panicking, and it was Theo who was relaxing in front of me.
I looked up at him, who somehow looked in a good mood.


[Theo]: You're doing it because I'm estranged from you, right?


Theo was smiling happily.
As if he had finally achieved his purpose.


[Theo]: Really.


When I didn't answer, Theo said so and smiled brightly.
It was the most joyful laugh I have ever seen.
But I couldn't help but smile.
I seemed to know why Theo was so happy.


[Iris]: Is that on purpose?


Theo's laughter sprang up at my question.


[Theo]: What do you mean by that?


I slipped my hands over my stomach.
My stomach felt like it was rumbling.




Now Theo was lying.


'Did you check? How will I react if you walk away?'


[Theo]: I don't want you to be sad.


Theo smiled slightly as he said that.
He ran his hand through my hair behind my ear.


'When did you start lying to me?'


I was so confused that I couldn't say anything to Theo.
My mind became complicated thinking as to ask him why the hell he did this.
But if there's only one thing I can be sure of….


[Theo]: Because I like you.


Maybe I didn't know anything about Theo.
It had never sounded so dangerous.
I chewed my lip finely, unable to find anything to say.
Am I overreacting? You might be wondering how your favorite friend would react if you were gone….


I would never do that.'


I shook my head.
Even if I tried to think about it somehow, Theo's obsessive laughter was unfamiliar.


[Theo]: What's wrong?

[Iris]: Huh?


Theo took a step forward, his head bowed, puzzled by my silence.


[Theo]: You look bad.


I couldn't help but smile casually.
I shook my head and smiled awkwardly.


[Iris]: Nothing.

[Theo]: Are you very offended?


Theo seemed to think that I had been torn down by him.
For me, it was better than that.
For some reason, I had a premonition that I shouldn't let Theo hear my thoughts now.


[Iris]: Why all of a sudden? Now you have the heart to make another friend?


I said, trying to keep my usual attitude as much as possible.


[Theo]: Nope.
I still think you're enough.

[Iris]: But why….

[Theo]: I think you only see me as a child.


Theo grinned and took my hand and led.
Contrary to the way he said he wouldn't hold my hand anymore, I felt like I was falling further and further into a labyrinth.
It wasn't until I got to the room where the stove was lit that Theo let go of my hand.
I stared blankly at Theo's unflinching hand.


[Theo]: Sit down and warm up.


The warm warmth seemed to relax my body.
I was able to face Theo with a little more ease.


[Theo]: You asked if it was on purpose?


Theo, seated across from me, spoke.
I clenched my fist a little and nodded.
Suddenly, a crazy thought comes back to my mind once again.


'Theo is a scheming murderer.'


Before I knew it, I looked at Theo.
I was scared that Theo would find out what I was thinking.
My mind was so complicated that I couldn't discern what was specifically scary.
But even so, the thoughts that had already crept through the water were unstoppable.


'Violence wasn't the only problem.
Maybe a lack of humanity….'


I thought about it and buried my face in the palm of my hand.


'What am I thinking? Even if it was, I decided to help him get better.'


On a subject I promised to believe, a feeling of self-doubt rushed over him, and his heart became nervous.
I was in the same dilemma as last time.


'I thought I had forgotten all about it now.'


Note: tbh I don't understand this part lmao


I searched Theo's face, trying to get rid of the thoughts that were making me nervous.Theo sat in his chair with a peaceful face.
He had his slender fingers on his lap.
Theo's eyes seemed to ask me if I was ready to listen.
I looked him in the eye and stopped thinking about miscellaneous things.


[Theo]: Remember I said I wanted to be part of your family?

[Iris]: Yes, of course.


Because even then I thought you were weird.
He swallowed the words he couldn't help but utter and nodded.


[Theo]: The family I was talking about was that I wanted to be your spouse, not your brother or pet.

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