ion table.


'How did I end up like this? Was it the first time I went to court as a candidate for the crown prince's wife? Or from the time I was taken in by the duke's family as an adopted daughter and became a duchess? Or was it a mistake that I was born?'


'What am I supposed to do?'


 Despair overtook her heart, and tears blurred her vision.
The voices around her screaming for her execution echoed in her ears.


'God, why on earth would you treat me so cruelly? If you will have mercy on me, please give me another chance…'


 As if on cue, the decapitator's blade glinted more brightly.
There was a hissing sound of the wind, and then…




 The sheer terror and shock caused Ortansia to scream and jump out of her skin.
In that spur of the moment, she lost her balance and fell down, hitting her buttocks on the floor in a heap.




“Ortansia, are you okay?”


Ortansia was quickly helped up and looked up at the person in confusion.
She was very surprised to see who was there and frowned 


“Oh, Father?”


 The person who helped her up was the previous Duke of Verite, Ortansia's foster father.

 He died of illness shortly before Ortansia was falsely accused.


'Oh, is this heaven? I was executed and reunited with my father in heaven.'


“Oh, yes I am your father.
I'm glad you called me that, Ortansia.
Because from this day forward we are family.”


“…Hmm?” She became confused

'My father's words sound a little strange.'


It was only then that Ortansia was finally able to calm down a bit and look around.


 With a rattling sound, the scenery flows outside the window.


 The surroundings looked familiar.
It was the interior of a carriage owned by the Duke de Verité (T/N: Duke of Verite)


 Besides, “From today on, we are a family.”  'What did that mean? Like in the past?'


 Fearfully, Ortansia looked down at her body.
Her body was much smaller than she remembered.
It was as if she was a young child…


Read only on 


 He picked up the bewildered Ortansia lightly, and sat her back on her seat in the carriage.

  “Look, there is your new home.”


The carriage was headed for the mansion where Ortansia had spent her entire life since she was taken in by the duke's family, the Duke of Verite's mansion.


Ortansia was stunned to see such a ridiculously large mansion.


'I remember this scenario!'


“From today on, you will be my daughter, the duchess.
My son is a grumpy child, but I know you will get along with him.
I have high hopes for you, Ortansia.” Her father's mouth spun the same words as she remembered.


 Hearing his voice, Ortansia felt dizzy.


'No, no, no, no, no! I did want to start over, but I never thought I'd start from here!'


“His Excellency the Duke and Miss Ortansia have arrived!”


 While she was stunned, the carriage passed through the gates of the duke's mansion, and Ortansia got out of the carriage with the help of her father's hand.


 The servants of the duke's mansion were lined up on either side of the carriage.
The person at the center of the crowd stared at Ortanshia with absolute cold eyes.


This is Gérard, my son and also your brother.”


The brother, whom she met again, was staring at her with the same absolutely cold eyes that she had seen just before her execution.


 'I remember this scene well…'


The first time, Ortansia kept avoiding facing him because of the coldness in his eyes.


'Oh, God.
Is this a punishment? Or is this an opportunity? No way! she had never thought she would go back in time to the day she was taken in by the Duke!'

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