+ Prologue

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[Current status: Protection protocol in operation]


[18 years, 2 months, 3 days, 7 hours, and 22 seconds passed—


[Danger factors: 1.
High-level Dungeon Increase]


High-level Boss Evolves]


Increase Minus Hunters]




[Solution: 1.
Increase High-level Hunters]


Increase Plus Hunters]


Add Supporter.]






There was something that every modern Korean citizen who had turned 19 years old was required to get the day after they took the CSAT.


A test to examine whether or not the person has the abilities of a Hunter.


Or they called it ‘Ability Test’.


The reason why it is the day after the CSAT is because the CSAT is important in Korea, regardless of whether or not the monsters run wild in the world.


Furthermore, becoming a hunter at a young age has a negative effect on their abilities and health. 


Therefore, in Korea, the ability test is taken the day after completing the CSAT at the age of 19, which doesn’t affect the student’s academic performance or their health. 


The ability test was very important. 


– If you become a hunter, you can eliminate monsters and contribute to world peace and development.


This was a story from a moral textbook, but in reality, it was because of money.


It depends on the skill, but even the lowest F class made a lot of money.


Of course, the above E-class, D-class, and C-classes were the same.


The people in the higher class, which starts at B-class, have become so rich that everyone envies them.


– I want to be a Hunter!!!


Everyone had at least one of these kinds of wishes.


However, it was very rare to become a hunter. 


One day, a dungeon suddenly appeared, and it had been 18 years since a hunter with the ability to catch monsters existing in it appeared.


Even though each country is very different, about 0.1 percent of the people who took the ability test in Korea were found to be hunters every year.


It was very high compared to other countries, but most were F or E class.


However, at least one person with a C class or higher must have appeared. 


But three years ago.


– I can’t believe D class doesn’t even come out!!!

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This was the first case in Korea, which is known for having a lot of hunters with a B class or higher.


On very rare occasions, there have been cases where the ability testing devices measure the wrong class.

But it happens very rarely, and they went into the dungeon and checked it thoroughly, so there haven’t been any mistakes in the past few years.




We will conduct the ability test again for all citizens over the age of 19!!


The government made and carried out this plan because the public was so angry about it.


But the result was just the same.


All Korean citizens were shocked, but they moved on because things were much better than in other countries.


Among the new hunters, the highest in Korea was D class.


– SS class has appeared in Japan!!!!


There are less than 130 people in the world who are above S-class and are called Transcendents.


Because no matter what weapon you use, how many troops you put in, you can’t kill them.


As the SS class, which transcends the transcendent more, is a very rare existence, they were even less than 20 people around the world. 


However, there were two people in Korea and none in Japan.


Korea was very proud of this fact; this time, the SS class also appeared in Japan. 


Still, Korean citizens thought it was okay so far.


But last year, the situation was different.


– SS class appeared again in Japan!!!


– The highest class our country gets again is a D class! 


Naturally, Korean citizens felt annoyed.


Also, the Japanese hunter, who became a new SS class, had a tough mind but no personality, and he barked at Korean citizens in particular.


As the number of angry Korean citizens keeps increasing, it is also the day after the entrance exam.


– No way, it’s not D class again, right? 


– S class must come out!


– Hey, who thinks that classes other than S class are useless? Even if it’s only an A class, it’s good too. 


– SS Class is not going to appear in Japan again, right?!


From the morning, countless Korean citizens began to watch the results of the ability tests of those who turned 19 this year with anxiety.


The test itself was simple.


All they had to do was go into the examination device that looked like a tube that had been set up for a while and then come out.


The device was made as a byproduct of the dungeon, so it didn’t react to ordinary people.


But if the person entering was a Hunter, it was different. 


The higher the grade, the louder the sound, and the body shook violently. 

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They said that the whole thing fluctuates if it is A class, but if it is S class, it falls apart completely.


Although it is extremely expensive, most Korean citizens have looked forward to seeing the device split.


– May the S class be born!!!


No, they hoped the SS class would come out, just like Japan.


But there was a time when not even D class appeared, let alone SS class.


Everyone’s hopes and dreams faded little by little.


– Even if it’s S class—.! No, even if it’s an A class—! Please!!!


A class came out after the sun went down.
A class for the first time in years!


Korean citizens who were impatiently watching the results’ live broadcast were happy with that.


But it was for a while. 


– We need an SS class!


Once again, while Korean citizens crave the SS class, the ability test device at the Busan Hunter Center is broken.


It was really the birth of an SS class!

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