said.
If it were any other time, he would have shrugged it off, but when she said it, it carried hundreds, thousands of times more weight.

‘It’s strange.
I’m sure I’ve never seen her before.’

Seeing that even numerous exceptional wizards couldn’t figure it out, he wondered if someone who had reached a considerable level had manipulated his memories.

But more than that, Hierian was curious about something else.

What kind of person was Siara to him before his memories were manipulated? Did she remember the old him? If she did, why didn’t she tell him?

Lost in thought, he quickly raised his head at the sudden sensation.
Izaya was standing there, her expression hardened compared to before.

“Hierian, His Highness Dianel will be visiting soon.
He contacted us saying he wishes to see you urgently.”


“Yes, he wants to meet you… Should I show him the way out?”

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