The words ”Character Creation Screen ” glowed brightly against the dark backdrop of the computer monitor. Xiao Feng sat in front of the screen, eyes alight with anticipation as he studied the various customization options available. He was presented with a choice of races, and even the ability to customize his characters appearance.

Without a moment of hesitation, he keyed in the name ”Xiao Feng ” as his own. He didn want to start anew or become someone else; he simply wanted to be his former self, but with a few improvements.

Xiao Feng had been presented with an array of options, and he took the time to thoroughly examine each one, knowing that he wanted to make the right decision without haste. After a few hours of deliberation, he proceeded to the next page, where he could customize his appearance. He was pleased to see that there were numerous possibilities, such as changing his nationality, gender, and more. With his background in graphic design, Xiao Feng was able to take full advantage of the options available to him and create the person he desired.

He decided to go back in time to his original life, with the same parents, the same place he was born, but this time with a different physical appearance.

He painstakingly crafted his new appearance to the highest degree of perfection possible. His jet-black hair was meticulously combed and styled, his eyes the color of a stormy winter sky, his stature tall and broad, and his face a vision of heavenly handsomeness. Every aspect of his appearance had been crafted with meticulous care, creating a character that was nothing short of perfect.

For his age Xiao Feng decided to relive it from his 18th year, a year in which he had to take on the monumental task of the Gaokao—Chinas most important and influential examination. He remembered the nerves he felt, the countless hours of studying, and the intense pressure of the looming exam. He wanted to experience it all again, to take the same risks and feel the same emotions, but this time around, he was determined to make the most of it. He would put every effort into studying and doing his absolute best, no matter the outcome. He was eager to see if his hard work and dedication would pay off, and what his life would be like if he was able to pass the Gaokao with a top score.

Though he could not alter the economic status of his family, this did not deter him from his goal of helping them in this life. He was resolute in his determination to make a difference for his family, no matter his outside appearance or the financial situation in which he found himself. He was determined to make the best of his situation and do all that he could to bring about a better life for his parents.

He meticulously combed through the character creation process, verifying and re-verifying each step in order to ensure that no errors had been made. He carefully checked and rechecked every aspect of the character, from the small details to the major aspects, in an effort to make sure that absolutely nothing had been overlooked. His exhaustive review of the character creation process was done with the utmost precision and diligence, leaving no stone unturned in his mission to make sure that the character was perfect.

Xiang Feng took a deep breath and slowly clicked the ”Finish Button ” with a newfound sense of trepidation, having achieved his desired results. After a moment of inaction, the system prompted him with, ”Are you sure? ” He paused for a second, contemplation flooding his mind, before he reluctantly confirmed it. His resolve had been tested and found strong enough, and he was sure of his decision.

His eyelids drifted shut as he felt his muscles slacken, letting go of their tension as his brain slipped from its conscious effort. His vision grew faint, the light of the world around him dissolving until it became nothing more than a blur, and then there was only the growing comfort of the darkness around him. His unconsciousness beckoned, and soon he felt himself drifting away, into a peaceful state of rest.

His body sank further into the chair, slumping towards the armrests until he was in a state of almost complete stillness. With a gentle exhale, he succumbed to the solace of sleep, the nightmarish thoughts of the day behind him.

He opened his eyes, slowly moving his arms in an involuntary reflexive stretch. The memories of what had happened came rushing back as his eyes adjusted to the morning light, casting a familiar and comforting glow around his bedroom. He gently placed his palms against the bedsheets, for one fleeting moment let himself believe that perhaps it had all been a dream, just a fleeting nightmare. But immediately his eyes widened further as he comprehended the reality of the situation; this was his bedroom, unchanged, just as it had been before. Immediately he let out a desperate cry of disbelief, ”It wasn a dream! ”

Standing in his old bedroom, he was filled with a wave of nostalgia and thought back to when he was younger. He tried to remember all the times he had spent with his family in this home, the laughter, the moments of joy, the shared breakthroughs and downfalls, it all seemed to replay in the back of his mind.

Then he studied the walls of the room which were adorned with colorful paintings and drawings he created when he was a child, along with multiple photos of his family. One picture in particular caught his attention. It was a portrait of his entire family on a holiday trip to the beach. As the memories of that moment flooded his soul, he couldn help but smile and feel a truth warmth inside. And though only moments had passed, he could already sense a newfound connection to his family.

He raced to the window, his heart pounding as he took in the breathtaking view of the Chinese countryside. His sister was sitting in the garden, her eyes fixed on a book, as the rolling hills of the region formed the picturesque backdrop. He could see the small houses in their village, dotting the landscape like so many gems, while the emerald mountains and lush forests blended gracefully with the winding rivers that snaked their way through the countryside. It was a sight that overwhelmed him with its beauty.

His sisters gaze met his as she abruptly ceased reading the book she had been so engrossed in. She jumped up without any warning and he watched in surprise as she sprinted into the house. Barely a moment later, there was a hard knock on the door to his bedroom, echoing through the hallway.

”Brother? ” she asked, ”Since when do you look outside the window? Normally, you
e always locked up in your room with the windows closed. ” She was right; Xiang Feng was known for his propensity to remain locked in his room with the windows closed at all times. It had been a habit he had long adopted, partly due to his habit of working late into the night.

His sisters words, delivered from the other side of the door, cut through him like a knife. ”You look different, ” she said, her voice slightly accusing. ”Come on, open the door for me! ”

Xiang Feng took a deep breath as he opened the door, and was met with an nostalgic sight: his beloved sister, looking exactly as he remembered her, and with a look of pure joy on her face. He felt a wave of emotion wash over him as his gaze locked with hers, and he was overwhelmed with nostalgia and love.

He greeted his sister with a warm ”Hi! ” However, she remained silent, her eyes wide with shock or surprise.

She seemed stunned, and it took a moment for the reality of the situation to sink in. As the seconds passed, and their eyes stayed locked.

Xiang Fengs sister gazed at him with her large, bewildered eyes, her mouth agape in surprise. ”Brother, you look so different, ” she uttered in awe. ”Youve been cooped up in your room for such a long time, not even leaving it, or saying hello to us, and now you look like a completely different person. ”

Xiang Feng felt a wave of confusion wash over him as he cursed the system in his mind. He had assumed that the system would change his appearance so subtly that it would appear as if he had been this way his entire life, but now it seemed as if everybody could tell that something was different.

His sisters gaze traveled slowly along his body, her eyes widening in apparent surprise. As if measuring him up, she seemed to take in the changes in his appearance. He had grown considerably, now standing almost 65 ” tall. His eyes, once deep brown, had lightened to a unique shade of silvery-gray, like the color of a stormy sky just before the rain falls, their depths now sparkling with life. His voice was no longer the soft, shy tenor of the past, but a strong, confident baritone.

She finally looked up at him, an expression of disbelief on her face. ”What happened? ” she asked. ”Youve changed so much. You
e taller, and you look so different. Your eyes and your voice—they
e not the same as a few months ago. ” He could tell she was both amazed and curious, eager to hear of his transformation. He smiled, a proud smirk of satisfaction, and began to explain.

In a panicked state, he quickly formulated an excuse and lied, ”Ive just been taking care of myself and lost a bit of weight. ”

His sister gave a slight nod, seemingly accepting his excuse. He hadn been sure if she would believe him or not, but it seemed she had. He couldn help but feel a weight lift off of his shoulders, the tension in his muscles easing as the calmness of the moment settled over him. He was grateful for his sisters understanding and he felt a sense of peace knowing that his explanation had been accepted.

”Do I look handsome or not? ” he asked, his voice tinged with a slight tremor of insecurity. His sisters cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of red as she looked away, her eyes wide with surprise. ”You
e ugly! ” she blurted out, her voice rising in pitch. ”Even uglier than you used to be! ” She spun around, her long, slender legs carrying her away from him as quickly as they could. ”Im going to inform mom and dad that I finally saw you after youve been locked up in your room for how long, ” she shouted over her shoulder, her words trailing off as she disappeared around the corner.

Xiao Feng couldn help but smile as he wondered if the tales of his ugliness were true. His curiosity got the best of him and he searched for a mirror to get a glimpse of himself. When he finally found one, he leaned in close and gazed into the reflection. To his surprise, he realized his sister had been telling a lie; he was far from ugly. His disbelief quickly shifted to anger as he realized he had been tricked. His sister, that brat, had lied to him all along.

He stood in awe of the reflection in the mirror, marveling at the transformation his body had undergone. He had worked hard to sculpt this physique, his towering frame now adorned with bulging muscles, broad shoulders, and a defined V-shaped upper body. His long, athletic legs only added to his impressive stature. His facial features, too, had been sculpted to perfection, with a chiseled jawline and piercing eyes that could make any woman weak in the knees. He was far more attractive than any supermodel, and he knew it.

”F***! ” he exclaimed in disbelief. ”I can believe how handsome Ive become! ” His eyes widened in amazement as he looked into the mirror, taking in the transformation that had taken place.

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