’s consider who to provide power after using up Lin Guan.

The powerful ghosts were all stunned, they didn’t expect that Zhong Jiudao, as a Heavenly Master, could come up with such a vicious plan.

In the past, it was not like there were never evil Dao Heavenly Masters who had servant ghosts, they used to subdue some powerful ghosts and make these powerful ghosts to deal with other ghosts.
In order to make the ghosts under his command very powerful, the Ghost Heavenly Master would use various methods to increase the strength of the ghosts, and also use contracts to bind the ghosts.
In addition to the threat of force, it is always necessary to coax the offering.

Who has ever seen a Celestial Master like Zhong Jiu Dao, not only using them inhumanely, but also casting poisonous tricks to make them kill each other, is really a Heavenly Master who is even more vicious than a powerful ghost!

Among so many ghosts, only Aunt Yang, who can clean the room, has a transcendent status, and it harms many people to eat the meals it makes, not only is it not punished, but it also gets an internal role!

This role was thought by Zhong Jiudao when he saw Aunt Yang looking at Qian Duoqun with happiness on her face, and he found that Aunt Yang had some kind of obsession with feeding people, so he asked about the cause of her death, thinking that was it not starving or dying?

Aunt Yang said, “I committed suicide.”

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“What’s going on?” Zhong Jiudao asked.

Aunt Yang showed a look of nostalgia: “Don’t you wonder why there are so many powerful ghosts in this house?”

“You were put in.” Zhong Jiudao said that as the most talented Heavenly Master, he could naturally see that these powerful ghosts did not come from this fierce mansion, but were evil ghosts found elsewhere by the Heavenly Master of Servant Ghosts, placed in this mansion, and forcibly created such a murderous mansion.

“That’s exactly the case,” Aunt Yang replied, “when the world was in a very chaotic state, one day a sect sent out from a mountain to quell the chaos, ten disciples went out of the mountain, and nine of them died in battle, and the remaining Heavenly Master was a little crazy, bent on avenging the sect Brothers, so he came up with this plan.”

The Celestial Master found these thirty or so powerful ghosts in various places, and at the cost of his own mana, he asked the powerful ghosts to create such a fierce mansion and help him avenge.

After being devoured by the evil ghost, the heavenly master’s soul flew away, and these powerful ghosts, after helping the heavenly master avenge, were trapped in the murder house by the contract and could not get out.

It turned out that the Heavenly Master knew very well that his enslavement of ghosts and harming people was against the Heavenly Dao, and he had already made a mistake once in order to take revenge, and he could not be wrong again.
Therefore, when the powerful ghost devoured his soul, the Heavenly Master secretly made a contract to trap these powerful ghosts in the murderous mansion and not let them go out to harm people.

“As for me, my death is very simple.” Aunt Yang said, “It was an ordinary fight in the inner house, when the favored second lady forced me to put drugs in the meal of the main wife, I did not succeed, so she killed my son who was only ten years old.
I lost my son, and there was no way to avenge the child, so I could only choose to commit suicide.”

Speaking of this, Aunt Yang’s expression suddenly became very strange: “Who knows that I am not dead, staying in the house and not leaving, always thinking of making another meal.
So, I made a bowl of lotus seed soup that the second lady liked to eat in the small kitchen in the middle of the night and sent it to her.”

“She wept bitterly and begged me to let her go.
But I just want her to eat a bowl of lotus seed soup, what bad thoughts do I have?”

“In the end, she still couldn’t help me, ate the bowl of lotus seed soup, and then the whole population spat out white foam, and her body slowly cooled down, and when I saw her look, my heart was very happy.”

Aunt Yang showed a kind and kind smile: “Heavenly Master, I like to watch people eat the food I make.
It doesn’t matter if I act or not, please make sure I am responsible for the crew’s food.”

Zhong Jiudao ignored Aunt Yang, but worked hard in the notebook, as he listened to Aunt Yang’s description, he had a new understanding of a role in the script and was changing the relevant plot and writing a new character biography.

By the time Zhong Jiudao finished writing the biography of the character, it was already dark, and it was almost time for the audition time agreed with the ghosts.

Zhong Jiudao temporarily unlocked the kitchen exorcism charm and said to Aunt Yang: “Just start the audition from you, Aunt Yang, you will play the role in your true colors, according to the truest wishes of your heart, just make a meal.”

“Thank you very much.” Dressed in a simple manner, Aunt Yang bowed slightly, and then walked to the kitchen.

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Before Zhong Jiudao didn’t have time to throw away the food and he was reluctant to let Aunt Yang audition with the newly purchased ingredients, so he took those extremely yin heavy food and let Aunt Yang play freely.

Aunt Yang took out a piece of frozen meat, looked happy, her fingers brushed the texture on the frozen meat, and then picked up a machete and slashed it hard.

“Boom”! “Boom”! “Boom”!

In the quiet of the night, the sound of cutting meat was heard in the villa.

After reading the script, Luo Huai, who was a little excited in the room and couldn’t sleep, heard the voice, pushed open the door curiously, and saw that the villa was pitch black, and only the kitchen on the first floor was lit up with a faint light.

He walked down the stairs lightly and hid behind the villa’s load-bearing beams to peek into the kitchen.

I saw a woman who was born extremely beautifully, like a white lotus flower, wearing a white cheongsam and holding a candle in her hand.

In the faint candlelight, Aunt Yang’s face was full of blood, and her eyes showed a feverish look, and she picked up her knife and slashed something.

Zhong Dao sat at the dining table and quietly looked at Aunt Yang.

Aunt Yang touched the blade lovingly, turned back to Zhong Jiudao, and said, “Lord, what dish do you want to eat? Whether it’s vegetarian or meat, I’ll make it.”

“I don’t want to eat anything.” Zhong Jiudao said quietly.

“Taste it, take a bite.” Aunt Yang picked up a bowl, and in the bowl was a blur of flesh and blood, “It’s delicious.” ”

Luo Huai: “…”

The scene was so frightening that he couldn’t help but burp in fear.

This sound alarmed the three “people” in the kitchen, and white cheongsam, Aunt Yang and Zhong Dao turned around at the same time and looked at him with a serious face.

Luo Huai covered his mouth, trying to pretend that he did not exist, but uncontrollably burped again.

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