People cheered even louder than when Ahn X-Hwan scored a golden goal for South Korea in the 2002 World Cup Round of 16.


There were so many people stamping their feet that it was mistaken for an earthquake, and they reported it. 


It was a time when almost everyone in Korea was so excited.


The examiners at the Hunter Center in the southern part of Gyeonggi-do were also filled with these feelings.


“I want to see SS class!”


“Me too!” 


“I can’t wait to finish this and go home and watch the news!”


 “Are there any examinee who haven’t come yet?”


“Let’s see, there’s only one person missing.”


“One person? What is it, don’t tell me only one person didn’t come? How brave.” 


Everyone groaned and waited.


A little more time passed, and it was just ten minutes before the closing time at midnight.


A female student came into the examination room. 


She felt like she was being dragged to hell and was going to die. 


The examiners were puzzled.


‘Is she really 19 years old?’


The student had a good proportion thanks to her small head, long limbs, and skinny body. 


‘She’s really small.
I don’t think she’s even 155cm?’


The white and clear face was also very young.


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The eyes were round and as big as children’s eyes.
The nose was cute, and the pink lips were small.


A cute girl with a young and gentle impression.


She looked like 15 years old at best. 


“Is it true that you came here to receive the ability test?” 


The head of the center stepped forward. 


Only the people being tested could go into the room, but they had to make sure because she looked too young. 




“Take out the ability test QR code and put it on the device.”


It took the student a while to use her fingerprint to open the QR code on her mobile phone.


It seemed like she was nervous or that she wasn’t good at using mobile phones for her age.


[The relevant citizen qualifies for this year’s ability test for 20 years.]


This sound rang when the QR code was placed on the identification device.


The student jumped at the small noise, showing how timid she was.


They felt sorry for her. 


“Now, go inside the ability testing device.” 


“…Can I not take the test?”


Sometimes, children did this because they were afraid of being tested. 


When the small, delicate child asked for it sincerely, the head of the center was shaken.


But he couldn’t go against the rules set by the government. 


“As you know well, students, this is something that any Korean citizen should do.
If you don’t get it, you’ll be in big trouble.”




“It will be over soon.
Now, go in there, close the door with a sound, and then open it right away.
It takes less than three seconds.”


The student looked around the examination room with a depressed face. 


On the big screen in the middle, the numbers and grades of those who were found to be Hunters by the nationwide examination were floating up.


There were also several cameras.


In order to check whether the subjects were properly tested, the inside of the examination room was sent to the Central Hunter Center in Ilsan in real-time.




The student walked slowly toward the ability test device, letting out a deep sigh of frustration.


She stopped in front of it, looked at it with disgust like it was a cockroach, and then went inside. 


The examiner looked at her and thought in their heads. 


‘As soon as it’s over, I’ll start with the phone that was submitted for classification and find out about the SS-class hunter.” 


Their thoughts were as shattered as if someone had used a knife to cut a cucumber in half. 


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It was because the device disappeared as soon as the student closed the door. 


To be precise, it just disappeared from the world. 


As if it didn’t dare to make a sound or cause a fuss. 




So far, the competent examiners have been trained on everything that has happened in the examination process.


But this was the first time.


“What just happened?”


“What’s going on?”


“Why did the device disappear?”


While everyone was puzzled, the head of the center gulped down dry saliva and said.


“It’s only been three times that ability test device has had this kind of reaction.
All over the world.” 


If it was only three times, it was the case where an SSS-class hunter was born. 


It wasn’t exactly the same.


The three hunters smashed the ability test device like dust.
Because it’s not like they destroy it without a trace at all.  


But it seemed like it was forcibly removed.




Before he knew it, the head of the center opened his mouth, which was as dry as a desert, and said.






“SSS class!!!”




As if the speaker’s + button was kept pressed, the sound of the speech grew louder and became a tremendous scream. 


The examiner went crazy as if the fuse had been blown. 


‘C, come to your senses!!!’


Only the most experienced and competent head of center among them has barely swept away. 


He picked up the phone with shaky hands and dialed a number that could only be reached when a transcendent person appeared on the day of the ability test. 


「This is Minister of Department Ability Lee Beomjin.」 


It was a nice but cold voice.


Thanks to this, the head of the center has come to his senses more. 


“T, this is the Southern Gyeonggi-do Hunter Center.”


The head of the center’s eyes seemed to grow when he saw a student, no, an SSS class hunter. 


The SSS class hunter stood as still as a statue. 


She did that because she found out something that was too much for her to handle, but there was something strange about it.

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