rphanage to find all the people he grew up with and commit a murder that horribly kills them all.

It was because of the memory of being despised and pointed at as a devil in the orphanage.

Of course, not everyone despised and pointed at him.
Some of the children who grew up in the orphanage did not even know Theo’s existence.

Hylia Orphanage was that large.

But he didn’t care about it at all.

The murder he committed was sole to satisfy his vengeance.

And I was also one of those who died in his hands in the future.

“That’s unfair.
I didn’t know anything about him either.”

Moreover, unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the contents of the book perfectly.

I only knew fragments of the content and the fact that I died from him.

No matter how much I tried to come up with other details, my mind went blank like an empty page, as if something was blocking me.

After all, I decided to focus on the facts I learned, and I came up with the most essential point.

“The way to survive is…”

To stop Theo who will later become a villain.
That was all.

Even if I remembered my past life, the most important thing to me was also this life which I live in now.

Whoever I was in my previous life, I’m living as Iris now.

Therefore, it was a natural step to find a way to live safely in this novel.

“I have to change him.”

It seemed impossible, but it was something I could try.

Even if he later grew up to be a murderer, he’s still a child now.

We already knew how much someone’s childhood can affect a person’s personality.

‘Can I do it?’

Anxiety suddenly rose, but I shook my head.

Now that this happened, I had to get my head straight.

“I have to do it even if it doesn’t work.
Let’s think of saving a man.”

I can’t say exactly whether the “person to save” is me or him.

And from the very next day, my villain rehabilitation project began.

I first headed to the library in the orphanage.

And I started reading carefully by choosing things that I could use among the few books.

Evelyn, who accidentally passed by, looked at me and spoke to me wondering.

“My son has changed.
Animals are amazing.
There are no bad children in the world… Iris, why are you reading these all of a sudden?”

“There’s no such thing as bad knowledge in the world.
It’s preparing for the future.”

I wrinkled my nose and smiled at Evelyn, then moved my gaze back to the letters in the book.

“I see… But, it seems that they are all strangely mixed…”

Evelyn looked at me and tilted her head, but soon left my side since she didn’t want to interrupt my reading time anymore.

Being alone, I nodded as I read the important sentences over and over again.

“Always show consistency…”

Be consistent.
Probably no one has ever shown Theo anything like that.

From what I remember In the book, he was always alone, and none of the usual conversation scenes with him came out well.

It was clearly what Theo lacked the most.

No one becomes a devil in the first place.
You can’t have malice from the moment you first open your eyes after being born into this world.

Everything has a cause.

Given that Theo’s first murder spree had something to do with the orphanage, it was thought that the cause may have originated here.

Perhaps being rejected by children my age played a big role…

Children are pure and the cruelty that comes from that innocence is indescribably heinous.

Discrimination from differences would have crushed and hurt Theo relentlessly.

Having concluded, I closed the books and stood up.

Perhaps this moment was the only key to stopping Theo from the future.


“Oh, why is it so hard to meet you?”

I leaned on my weary legs and took a deep breath.

I eagerly set out to find Theo, but it was difficult to see his face.

“I didn’t even know some places here existed.
We’re in the same building, how can we not run into each other?”

It was true that the Hylia orphanage was large, but this was somehow strange.
Unless he’s deliberately hiding…!


My body tingled as if I had been hit in the back of the head.

Why didn’t I think of that?

There was no way a child who was teased because of the color of his hair and eyes would be in a place where others could easily find him.

I had to turn my eyes towards a more shady, gloomy place.


And after five hours of wandering, I finally found him.

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