Chapter 11: Untold Memories – Soafp Translation

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Translator: Soafp


 I was awakened by the light leaking slightly from the window through my eyelids.
And reflexively, I put my hands around my arms, waist, and legs and rubbed them lightly.

“….A dream.
Of course it was.
But I remember.”

 Everything I saw in the dream, the incident in which I had to give up soccer because of an accident protecting Shu.
I learned one truth that was not told in the game.
I have no idea if it was the dream or not, but the idea that I was just another person possessing Towa has faded, and I feel as if I have been Towa from the beginning,…… and my soul itself is on the verge of assimilation.

That is why I feel like I am about to overflow with hatred toward Shu and his family, who caused me to feel that way.
However, the consciousness of “me” still remains.
I don’t know if it is just Towa’s consciousness, but at least as long as I have Towa consciousness, the hatred remains, but not to the point where it is unbearable.

“…… I have to go to eat.”

I got out of bed and dressed myself quickly, and headed for the living room where I knew my mother would be waiting for me.
The breakfast was just waiting for me, and my mother smiled softly when she saw me coming downstairs.

“Good morning Towa.”

“Good morning, Mom.”

 She is Akemi Yukishiro, who looks so young that I can hardly believe she has a high school-aged son.
I sat down with Mom and proceeded to eat my breakfast.
Yes, it’s delicious today, too.

“You really do eat well.
As a mother, I’m glad.”

“Because it actually tastes good.
Thanks, Mom.”

“You’re welcome.”

 A few weeks ago, the conversation was a bit hectic, but now it’s like this.
I don’t feel uncomfortable talking to her, in fact, I feel it’s normal for us to be talking like this.

 As I was tasting the hot miso soup while letting it cool down, my mother suddenly opened her mouth.

“I’m really glad you’re feeling better.”


The eyes of my mother looking at me as I stopped eating breakfast were very gentle.
However, even if it’s family, it’s embarrassing to be stared at like that.
It’s very difficult to eat… and it’s just embarrassing.
Whether she knew or not, my mother chuckled at my awkwardness.

“……What’s wrong?”

I interrupt the quintessence.

 Mom continued, saying she was sorry.

“You haven’t been yourself since quitting soccer.
You put on a brave face in front of me, but it’s pretty obvious, you know?”

“…… was that easy to understand?”


“immediate reply”

…… I wonder.

 I know the words to choose from the conversation with my mom.
And it also feels like the foggy memories are gradually clearing.
Everything from the event I saw in my dream to the present day, it all seems to be unraveling.

“But after that incident, Ayana came to our house and you got better.
I’m really grateful to Ayana for that time.
Hey, what happened?”

 I was at a loss for words as my mother asked me with a grin on her face.
It was embarrassing to say the least, but at the same time it was a sweet memory.
But I finally understood.
Why did Ayana call me “master,” why did she become so unstable at my every word, and why was she so devoted to me?

As I pondered these questions, my mother opened her mouth as if she was in a panic.

“I-If you’re so deep in thought, I won’t ask you! Come on, take it easy!”

“O-ou …….”

Mom’s voice interrupted my thoughts.
I was glad to hear her voice, because if I hadn’t heard her voice, I would have been lost in thought for a long time.
I regained my composure and sipped the miso soup again.
It’s so good, I think it’s the best thing to have in the morning.

“Thanks for the food.”

“Thank you for the meal”

 As I was leaving the dishes in the sink and heading out of the living room, my mom said this to me.

“I think Ayana will be okay because it’s Ayana we’re talking about.
But sometimes when we talk, I feel like she’s really preoccupied with something.
So, Towa, make sure to keep an eye on her and support her.”

“…… yeah.
Copy that.”

I was going to do that even if she didn’t tell me.
Mom nodded in satisfaction when she heard my answer.
I was about to start washing the dishes when she blurted out something that I couldn’t help but ask back.

“Ayana told me what happened at the hospital.
I was about to take a baseball bat to the hospital and beat the s**t out of her~”

“…..You didn’t do that, did you?”

“Of course not.
But when I asked Ayana to bridge the gap without telling you, I said, ‘I heard you played a joke on my son, didn’t I? I’m going to tighten you up, you old b***h.’ Is what I have said.”

“I have never heard of that?!”

“I didn’t say it.
Well, you know, it’s just a bit of my past coming out.”

“…I’m off.”

“Have a good day~”

…I didn’t expect that my mother’s past was that of a Yankee.
I have some memories of seeing old photos and thinking that she was a bit flashier than normal people.
Oh, I see.
Those women who occasionally come to our house and adore my mother are her former subordinates or something like that? I don’t really want to know about it.

“Keep a close eye on her.……huh”

I intend to do that again.
However…it’s strange.
I was able to remember things about Towa and Ayana, but there’s still something stuck in my throat that I can’t remember.
I don’t know what it is yet, but something inside me is urging me to remember it no matter what.

[…That’s outrageous.
Ayana is in trouble.]


For a moment, I felt like I heard a different voice, not mine.
But it was a deeply nostalgic voice that I had been hearing since I was a child.
I looked around, but of course there was no one there except me.
Then it might just be my imagination, but when I brushed off the topic of soccer as irrelevant before, it turned out to be the hidden truth.
That’s why I’ll pay attention to everything that happens to me, no matter how small it is…and I’m sure I’ll find my way to something.

“……Why, why won’t you fight back?”

 The words of a man in pain echoed in one room.

 The man was pushing a woman down.
At first glance, it appeared that the man was attacking the woman, but the woman seemed to contradict him.

“Because I don’t have to resist.
If Towa-kun wants to do it, I don’t mind.”

“….! Why… why are you like this towards me… why, Ayana….”

With no intention of resisting, Ayana had resolved to surrender herself completely to Towa and everything that would happen between them.
Towa could see from Ayana’s demeanor that she would never reject him, and that was something he understood.
A vile voice in his heart urged him to take advantage of the woman before him, who was not resisting him.
But Towa couldn’t do it because Ayana was an important presence to him, and he had pledged to himself that he would never hurt her.

Since a long time ago, Towa had known that his friend, Shu, had feelings for Ayana.
It was something that was easily noticeable even without being told, just from his gestures and behavior.
If they had been childhood friends for a long time, then Shu’s relationship with Ayana would undoubtedly be much longer than Towa’s.
Towa could easily understand why Ayana was such a wonderful woman, so it wasn’t strange for Shu to fall for her.

“….Damn it”

However, before he knew it, Towa had also fallen for her.
But he had suppressed his feelings out of consideration for his friend, Shu.
He had been doing that since the accident… But gradually, whenever he saw Shu, he couldn’t help feeling hatred welling up inside him.
The accident was just a coincidence.
He knew in his head that it wasn’t something Shu had caused, but when he was despairing after losing soccer, Shu had asked him to support his relationship with Ayana.
Looking back, that was when something changed inside Towa.

And now, he had pushed Ayana down when she had come to cheer him up and followed him all the way to his house.



They both stared at each other without looking away.
But Towa had no intention of moving forward from here.
He hoped Ayana would reject him, and if there was anything that would make her dislike him, he could put an end to these feelings.
That was what he had thought, but then there was a sudden touch.



The soft sensation that touched his lips was Ayana’s.

Towa was stunned by the suddenness of it all, but Ayana, blushing, said with a smile:

“We just kissed, didn’t we?”


Despite his inner conflict, Towa’s heart raced at the sight of Ayana’s beautiful, blushing smile.
The voice inside him demanded that he wanted more of Ayana.
But before Towa could sort out his own feelings, Ayana began to speak.

“Towa-kun, I’ve been thinking for a long time about what I’m living for.
Whether I’m living for Shu-kun, his family, or the world that my mother has given birthed to me… But that’s not it.”

Ayana’s words continue.

“I was probably born to meet Towa-kun.
When I first met you, I thought you were a mysterious person.
And as I got to know you, it turned into love, and before I knew it, I wanted to be by your side, and I wanted to support you.

 Towa’s eyes widened.
These were the first words Ayana had ever said to him.
She takes Towa’s hand in hers and gently leads him to her breast.
The breasts are large and soft, and though elastic, his fingers gradually sink into them.
And the sound of her heart thumping through the sensation.

“Towa-kun, will you give me a sign? Please carve a proof on my body that I am not theirs,……, but yours alone.
My existence is for you alone, and I promise to heal you at all times.
So please accept it.
All my love, my devotion, and everything I am.”

 And so the two shadows overlapped.

 In that space, where the sweet sound of their charming voices echoed, it was a time when their feelings were united, no matter what the process was.
However, Towa somehow felt that this was the wrong thing to do.
But time passed, and their relationship became a secret between the two of them.

 At that time, when she had finished having intercourse with Ayana, she murmured this in Towa’s chest.

“Towa-kun, please wait a little.
I won’t let anyone say anything, I won’t let anyone disturb us.
It will take some time, but I will definitely clean it up, so please wait until then.”



He was unable to hear the truth of what she had just said, after all, as she fell asleep terribly early.

 As he cradles his beloved, who sleeps in his arms and is not a stitch on him, Towa also feels a touch of happiness and goes to sleep.
He pretends not to notice the vague uneasiness smoldering in his chest.

 Meanwhile, Ayana was still awake.

 She steals a glance at Towa, who is sleeping peacefully, and a smile breaks out on her face.
The affair was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but for Ayana, it was a happy time that she would not trade for anything.
The man she had always loved, the man she had always loved, had given her an unprecedented emotional response.

Just by being touched by him, a fiery sensation rushes through her body, and the pleasure she feels when he loves her is indescribable.
While holding the happiness she had felt until just moments ago in her chest, Ayana’s eyes gradually become sharp and filled with hatred.

(… In the end, it was those guys who pushed Towa-kun this far.
They looked so miserable… I’ll never forgive them.)

The filth who said whatever they wanted without knowing anything come to mind, and Ayana is determined to make them regret it someday.

(… Shu-kun.)

It was clear from the conversation that Towa-kun had been burying his feelings for Shu in his heart.
While that kindness was one of Towa-kun’s good traits, after seeing Shu’s sneering face, all that remains in Ayana’s heart is disgust.
She holds certain feelings for Shu, who is always by her side without knowing her true feelings.

(I’ll use all of his feelings for me.
And then I’ll tell him.
That I’ve never cared about him since a long time ago.)

Someday, she will surely confess these extraordinary feelings ……, but for now, just for now.

(Towa-kun smells so good… sniff, sniff.
And he was so manly, too.)

Her heart, which had been dyed black, changes completely to a peachy-pink color, which might be due to her being a teenage girl in a sense.

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