htest fear, and even somewhat comfortable.
Shooting such a complete film is the first time, no experience, and his heart is very nervous.

After thinking about what he was going to do in the next period of time and making sure that there was no mistake, Zhong Jiudao pulled out a file box from the box, which contained the script and materials he had prepared for the film, as well as some CDs of the classic films he used to observe and study.

Now with film and television apps, TV projection technology popularization, few people watch the DISC, Zhong Jiudao collected these discs from school that year, and brought them to the murderous house, because when renting a house before, the house introduction mentioned that there is a home theater in this villa.

People who can buy such a big house are naturally not short of money, and the family has all kinds of facilities, but unfortunately it has not been used, and it is scared away by the “natives” in the murderous house.

Zhong Jiudao selected a few discs, and then took out a thick notepad, planning to watch the classic film again and learn more about the master’s skills and expressions.

He walked out of the door and saw that the doors of the rooms on the second floor were all open, and every room was clean, and it was obvious that Aunt Yang was doing her best.

The white cheongsam was still curled up under the stairs on the first floor, waiting for Zhong Jiudao’s orders.

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Zhong Jiudao looked at the clean room, thinking that there was no merit and hard work, so he said, “As long as you do your best and don’t come out to harm people, it is not that we cannot live in peace.” ”

The white cheongsam raised his head, her face full of joy, and performed a bowed knee salute to Zhong Jiudao: “Concubines thank the Heavenly Master for not killing.”

After saying that, he was going to kneel, and Zhong Jiudao, as a new young man in the new era who dared to break through the tradition and pursue his dreams, naturally could not see such a style, and said at the moment: “I don’t have that feudal preference, you go down.”

The white cheongsam was only then pardoned, and she was busy holding the candle and disappearing at the last step of the stairs.

Aunt Yang’s hands are yin and sharp, and in the blink of an eye, the whole house has been cleaned, Zhong Jiudao came to the third floor cinema hall, saw that the equipment was intact, plugged in the power supply, and chose a video to play.

This is a classic spiritual film, there are many places worth learning from Zhong Jiudao, he carefully checked the notes he had made before while watching, found new details and added a sense, and soon the words on the notepad became dense.

When writing notes, Zhong Jiudao will press the pause button on the remote control and play it again after writing.
For this kind of movie that has been watched dozens of times and the plot can already be reversed, Zhong Jiudao’s emphasis is not on the viewing experience, but on the details that are worth learning.

When he pressed the pause button dozens of times, an anxious voice came from the corner of the auditorium: “Pause again! For two whole hours, I only watched half an hour of the film, and I was dying!”

Zhong Jiudao put down his pen and tilted his head slightly, only to find that he was not the only one in the auditorium.

Countless heads protruded from the walls, on the ceiling, under the floor, and in the back of the chair, and a dozen ghosts watched movies with him without blinking.

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

He was too focused when he studied, and these powerful ghosts did not release their murderous intentions and malice, but just carefully crouched in the movie hall, and he did not care for a moment that there were so many “audiences” around him.

The ghosts also hid their breath and quietly came to observe Zhong Jiudao, an uninvited guest, who was attracted to the movie halfway and could not extricate himself.
Unexpectedly, Zhong Jiudao pressed the pause again and again, pressed the pause again and again, and the most frustrating one was that he pressed the pause three times in one second, so that these “audiences” finally couldn’t help but make a sound, so that Zhong Jiudao discovered their existence.

A dozen ghosts are speechless, and I don’t know who is more afraid.

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The ghosts in the murderous mansion are all ghosts of the old society, and most of the dozen ghosts are wearing robes and short shirts, only this ghost who is impatient to make a sound is dressed in a suit and leather shoes, his hair is coated with hair oil, and his back is neatly combed.
It’s very young and looks like it’s in its early 20s.

Seeing Zhong Jiudao’s gaze fall on himself, the suit ghost smiled awkwardly, hid half of his body in the table, only exposed his head, and begged Zhong Jiudao for forgiveness: “Heavenly Master forgives sins, it is really the film played by Tianshi is too good, I can see it, and I forget my form for a while… I promise not to disturb the Celestial Master with my voice next, can the Celestial Master let the little one follow you through the movie? ”

More than a dozen ghosts trembled with fear, but they still insisted on staying in the movie hall, expecting Zhong Jiudao to press the play button and continue to watch movies.

Do they also love to watch movies? Zhong Jiudao had not understood the ghost before, and he was a little curious in his heart, so he replayed the film, this time he did not pause to take notes, but let the film finish smoothly.

After the ending song sounded, the suit ghost couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s really beautiful, but the ending is a little miserable.”

“Where is the misery?” Zhong Jiudao asked.

This is a movie with a fairly good ending, how can it be miserable in the eyes of the suit ghost?

Suit ghost: “The protagonist calls the wind and rain in the early stage, there are countless beautiful women under his command, and there are so many living people to inhale, which is simply the life I yearn for.
Unfortunately, the villain in the ending is despicable, sealing the protagonist, it is really tears for those who see it, and those who hear it are sad.
However, the first 80 minutes are all good, and the film cannot be completely denied because of the ending.”

An hour and a half of the movie, the first 80 minutes of the protagonist was pressed by the ghost to beat, the last 10 minutes to find the way to seal the ghost, escape the day, should be the front of the horror, the climax is repeated, the end is logical, in one go, to the suit ghost here, completely reversed.

“That is,” echoed another middle-aged ghost in a suit, “the only thing that a villain can do is that the skin is good, if the protagonist can take it.”

The white qipao also appeared in the ghosts watching the film, and quietly interjected: “The villain is indeed a handsome offspring, but unfortunately he is a person with a negative heart, who deceives the feelings of the protagonist’s women, let the woman help him kill the protagonist, and finally does not accompany the woman to martyrdom, but lets the mage exorcise the woman, not only thin feelings, but also cruel to the extreme, betraying the woman’s affection!” ”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

More than a dozen ghosts expressed their dissatisfaction with the ending of the film, making Zhong Jiudao wonder if he and they were watching the same movie.

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