Chapter 6: What’s wrong…it doesn’t seem like there’s anything

“…… Now.”

 After finishing dinner with Mom and sending a thank-you message to Ayana for accompanying me shopping today.
I decided to write out a brief setting of the character to sort out the current situation.

 To be honest, I knew it was a waste of time, but I still thought it was better than not doing it at all.
I was shocked that Ayana called me master, and I thought there was something in the distance between us that was clearly closer than normal.

 However, now I am afraid that Ayana’s unusual attitude and distance from me is not strange at all, and I am afraid that I am trying to recognize that as normal.
I am afraid ……, but I have resigned myself to the fact that this fear will soon disappear.

“Shu Sasaki, Ayana Otonashi, Iori Honjo, Kotone Sasaki ……”

 I write down information about the people I have most recently met, but I don’t notice anything in particular.
The only information about Ayana, Iori, and Kotone is their style, personality, what they like and dislike, etc.

Naturally, there is no official website for ” I was robbed of everything” in this world, but I was confident that I could remember some of the introductions of the characters.
As I wrote them down on paper, recalling my memories, the paper soon became covered with words in my handwriting.

There’s really nothing about Shu.
…… Iori and Kotone are similar, I guess.
Ayana is ……”

 This is the part I wrote out about Ayana.

She is a childhood friend of Shu’s and a neighbor of his.
She is a good-looking girl with a kind personality and is popular among her classmates.
She and Towa get along well, as does Shu, and are often seen going to and from school together.
She has extraordinary feelings for Shu and is looking for an opportunity to confess her feelings to him.

“……This is a common childhood friend heroine sentence, isn’t it?”

 In the end, she is stolen away by Towa at the very end.
…… hmmm I don’t know.

The next thing I’m going to write down is about myself, Towa Yukishiro.
That’s it.

He is a good friend of Shu and a reliable male student for Ayana.
He is popular with both boys and girls alike because of his looks and personality, and like Ayana, is looked up to by his classmates.
He used to play soccer until his eighth grade year, but for some reason he quit and now goes home.

“…… He’s normal.
He’s refreshingly good-looking.”

 I was really surprised at the time because I didn’t think she was a cuckold character based on the standing picture of Towa that I remember and this introduction.
I remember that Towa used to play soccer.
I just remembered it when I was writing this ……, but it doesn’t seem to have any particular meaning, so I guess I don’t need to worry about it.

“Mari Uchida and Hatsune Sasaki,…… Shu’s junior and Shu’s mother, but still nothing special? …… I don’t know!”

 I knew from the beginning, but I really don’t know anything.

 I folded up the paper I wrote the above on and kept it, then opened my desk drawer to see what I was thinking.
What came out was an album, apparently a photo album of Towa’s life.

 As I flipped through it, I found a row of photos from his childhood.
The photos included not only Towa, but also little Ayana and Shu.

This one is rare.”

 One photo caught my eye.

Ayana fell down in a heap, probably striking out while trying to kick a soccer ball, and Shu and Towa were laughing about it with their stomachs in their hands.
The scene is very funny, as the children are all very young and are playing well together.


However, there is one thing I noticed when I looked at many of the photos.

Most of the photos are of the three of us, but in all of them, Towa is in the center and Ayana and Shu are on either side of him.
It bothered me that there is not a single photo of Ayana and Shu next to each other, but …… may not have any particular meaning.

 I looked at the clock and it was already past 11:00 p.m.
I wondered if I had spent more time looking at photos than I had expected.
I’m getting a little sleepy, so I think I’ll go to bed.
I put the album away and lay down on the bed.
Then, for some reason, I felt like listening to Ayana’s voice.

“A phone call at this hour would be a nuisance, …… okay, if she doesn’t answer in two calls, I’ll hang up!”

I apologize if I woke her up, and if I put her in a bad mood, …… I still have to apologize.

 I’ve made up my mind.
Now it’s time to send the message!

“Surely he won’t pick up–“

[Hello, Towa-kun?]


 …..I didn’t expect the call would be picked up at the first ring.

I was surprised that she picked up so quickly.
Although I was happy that she answered, I didn’t really have anything specific to talk about, I just wanted to hear her voice.
I stumbled for words and noticed Ayana chuckling on the other end.

[By the looks of it, you haven’t thought about what you’re going to say…am I right?]

 I felt my face turn red even though it was over the phone because of her precise words.
Nevertheless, it was bad enough that I didn’t say anything, so I immediately responded to Ayana.

“To be honest, no.
I didn’t think you would answer so quickly.
Were you not sleeping?”

I was thinking that maybe Towa-kun would call me.
So I was holding my phone and I got a call.
…… Fufu, I guess my thoughts got through.]

How can she say such embarrassing things? And yet she chooses words that make me happy.
In Ayana’s case, these are not calculated words, but words that come from the heart and are not false.
Perhaps it was because I heard Ayana’s words that I was able to calm down and choose my words with a clear mind.

“I wanted to hear you.
Ayana’s voice.”

[My voice?]

I’m so happy to hear Ayana’s voice now.”

[…..~~! Mou, Towa! Even though it’s over the phone, it makes me really happy, but next time please say it to my face! And let’s hug each other too!]

I heard the sound of something being tapped.
Ayana may have a habit of hitting something when she gets embarrassed.
It was so cute that I couldn’t help but smile broadly when I imagined the scene.

“If Ayana is okay with it, then I’ll do it.
No, I want you to let me.”

[I’m okay with that.
You can do it anytime you want.
That’s something that can be done anytime when Towa-kun wants to… even if Towa-kun doesn’t do it, I’ll do it for you”

“Let’s think about the place.”

[Yes, a place where we can be alone together,…… Kya!]

You’re a busy kid, huh.
But I feel happy when I talk to Ayana.
I guess it’s also because of the effect of becoming this body, but I’m seeking Ayana after all.
In the end, am I still Towa Yukishiro?




Ayana’s voice became a little serious as she continued speaking.

[No matter what kind of Towa-kun you are, I love you.
When I accepted you ‘at that time’, it was not out of pity or anything like that.
It was because I wanted to be by your side and support you.]


What is Ayana talking about? When I tried to listen to her, a scene flowed into my mind.
Towa lying on top of Ayana, but his expression looked very painful… And Ayana smiled to reassure him.
What is this about?

I was brought back to my senses when an indescribable pain ran through my head.

“Hahaha, I’m starting to feel a little embarrassed… Fuee.”

I looked at my clock as Ayana gave a sigh of relief and realized that we had been talking for a little too long.
I felt bad for Ayana if I went on any longer and suggested that we call it a day, though I was sad to leave it, but …….

[Not yet..
I still want to talk more.]

“I know I called you, but it’s kind of bad to keep talking this late.
How about we talk again tomorrow?”

I’ll endure it today.]

 It’s really cute how she really seems to hate hanging up the phone.
I’m just as eager as Ayana to talk more, but for now I’m just going to be patient and wait for tomorrow.

“I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me today.
Good night, Ayana.”

[Yes, please call me again anytim, okay? Good night, Towa-kun.
…… chuu]

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