reshing, and it brought a pleased smile to Hierian’s lips.

Izaya wiped Hierian’s mouth with a gentle smile, and the sorcerers watching them applauded their skill.

With a peculiar appearance, Adandito cleared his throat and spoke up.
Finally, Dianel, who had been observing from a distance, quietly stepped forward.

“There seems to be much to discuss, so let’s stop playing around.”

Adandito nodded in agreement.
However, when Hierian noticed Dianel, his complexion turned pale.
Hastily catching his breath, Hierian spoke, tears already welling up in his eyes.


“Yes, my Lord.”

“Why is that guy here?”

“Oh, he was wondering if Hierian was in the Empire and wanted to ask for your cooperation-…”

“Then that’s enough, tell him to go away!”

Izaya turned her head as soon as Hierian finished speaking and looked at Dianel.

“Please leave, Your Highness.”

“Very well.”

“It seems that the administrator has become weaker and emotionally fragile due to his age.”

Upon understanding the meaning behind Izaya’s words, everyone sighed.
No one present was unaware of what Dianel had done to Hierian when they were young.

As evidence, Hierian trembled in Izaya’s arms, shaking uncontrollably.
It was a sight that would never have been seen in the usual Hierian.
After confirming his condition, Adandito quietly added:

“Dianel, it seems better for you to leave.”

“You’ve suddenly turned into a child and are afraid of me? You expect me to believe that?”

No one responded to Dianel’s words.
As Dianel scanned the silent audience, he fixed his gaze on Siara for a moment before turning away.

As Dianel’s presence faded, Hierian’s trembling also subsided.
Izaya had been comforting and soothing Hierian all along, and now that Hierian had stopped trembling, he let out a relieved breath.

“I’m glad you’re back, Hierian.”


Nodding absentmindedly, Hierian turned his gaze towards Siara.
The woman known as Siara was in Adandito’s embrace.
Even disregarding her eerie aura, she was a peculiar woman.
Hierian felt the urge to use her as an experiment, but since she was precious to Adandito, he couldn’t recklessly interfere.

As Hierian was organizing his thoughts, a voice resonated in his ear.

[Hierian, set her free.]


“What’s wrong”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

Hierian stiffened, and the voice spoke again.

[Protect her from threats and set her free].

Startled by the clear voice, Hierian stood up from his seat.
Then he looked at Adandito, who was holding Siara, with determination in his eyes.

Despite being known for his compassionate nature, he was quite stubborn and difficult, but somehow he was gentle to that woman.
Even though he didn’t know what their relationship was, it seemed unlikely that they would separate easily.

But the words were directly transmitted by the consciousness of the dragon.

Above all, Hierian was the leader of those who borrowed their power.
In a position where he could not ignore the words, he became extremely confused.

Hierian’s confusion was evident to everyone.
As a result, Izaya and the surrounding wizards paced back and forth, deeply immersed in contemplation.

“Hierian, your complexion is dark.”

“What troubles you?”

“We will help you.”

Adandito, who had been watching them, asked softly.

“Hierian, why are you suddenly like this?”

“…It’s nothing.
But Adandito, is that woman so important to you?”

Then Adandito smiled gently and whispered.

“Yes, she is no different from my other half.”


“Why that expression?”

“…Well, it’s just… Adandito, that woman should stay in the Mage Tower for a while.”

Hierian clenched his lips and furrowed his eyebrows as if he were about to cry.

“I think I need to find out how she managed to enter the restricted area…”

“But Hierian, I can’t leave her.
She is someone precious to me.”

“…Someone precious.”

Hierian blinked his eyes.
His hands fidgeted restlessly, replacing his lost mind.
Adandito noticed Hierian’s hesitation and added.

“She is the one entrusted by the oracle.
Hierian, you know what that means to me, don’t you?”


“Yes, Hierian.
You are my friend, so you should know what my words mean.”

‘Friend.’ Normally, he would scoff at the word, but to the troubled Hierian, the word felt incredibly poignant.
It was because his greatest desire as a child was to have a friend.


Which was more important, a friend or the words? Just as Hierian was immersed in contemplation, Izaya, who noticed the signs, quickly leaned close to Hierian’s ear and whispered.

“Hierian, trust in the divine command is not necessary.”

At that moment, Hierian jumped up like a startled fish and shouted.

“What, what! Since when have I been your friend?”


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