pot, so she started to see the situation more positively.

‘If I do well, I might be able to live as a cute daughter-in-law.
My husband is crazy about the other woman, but my parents-in-law are different.’

It was said that if you got married, you would hate the absence of ‘individualism’, but as long as she could be loved by people called ‘parents’, she didn’t care if it was her parents-in-law.

‘Good! First of all, say hello!’

It seemed like a traditional Korean culture, but it seemed that no mother-in-law would dislike a daughter-in-law who came to say hello the morning after her wedding day.
Besides, wasn’t one of the rules of survival for a romance novel possessing a villain to win the favor of the main supporting characters? Excitedly, she hurriedly got up and then stopped.

‘Blood on the bed… Should I drop something like that?’

In one romance novel, it was said that the aristocratic couple looked through the bedding where they spent the first night and checked for bloodstains.
Only after confirming that, the marriage was officially recognized… But she immediately shook her head.
If she did something like that on her own, Killian might roll his eyes.
Because he was a man who would protect his pure body for Lize.

‘A handsome virgin, good.
But I think it’s a bit too much to force virginity even to the sub male lead.’

Did Killian of the original work, who did not give up his love even though he was not chosen by Lize, lived as a virgin until his death? She mourned Killian in her heart and tugged the service chime.
Pulling the ‘service chime’, which she had only read in writing, made her laugh for some reason.

“Good night, my lady.”

Please take care of the head washer and the hairdresser.”

I will wash your face soon.”

The polite maid, who, unlike Sophia, could not meet her eyes and bowed her head, withdrew without making a sound of her steps.

‘No matter how many times I hear people calling me polite, it’s embarrassing.’

Even though she was married, she was still called ‘Miss’.
It was because if she was called Mrs.
Ludwig, she could be confused with the Duchess.
It seemed to me that sooner or later Killian would be given part of the dukedom and the title of Count, and only then would she be called a Countess or something.

‘The original Edith died without even hearing her title.’

She took a deep breath, chewing on the thought that if she made a mistake, she could follow her.
She then, with the help of her maid, tried to transform into her true daughter-in-law.
But the problem was the clothes.
There were more than one or two dresses sent to her by the Rigelhoffs, showing off their family wealth, but they were all splendid and cut deep into the chest, so there was nowhere to look.

“What did you say your name was?”

“This is Anna, miss.”

“Yes, Anna.
Go to the bedroom and ask for the breasts of this dress to be covered more naturally.
Get rid of the flashy decorations.

“Yes, lady.”

Anna didn’t obey her instructions and immediately grabbed her dress and ran to the Duke’s bedroom.
Looking at her docility, she could see how unusually Sophia, the maid of the Rigelhofs, had treated her.

‘Well, from her point of view, I must have been the Rigelhoff family’s pet dog.’

Although they decorate her beautifully, she was nothing more than a ‘dog’.

Leaving Sophia away was truly a godsend.
While Anna came back and touched her hair and put on light makeup, the quick-witted bedroom maids of the duchy adjusted her dress and sent it off.
When she asked to cover the hollow chest part, they caught the frill in that short time and repaired it as if it was originally designed like this.
They also reduced the fancy decorations, and now it’s something she could wear.

‘I have to leave the rest of the dresses to be mended quickly.
How do I wear them?’

She sighed slightly as she looked at Edith’s dresses piled up like a mountain.
Even at first glance, it’s flashy, so it’s crazy.
If she wore something like that, it was certain that the Duke’s people would firmly label her as ‘extravagant and vain Edith’.
Anyway, the greetings came first.
She put on a more neat dress and ordered Anna to say hello to the Duchess.
Fortunately, the Duchess did not refuse her visit.

“I think you can go right now.”

“Yes? Okay.
But how do I look?”

“You are beautiful.”

Even if her husband answered, she thought he would be more sincere than that…

‘Because the people in this family must be wary of me…’

The servants may have been ordered to be careful with their words in front of her.
She decided to be generous with Anna.

“If you are, then so be it.
Then, will you guide me to His Excellency’s room?”

“Yes, lady.”

Straightening her back, but with a slight smile on her face so as not to look too arrogant, she passed through the hallway of the Duke’s house and headed for the small drawing room connected to the Duchess’s bedroom.

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