NHA ch3: Reading the Script

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Zhong Jiudao began to deal with ghosts and monsters at a very young age, and he had studied them quite a bit.

Although the ghost was once a human being, due to the influence of death and resentment, the way of thinking is completely different from that of humans.

They are paranoid, stubborn, and one-sided, and they can’t look at things macroscopically and dialectically.
Death takes away most of their sanity and thinking ability, and what keeps them in the human world is obsession and resentment, and they can only wait for these negative factors to observe the world, which cannot be changed.

After all, all the normal ghosts without resentment have left the Yang Realm, and resentment and obsession are the reasons why the ghosts remain in the human world, and if they change these things, they will no longer exist.

Don’t try to communicate with them, either subdue them or be subdued by them, this is the teaching that Zhong Jiudao has received since childhood.

Although he has not made a movie, he has shot many short films in school and has also interned in some crews.
After his mentor saw his work, he once told him that he was quite talented in shooting techniques, and Zhong Jiudao had a sense of picture in his mind and was able to present the picture perfectly through skill.

There’s nothing wrong with his approach to shooting, but he’s missing something pure.

“You have a stable personality, do not be alarmed, and can look at problems from the perspective of a bystander at any time, which is an advantage in dealing with people in the world, but in artistic creation, it is a disadvantage.” The teacher said meaningfully, “There is something extreme and impactful in your work that cannot reach the hearts of the people.” Don’t always be so steady, try to go crazy, genius and crazy are only a line apart.”

The teacher taught that, but Zhong Jiu Dao could not do it.

Because when keeping right and warding off evil, we need to control our original hearts and be a person who is not moved by external objects.
Too strong emotions will be used by powerful ghosts to confuse the mind, and in the confrontation with these ghosts, the slightest difference is a disaster.

Zhong Jiudao received this kind of training since childhood, which is contrary to art.

For Zhong Jiudao, a student, the tutor was both sorry and regretful.

He’s like a perfect learning machine that can present the best picture.
Unlike other students, whose work is full of mistakes and omissions, and it looks rough and inferior.

But art can be flawed, but it cannot be without emotion.

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The bell must also be tied to the bell people, and the consequence of exorcism training seem to have to find an answer from these powerful ghosts.

Looking at these powerful ghosts with different ideas, Zhong Jiudao couldn’t help but think of his new drama.

Of the several short videos that Zhong Jiudao has filmed, the only thing that the tutor recognized was a horror suspense video.

It’s not that this story is well told, but Zhong Jiudao is simply talented in shooting the horror atmosphere, it is like he has seen how evil ghosts hurt people, the picture showed is not bloody, but it can make the heart chill.

The first time he led a movie, Zhong Jiudao naturally chose the horror genre he was best at.

Zhong Jiudao took out the script of the new film, and because the crew was seriously underfunded, he could not afford to hire a good screenwriter, and his script was purchased in a studio that was not very professional.

Because of his poor empathy ability, Zhong Jiudao is not a professional screenwriter, it is difficult to complete the script independently, and the short video scripts he shot during his school years were basically the original purchased script.
At this moment to shoot a movie, he also went to the studio he often cooperated with to buy the script, but the short video and the long video are different after all, and Zhong Jiudao in order to control the funds, the script bought is too ordinary and routine, the reversal is also very blunt, Zhong Jiudao is not very satisfied, personally changed several times, but always feel that it is not good enough.

The story is about a group of college students who, during the summer vacation, receive an invitation from a high school classmate who claims to have recently moved to a new house and invites friends to come and play.

When this group of young people came to their classmates, they found that it was a villa with unimaginable luxury and a long history.
They thought it was strange, because this classmate was usually dressed plainly, and he couldn’t see that his family was so rich.

The parents of the classmates wore cheongsams and long shirts, the driver at home addressed the homeowner very feudaly, and several students seemed to be in the old society.

After enjoying a sumptuous dinner, they stayed in the villa that night and woke up in the middle of the night to find a very terrifying scene.
Everyone wanted to escape, but they saw that the doors and windows were locked, and the classmates and family were smiling strangely at them.

The villa has become a large labyrinth, and in order to escape, several students must find the reason why the classmates’ family has become like this.
After a thrilling fight and escape, only the male and female protagonists managed to leave the villa.
The male protagonist looked back at the villa for the rest of his life, but saw that on the second floor of the villa, a person who looked exactly like the heroine was quietly watching him.

In the current era, the story is not brilliant, and with the existing conditions of Zhong Jiudao, he can only complete this degree of script.
If you want to give some highlights on the basis of completion, you need to think about the characters well.

If Zhong Jiudao has sufficient funds and can invite some actors with well-known acting skills, the actors themselves can fill the blanks of the role.
But he has no money, and the only people he can afford are ordinary students who are studying in film and television academies or who have just graduated, but there are also talented and spirited actors among these people, just to find such actors is like finding a needle in a haystack, which requires excellent luck.

The best way is that Zhong Jiudao personally wrote a biography of the character, with each character image in his mind, he then instructed the actor’s characteristics one-on-one to guide the acting, and then after post-editing processing, the music set off, and created a role that made people shine.

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Zhong Jiudao’s gaze swept over this group of ghosts, and he secretly had a decision in his heart.

The ghost in the suit was lying in front of the DVD player to change the disc, and felt Zhong Jiudao’s gaze fall on it, and suddenly the whole soul stiffened, hiding its body in the ear, leaving only a disc strangely floating in the air.

The ghosts in the movie hall did not know when there were more, and at the door stood a middle-aged woman with a simple face with a rag, which should be Aunt Yang, who had been diligently cleaning the villa.
When Aunt Yang saw Zhong Jiudao find herself, she smiled awkwardly and picked up a rag to wipe the door: “This adult, I came to clean the room.”

Aunt Yang found an excuse, and the whole ghost suddenly became righteous, simply ran to the room to wipe up the glass, and asked Zhong Jiu enthusiastically: “Heavenly Master, do you want to wash your clothes?”

If everyone has no excuse, it is okay, Aunt Yang’s reason makes the position of the group of ghosts embarrassed, and the suit ghost also appears excitedly: “I have stayed in school, I know some Western things, I serve adults to change, adults do not have to do it themselves.”

Say strongly tuck the disc into the drive and say that you want to watch a movie again.

The candle in the white cheongsam ghost’s hand turned into a wine jug and wine glass, she poured a cup of wine, handed it to Zhong Jiudao, and her expression became more and more poignant, like a white lotus flower in full bloom: “Concubines have no ability, they can only accompany adults to drink and help entertain.” Concubines can also sing some small songs, adults want to listen?”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

For the first time, he found that the spiritual life of the ghosts was so scarce that in order to watch a few movies, they could be so meticulous, and what was the difference between being a ghost and being a servant to the Celestial Master like a mouse combing the cat’s hair.

“Don’t watch the movie first,” Zhong Jiudao opened the script, “come and see this.”

The white cheongsam closest to the script leaned over and looked at it, and the tears suddenly “snapped” and fell, and she said pitifully: “Concubines, concubines are illiterate… Woohoo…”

If it weren’t for Zhong Jiudao’s high mana, ordinary people would collapse from the white cheongsam’s crying.

A ghost dressed in the appearance of a scholar in a gray robe came over and said, “Xiao Ke was a showman before he was born, and he can read this book for adults.”

“Hmm.” Zhong Jiudao nodded in acquiescence.

The script floated in the air, and the student was stunned at first, and then muttered “there are many shorthand words”, before reading.

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When the bookworm ghost read the script, some ghosts showed a headache expression when they heard the reading, and wanted to escape from this room, but they were forced by Zhong Jiudao’s obscenity and did not dare to move.

Who knows listening and listening, but found that this book is different from what they are familiar with, there is no “ZhiHu Also”, the words are easy to understand, even Aunt Yang, who has no culture, can understand it.

In addition, this is a horror film with a Republican color, and the ghosts have a strong sense of substitution, and gradually listen to God.

The script is not long, the students read it quickly, and it is read in a few hours, at this time, except for the female ghost in the red dress who makes the power supply, all the ghosts in the murder house are concentrated in the movie hall to listen to the story, and there are more than thirty ghosts in the number.

The bookworm ghost does not need lights to read, considering the saving of electricity (female ghost in dress), Zhong Jiudao turned off the light.

At two o’clock in the morning, in the dark villa, Zhong Jiudao sat alone in the big room shining with a green light, and from time to time in the room came applause, shouts, sobs, the sound of heads rolling excitedly on the ground, and the weak “Rao… Fate”.

If other people see this scene, they are afraid that they will be directly scared into the ICU rescue.

The bookworm ghost did not have a dry mouth, and read for five or six hours continuously, until more than three o’clock in the morning, before reading the entire script aloud.

Hearing the last sentence in the script, the ghosts couldn’t help but chat happily.


“I thought it was another story of the protagonist being killed, but there was another mystery.”

“This is the right thing to do rather than to kill them all.
After following the man out of the house and absorbing his anger, he can attach himself to him to find other people, not only to become stronger, but also to leave the place of bondage, which is the right way!”

“This book is much better than the movie I just watched, if only it could be made into a movie.”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

Saying that his dry script is better than the films that have been classic by famous directors for more than ten years, the aesthetics of these powerful ghosts are indeed different from ordinary people.

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The suit ghost took off his eyeballs and wiped the tears hanging from his eyes with a handkerchief, and the eyes on his palms were full of envy: “The villa in this book looks like our house, and the protagonists in the book are just like us, if only we could do it.”

Zhong Jiu said, “You are extremely resentful, and you should have hurt some people.”

White cheongsam said, “A few decades ago, some foreigners with foreign guns occupied our house, and together we drove away those people and absorbed some anger.
But after they left, the house was uninhabited until three years ago, when a family moved in.
We only had a few fights, and the family moved away in fright, and then it was you.”

Zhong Jiudao had learned about the history of this murderous mansion, which was occupied by a group of invaders during the war years, and later these people died and fled, leaving behind a legend of a murderous mansion, and no one dared to move in, becoming a masterless thing.

In modern society, only the descendants of that year have crossed the ocean to return to China, inherited the house and resold it, and were bought by the current homeowner.

These evil spirits cultivated in the chaotic world have survived for many years by chance, if it were not for Zhong Jiudao’s high mana, he would have to return home to send for other heavenly masters.

Such a powerful ghost should be removed for the best.
However, the Zhong family forbade Zhong Jiu Dao to use the Heavenly Master Technique, and since this was the case, it was not a big deal to scatter them, and it was enough to restrain them.

Zhong Jiudao said: “I am a director, and I plan to make this script like the film of Fang Cai, and I need to…”

He wanted to say that he needed to write a biography of the characters, and he wanted to ask the group of ghosts for reference.

Who knew that before he could finish speaking, the suit ghost said excitedly: “Do adults need someone to act?” I can! ”

“Me too!” “Me too!”

The group of ghosts rushed to Zhong Jiudao with all their tongues, and they were so excited to fight for the role, their tongues, eyeballs, arms, and heads flew wildly, which was a group of demons dancing wildly.

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

It seems that it is not impossible, as long as you draw a symbol on the camera, you can shoot a supernatural video.
Letting the ghost play the ghost is not only the true color of the performance, but also saves the special effects fee and makeup fee.

And they don’t seem to use human paper money, burn some hades money as a reward, even one million two million, ten billion two billion (unit: dark yuan) film remuneration can afford.

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