and when he saw Qian Duoqun, he drew a talisman on his body to temporarily resist the yin qi in the murderous mansion.
Then he drove to the city to buy some ingredients with sufficient yang qi, supplemented with spells, boiled some soup, and in the future, everyone in the crew would drink a bowl of soup every day to prevent yin qi from entering the body and damaging Yang Shou.

As soon as he walked out of the bedroom, he smelled a fragrant smell, and Zhong Jiudao’s stomach, who had not eaten breakfast, was stimulated by the aroma and “growled”.

The aroma wafted out of the restaurant on the first floor, and Zhong Jiudao followed the smell to the restaurant, and saw that there were food such as bun porridge and eggs on the table.

Aunt Yang stood in the corner of the restaurant with a kind eyebrow, and after seeing Zhong Jiudao, she said: “I don’t know what Master like to eat, so I made some according to tradition, if it is not in line with taste, the Master ordered it to go on, and I immediately prepared a new one.”

Zhong Jiudao looked at the breakfast on the table with full color and fragrance, and frowned, this is not a question of love or not, but a question of where these breakfasts come from!

“Where did you get the ingredients?” Zhong Jiudao asked.

Aunt Yang replied obediently: “Two years ago, when the original owner lived in, he bought a lot of ingredients such as noodles, meat and eggs, but then they moved away, but the ingredients were not taken, so I took the materials from the spot and made some food.”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

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Rice noodles have a long shelf life, stored for two years, but barely able to eat, meat and eggs put for two years, this thing can still eat?

“Master doesn’t have to worry, the ingredients are all stored by the forest steward with yin qi.” The ancient corpse can not decay for thousands of years under the moisture of yin qi, and it is still lifelike, but it is an animal corpse that has been released for two years, and it is still fresh.” Aunt Yang said.

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

Very good, Aunt Yang’s words not only made him dare not touch the food on the table, but also could not even look at the meat dishes directly!

“Can you manifest in the daytime? Can you still see fire?” Zhong Jiudao decided not to think about the yin qi preservation thing for the time being, and changed his thinking, so as not to think of today’s breakfast when he saw meat in the future.

Aunt Yang said modestly: “We have been ghosts for many years, but there are some ways to protect the body, as long as we don’t bask in the noon sun when the yang is extremely heavy, it will be fine.
The house was overcast, shaded by trees for a long time, and in addition to not being able to go to the roof to bask in the sun, the rest of the rooms were free to move.

In this way, the ghosts he hired could also be filmed during the day without being suspected by other staff.

“Master? Don’t you eat breakfast? Aunt Yang raised her head and asked.

It was the ghost who had the obsession, Zhong Jiudao was vaguely aware that Aunt Yang’s obsession might be falling on this food, and he didn’t know how she died, what happened to cooking before she died, and why she had such an obsession with letting people eat food.

Zhong Jiudao naturally did not touch this breakfast, he left the restaurant in Aunt Yang’s disappointed eyes, stood in the main hall and said loudly: “In a while, someone will come here, they are also here to make movies, they are everyone’s colleagues, and they will eat and live here in the next two or three months.
You must be disciplined, and you must not hurt these colleagues.

Dozens of yin winds drifted through the hall, which was the guarantee of these yin spirits.

“If anyone can’t help it…” Zhong Jiudao’s eyes swept over the electric gate on the first floor and sneered, “Filming consumes a lot of electricity.” ”

Dozens of Yin Winds trembled with fear, and they all promised that they would not.

After the instruction, Zhong Jiudao walked out of the house and saw that all the flowers that bloomed last night had withered, and the garden was in a state of decay.

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Only the stone path in front of the door is still clean, and there is not a single leaf left.

Zhong Jiudao stood in front of the door and waited for more than ten minutes, and Qian Duoqun drove a truck to park in front of the door.

He was an ordinary-looking, medium-sized man, twenty-eight years old this year, but he looked like a man of thirty or forty, and years of hard work at the bottom made Qian Duoqun’s face more frost and old age.

There was not only a group of people in the car, but also a young man with tall legs, handsome looks, pure eyes, and a refreshing temperament, who got out of the car, and after seeing Zhong Jiudao, he said very politely: “Director is good, my name is Luo Huai, Brother Qian introduced me to audition, I hope the director can give me this opportunity.”

Zhong Jiudao looked at Qian Duoqun: “He is…”

Qian Duoqun hurriedly pulled Zhong Jiudao aside and whispered, “I cheated this stupid white sweet one, filming for three months, only to ask for ten thousand pieces of remuneration, cheaper than group performances.” ”

How?” Zhong Jiudao asked.

Luo Huai looks very good, and the most valuable thing is that he still has the youthful temperament of the students, which is an aura that cannot be compensated by acting skills.
Such a temperamental actor, even if he is a true actor, can play an important role in the popular youth drama, and the salary may not be too high, but it will never be low to this extent.

“I told him that you are a very powerful director with people behind you, and this movie is definitely going to soar, and he obediently came with me.
Even if it is a horror movie, it needs a facade character, he looks good, and when the time comes, the poster will shoot a few more big close-ups, and he can trick the audience with his face.” Qian Duoqun said.

Zhong Jiu Dao was cruel to the ghosts, but he was quite kind to the kind human beings.
When he saw that Luo Huai had been deceived by Qian Duoqun, he couldn’t bear it and whispered, “The film remuneration is indeed too low.”

“He was lucky to be able to come to our crew to shoot a scene!” Qian Duoqun saw Zhong Jiudao hesitate and said busily, “When I first met him, he was being tricked into auditioning by a notorious pimp in the circle.
That person… Sigh, the character is too poor, and the actor who met him did not have a good ending.
I can also be regarded as saving Luo Huai’s life, and the less film remuneration should be used as a thank-you fee.

After saying that, Qian Duoqun dropped Zhong Jiudao and came to Luo Huai and said, “Director Zhong said that you are too young, and when you see your acting skills, you are too young and do not want to use you.
I grind my lips to convince him to use you, you have to behave well, usually be clever, and have work in your eyes, you know?”

Luo Huai was indeed a silly white sweet, and when he heard Qian Duoqun say this, he bowed happily to Zhong Jiudao: “Thank you Zhong Dao for giving me this opportunity.”

Luo Huai ran to the car and carried two large boxes down, and said to Zhong Jiudao, “Where are these props going to be placed?”

Zhong Jiu said, “… Don’t move the props yet, first drive the car into the yard.

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