It’s been 10 years since Towers and Fields–dungeons–have been appearing around the world.

     There hadn’t been a hunter who has obtained an S-class crafting or manufacturing trait yet.

     Except for me.


     I’m just a C-class hunter, Yoon Gaho.
That’s me.

     A hidden secret that fortuitously rolled my way changed my life.

[You’ve encountered an opportunity to evolve your skills.

A Blessing For You (C) –> Everlasting, Immortal Blessing (S)]

[Grant Attribute (C) –> Enchant (S)

      – Your items will be imbibed with a special power.

      – A master’s instruction can reinforce the power of your blessing.
Your item will be imbibed with a permanent special power.]

     It all began with a quest.


1 – A hidden piece 1 in a dry sky (1)

     A strange phenomenon began to occur after tower-shaped mirages suddenly appeared in the capital of every country in the world.

     Of these strange new phenomenons, the most noticeable was the emergence of hunters: awakened individuals who could exert special powers.
Dreaming of making a quick buck, countless awakened hunters leaped into unfamiliar ‘worlds’ like moths to flame.

[Hwalbin’s new star: Snowfall Beauty from the Seconds Organization has been increasing on the ‘Rising 100’ list.]

[Will the new hunters’ conglomerate’s gallop to success continue…?]

[“I want to become a hunter” The ranking for the teenage population’s dream future career has changed.]

[The Hunter industry and Entertainment industry collides! Han Jae-yi’s appearance on HBS’s new variety show.] 2

     I, too, entered the Hunter industry with a burning passion for success.
‘I thought I had the chance to turn my life around.’

     However, reality was a tough awakening.

     “Top class? Making a living through raiding Towers? Shucks.
I’m just happy to do my best with what’s in front of me.” Releasing a deep sigh, I handed a pink-haired girl a bunch of clovers. 3

     “Thank you, player-nim!” 4

[Sub-quest, ‘Charlotte and the Five-Leaf Clover (E)’ has been completed.]

     Her reaction was the same as always.

     Charlotte–the npc on the 33rd floor.

     This girl looked for five-leaf clovers in order to make her wish–her sick mother’s recovery–come true; she was quite famous for being in tears as she stood at the entrance to the floor, looking to hand her quest to anyone.

     However, despite her popularity, very few hunters completed Charlotte’s request.

     In this vast clover garden, she asked for not a three-leaf clover or even a four-leaf clover…but a five-leaf clover.
Furthermore, the quest reward wasn’t that good.
For those reasons, many hunters casually ignored Charlotte and passed her by.

     Before the 33rd floor was fully raided, there were often hunters who accepted the quest, wondering if Charlotte was a clue to the main quest.

     However, after the gong announced that the floor had been cleared, one rarely ever saw her basket full of the requested clovers.

     “Well, it’s not that difficult anyway.” I accepted Charlotte’s quest on a whim.

     Perhaps I found it hard to shake off a desperate child hanging onto my sleeve.
Though I found the quest annoying, I didn’t waste too much time through the use of a skill.
“I wish your mother well, Charlotte.”

     Every time I stopped by the 33rd floor, I accepted this quest; now that I’ve become accustomed to the job, I could find the five-leaf clover in record time.

     ‘I probably filled about 30% of that basket?’

     Today, I even found a six-leaf clover as a bonus.
Now, Charlotte would probably hand over a potion with a shy smile…

     “Player-nim, can I ask you for one more thing?”

     ‘…Another request? This is different from the usual pattern?’

     Charlotte took out a letter from her embrace.
“I found this in my mother’s drawer.
It appears my mother’s acquaintance lives in the Rom Plains and she hasn’t seen him in a long time.
Could you deliver this letter to him?”

 [Will you accept the Hidden Quest: ‘Violeta’s letter(?) ?’
     – Clear conditions: Deliver the letter

     – Time limit: None
     – Reward: ???
     – Penalty: ???]

     “A hidden quest?”

     Was this a dream or reality? I was stunned by the sudden, lucky windfall.

     Hidden quests could only be received if certain conditions were met; they were famous for their magnificent rewards.

     ‘Rumor has it, the rewards are comparable to the completion of a main quest…’

     Hidden quests were so rare that it was difficult to find records of them on the Hunter-only site,
Who knew that Charlotte, the NPC everyone ignored, would give out a hidden quest?!

     “That’s right, a person should live kindly!”

     Charlotte, you lucky girl! I hummed happily at the opportunity to turn my life around.
“Of course! Just trust me, Charlotte!”

     “You can deliver the letter to Carlos, the blacksmith in Roma Village.  I’ll leave this to you, player-nim.”

     ‘Can’t someone do anything about the way they call us players?’

     For some reason, all NPCs called hunters ‘players.’ Their speech pattern constantly reminded me that these human-like NPCs were just plot devices arranged by the world’s tower system.
Furthermore, this address felt too lighthearted for a dangerous or emotionally-intense scene.

     ‘Well, it’s no use complaining about the system set by the World’s towers.’

     Scratching the back of my head, I took the letter into my hands.


     “If it’s a blacksmith, then will I be given equipment as a reward?” The only people who could craft high-grade equipment–at least rank-B or higher–were Rowena Watson from America and Ishikawa Hayato from Japan.
Only those two.

     Even so, grade-A items have also been discovered.
Those were offered at auctions very occasionally; they were pricele

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