completely closed his heart.
She was alone in a large, beautifully decorated room.
The room that seemed to be filled with the energy of life until just now felt empty.
Loneliness rose from the tip of his toes.

‘Why are you doing this all over again? I was originally alone.’

Feeling depressed, she quickly turned her body back to the window.
Just then, several small birds were sitting on the branch in front of her and chirping.
She was envious of the birds because they seemed to be enjoying the coming splendid spring without any worries.

‘If possible, I was going to stay with this family, eat meat and drink honey until I die… If things don’t go well, I’ll have to run away at night, well.’

It seemed that the time had come to seriously consider the next best option, a runaway at night.
Although it seemed to come much faster than she thought.

Let’s focus more on saving money tomorrow.’

She shook off her desire to be depressed and called Anna.
Even if she was sad anyway, it wasn’t a world where anyone looked back.
Because it was always like that.

* * *

After leaving Edith’s room, Killian headed for the gymnasium.
In the first place, while he was on his way to the gymnasium, he stopped by Edith’s room on a whim.

Why did I hurt myself?’

It was probably because of the story he heard from the Duchess and Lize yesterday.

“Edith is very smart.
She even came up with a way to organize information by drawing a grid like this.”

As if surprised, the Duchess showed Killian the table Edith had drawn.
From his point of view, it was a fairly efficient way of organizing.

“I guess we can extract the information by compressing it like this.”

“Killian… It seems to me that Edith is trying to adapt to this house in her own way.”

“She is only trying to buy your favor.”

“Isn’t that child also the one who ended up in an arranged marriage? Even that child was left alone in what was no better than enemy camp.
Couldn’t you pity her a little?”

No matter how much Edith flirted in front of him, his mother felt sorry for Edith.
However, Killian could not relax his guard against Edith.
It was because Lize’s perspective was a little different from that of the Duchess.

“My mother says that woman helps her with her work.
How does it look to you, Lize?”

“Um… Edith seemed very smart.”

The nuance of the answer was subtle.
She seems smart, but as if there’s something awkward about it… 

“Is something stuck?”

“Oh no! Unlike me, who didn’t learn anything from the Sinclair family, she learned very quickly.
That’s kinda… I was envious.”


Killian comforted her by hugging Lize’s shoulder as she smiled bitterly, but he sensitively accepted the part that Lize pointed out.
In fact, it was thanks to about four years of education that Lise was able to help his mother as much as she was doing now.
And for someone who hadn’t learned anything from the Sinclair family, Lise acquired knowledge very quickly, and everyone knew that Lize was smart.

‘If Rize is smart enough to envy her, then that must mean she’s not smart enough, but she’s already trained in that kind of thing.’

Besides, she didn’t sound as stupid as rumors had told him the last time they met at Sistine Hall to talk about her.
She said she didn’t know any artist, but if one listened to her impressions of painting, she’s not an idiot who didn’t know anything, and she had a high level of understanding of painting.
Of course, he didn’t like she teased him at the last minute over the damn picture, but…

So, on his way to swordsmanship training this morning, he suddenly had the idea to stop by Edith’s room.

‘I’ll have to watch her movements and warn her not to do anything stupid.’

Killian, who entered Edith’s room with such a commitment firmly, felt a strange tension.

‘The scent of roses…’

Unlike Lise’s room, which had a subtle scent of violets, Edith’s room had a sensual rose scent.
The moment he smelled the scent of roses and soft flesh, Killian forgot what he was going to say.

“Uh? So early, what is it?”

The look of Edith who greeted him with a tilted head was even more embarrassing.

‘What’s wrong with her pajamas!’

The light, off-the-shoulder nightgown that was barely hanging over the shoulder was dangerous as if it would slip off at any moment, and whenever the sunlight penetrated, a naked silhouette was reflected.
Besides, the face that was not yet awake looked hazy, as if possessed by something, which stimulated a strange feeling.

He looked around the room, trying to suppress the odd feeling.

Fortunately, thanks to Edith’s fight, he was able to regain his reason quickly.
But the moment Edith, who was drinking her tea without caring about him, approached the window and opened its door, Edith’s scent blew in the wind, and Killian approached Edith without realizing it.
He locked her in his arms.

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