Chapter 34: Protect

Aisaka is a boy who is physically strong because he trains with the baseball team.
It is only natural, since he practices daily and does not miss any muscle training.
But even so, it was not enough to gain an advantage over a strong man like Tachibana.

“Run while you still can, Uchida-san!”


“Just go!”

 He was able to push Tachibana, who was in a position as if he was pushing him down, away, but once he regained his position, the difference in their ground strength would be apparent.
So Aisaka tried to get Mari out of the way in this way, by holding Tachibana back himself.

“Go get me a teacher or anyone else you want! Qui–“

 With a thud, Tachibana’s fist swung through Aisaka’s cheek, who was looking at Mari.
Aisaka fell down holding his cheek, and Mari let out a small scream when she saw it.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you little brat.
I was just about to get to the best part!”

Tachibana, who had taken off his sweet mask and revealed his lowest nature, gave the fallen Aisaka a kick, then turned again to Mari, who was motionless with fear.
However, Aisaka never let Tachibana go toward Mari even though he fell down.
Despite a bloody nose and broken teeth, he still firmly held on to Tachibana’s leg.

“I told you to hurry …… up and run away!”

 For Aisaka, Mari was a girl he cared about.
But for now, he told her to do as he said quickly and to listen to him maturely, as if he were yelling at her.
Mari gave a small nod after hearing Aisaka’s words and walked out of the warehouse, tears streaming down her face.

“…… this somehow …… gaha?!”

Just as he was relieved to see Mari off after she managed to escape, a sharp kick was released to gouge out his side.
Tachibana grabbed Aisaka by the hair, who couldn’t breathe well and couldn’t stop coughing, and opened his mouth in a form of anger.

“Don’t get in my way, you little brat.
This is what happens when you get involved when you don’t have a hand or a leg to stand on.”

It is true that the scene here now is a picture of a battered Aisaka and an unscathed Tachibana.
Some people may think that Aisaka is a student who can’t get his hands and feet around a strong man.
However, Aisaka had his own feelings.

“…… So what, you son of a b*tch? I have more things than you do.”


 Aisaka continued, explaining why he did not shake his fist like Tachibana.

“I’d like to beat the s**t out of you too.
But I’m going to be the captain of the baseball team soon.”

 Yes, Aisaka was going to be the next captain after his senior retired.
Tachibana does not seem to understand what that is, but that is why Aisaka does not want to hit him.

“Whatever the reason, if I hit you, it might cause trouble for everyone in the club.
There are a lot of juniors in the club who have been working hard together since they were entrusted by our Senpai and enrolled here.
If I hit you and get into trouble, it might interfere with the practice.
I can’t allow that myself!”

He was able to get away from Tachibana by shaking off his arm, but the blow and kick still did a lot of damage.
If it were forgivable, he would like to just fall asleep because he feels so exhausted.
However, even so, Aisaka has no intention of letting Tachibana go, as the club activities are important, but more importantly… he cannot forgive himself for trying to make advances towards the unwilling Mari.

“It’s because my old man always told me that a man’s fist isn’t for hurting, but for protecting.
Got it, you b*stard? I don’t have fists that can be swung around easily like you do!!”

“Ugh, you’re so annoying.”

Aisaka’s feelings in the midst of his youth cannot be understood by Tachibana, who has lived recklessly as he pleased.
When Tachibana was about to punch Aisaka again, the voice of Mari, who was supposed to have escaped, echoed.


“Are you okay, Aisaka!!”

At the same time, the voices of reliable classmates who had started to talk to each other could be heard.

“Yukishiro-senpai! Otonashi-senpai! Aisaka-senpai is…!!”

We had been looking for Mari, but the person we were looking for appeared right in front of us, and we were relieved.
But Mari was in a state of panic beyond normal.
She explained that when Tachibana was about to attack her, Aisaka appeared and saved her.
But immediately after that, Aisaka was punched, and she was told to run and call for someone, so she ran here.

“Hurry, Towa-kun!”

“Got it! Look, Endo-sensei is here too!!”

“…..Saa… Saa… damn it! My lack of exercise is coming back to haunt me at a time like this!”

We headed to the gymnasium storage room that Mari had told us about, and when we forcefully opened the half-open door, Tachibana was just about to punch Aisaka.


“Are you okay, Aisaka!!”

His cheek is swollen from being hit and his mouth is bleeding.
I learned once again that he loves Mari, but he wanted to protect her even if he had to be prepared for him to become like that….
but let’s not indulge in sentimentality like this now.
Tachibana’s attention was drawn to us, probably distracted by our appearance.
I took advantage of that moment and kicked the basketball that was conveniently positioned at Tachibana’s face.


The kicked ball hit Tachibana’s face directly, and he fell to the ground holding his face in pain.
I pushed him away and helped Aisaka up.

“Hey, you okay?”

“…… hehe, somehow.”

“Aisaka-Senpai…! I…I..!”

Mari was crying while holding Aisaka’s hand.
Aisaka seemed to be satisfied with being able to protect Mari, despite his swollen face, he was smiling more than usual.

I was relieved that Mari was safe, and that Aisaka seemed to be okay, although I couldn’t say he was completely fine… However, I didn’t notice Tachibana standing up behind me.

“Yukishiro Senpai!”


The two of them shouted, and as I turned my gaze behind me, Tachibana was swinging a stick-like object.
In that slow time that felt like a flashback, I was thinking it might be like a movie, but in front of my eyes, long black hair swayed.

Ayana had slipped between Tachibana and me.
Tachibana was surprised by her movement, and Ayana took advantage of it and kicked him hard in the crotch.

“……! ~~~~~~~~~~~!!!”

This was exactly what an unspeakable scream sounded like.
Tachibana couldn’t help but crouch down, holding his crotch and groaning in pain.

“Yukishiro! And Otonashi, to—– what the hell is going on here?”

Endo-sensei appeared later, but we could leave it to him for the time being… However, in this one case, Aisaka and I sympathized with Tachibana.

“…that hurts”

“Are his testicles okay?”

I watched Tachibana crouching down, and Ayana reached out to me, so I grabbed it and stood up.
Ayana had a really nice smile as she said this.

“I kicked him with enough force to crush him.
I hope it’s crushed, then girls won’t have to suffer from being squeezed into trash like him.”


Mari let out a small scream, but I could understand how she felt.
Because I was scared too.

“Hey, Yukishiro, is Otonashi that scary?”

“….If you don’t think that was scary, I say go to the hospital.”

“…Don’t worry, I was so scared that I forgot about the pain in my body.”

I realized again that women can be really scary when they get angry, while two guys like us can only sympathize.
Then Endo-sensei called the police and Tachibana was taken away, Aisaka went to the hospital with Mari accompanying him, and as for me and Ayana, we were no longer just helping with the sports festival.

“It spread like wildfire.”

“Yes, I suppose it can’t be helped if the police come to the school.”

 The neighbors may have a lot to say about it, but hopefully the school will be glad that it was before it became irreversible in a way.

 Endo-sensei said that he told them not to make things as big as possible regarding the vice principal, but if the situation gets this big, if they hide it strangely, the wound will be that much deeper.
I don’t know because I’m not a teacher ……, but seeing the vice principal like that, I can see that his own self-preservation is more important than his students.

“……Well, I guess I can rest easy for now.”

“Yes,…… more than that–“

 Ayana jumped into my chest.
When I looked over to see what was wrong, Ayana’s body was shaking in a small way.

“You know, Towa-kun.
When he tried to hit you back then, I felt my blood run cold.
If that thing had hit your head or something, it would not have been safe, and I would have had to grieve like that again.”

“…Yeah, sorry, Ayana.”

Even when Shu and I went shopping, I learned that trying to protect someone can sometimes end up hurting others.
It would be great if I could protect everything, but there’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly… it’s difficult to protect something.

“Please kiss me, Towa-kun.
It’ll calm me down.”


If it’s what she wants, I’ll do it as much as she needs.

Ayana looks up, tears streaming down her cheeks, and her heart is filled with tears.

We probably can’t afford to lose each other.
That’s why I vow to be firmly by her side.
To protect the girl who wants me and the girl I myself want.

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