Chapter 5.2 Tea and Clothing

In the open space by the lake of the manor, Ilir faced the first rays of sunlight from the east, slashing with the sword in his hand.
He felt that he had slacked off in the manor for too long, so how could he follow in the footsteps of his eldest brother to be at the side of the emperor.

Ilir’s gaze was firm, and each slash landed almost in one place.
His sword seemed to carry a gust of wind, and the sound of cutting through the air was quite sharp.

At that moment, the crunching sound of shoes stepping on leaves came from not far away.

Ilir’s movements, however, did not pause until the last action was done.
Then, he withdrew his sword before turning around to look behind him.

When he saw the person coming, Ilir was a little stunned.

The man was draped in a white robe.
The wide hood covered his face, making him even more mysterious.

It was the white-robed man from yesterday.

Ilir’s feelings for the other side are not bad, and he even has a relatively good impression of him.
The man was very powerful, but it was a pity that such a powerful man did not follow a good person.

Of course, it can’t be ruled out that this person has gone astray and was also evil.

Previously, the steward and his subordinates talked about the man who called himself the emperor.

From the description of his subordinate knight, the man knocked on the door that day with a foul odor all over his body, and the conversation was incoherent.

Ilir simply does not believe that a man like that was an emperor worthy of strong followers.
He put his sword into its sheath and walked towards the white-robed man.

“What is your Excellency’s business here?”

Zero had nothing to do, and he just wanted to follow his master’s mission to make friends with others.

Meanwhile, Qiao Xingnan was sitting on a stool in the room.
Through Zero’s eyes, he could clearly see Ilir’s serious and proper face.

This Ilir was the first person Qiao Xingnan wanted Zero to befriend and have a good relationship with.

Ilir is the head knight of the manor and has an equal footing with the manor’s steward.
He knows all about the manor and the tyrant.
If Zero can get on good terms with him, he will only need a few words to improve his script and change the plot in time in accordance with the tyrant’s character.

But that’s for later.
What needed to be done now was to gain Ilir’s trust.

As Qiao Xingnan thought about it, he heard Ilir speak again.

“Your Excellency can rest by the pavilion for a while if you have nothing to do.
The scenery is just right at this time.”

Hearing this, Qiao Xingnan couldn’t help but look at him.
What kind of trick was this? He hasn’t assisted Zero in acting yet.
How come he feels this guy is so friendly to Zero?

However, he must seize this opportunity.

The white-robed man glanced at Ilir and, without responding, walked directly toward the pavilion by the lake.

Ilir was happy to see this.
He wanted to spend more time with this man, to find out the truth about him, if this man’s force was really strong.
Ilir thought of his eldest brother and secretly clenched his fist.

Beyond the pavilion was the clear lake, which sparkled in the sunlight as if dotted with broken diamonds, surrounded by a thick and lush forest on the left and right.

The white-robed man stood in the pavilion, looking at the lake, and did not initiate to speak to Ilir.
The hem of his coat fluttered gently with the wind, and his hood was slightly raised to reveal his cold, hard jaw.
He looked like he was not someone to be messed with.

“Your Excellency, do you practice the sword?” Ilir looked at the small part of the face under the hood of the white-robed man and asked in a slow voice.
He was used to being straightforward, and this person did not seem to be the kind who beat around the bush, so it might be better to speak directly.

The white-robed man did not answer and did not even move.

Ilir stood beside him and watched this reaction of the other party.
He squeezed his fingers and changed the subject, “Your Excellency’s stance was very powerful.
I wonder if I can see it again?”

Of course not.

Qiao Xingnan sat in his chair and mentally told Zero not to reply to this sentence for the time being.

Not to mention the fact that Zero was brittle and only had the advantage of being fast, it would not be fresh after seeing something too much.

Good steel should be used on the edge of a knife.
Frequent performance of a certain advantage and excessive marketing are almost as likely to arouse suspicion.
In this case, Qiao Xingnan preferred to use other ways to shape their persona.

Ilir looked at the white-robed man, who still ignored him and frowned.

Ilir’s family respects the strong, and the strong would have privileges.

The white-robed man was strong, so even if the other party was in league with the crook, Ilir treated him exceptionally well.

Even if the white-robed man ignored what he said, Ilir did not get angry.
He thought it might be that the white-robed man liked to be quiet, and he was too noisy for him.

Just when Ilir was reflecting in silence alone, the white-robed man spoke up.

“Practice sword.

The first one, practice sword, was an answer to whether he practiced sword, and the second word, no, was whether he could look at his stance.

Although the other party’s attitude was cold, he still answered his question.

“That’s too bad.” Ilir was not too disappointed.
He understood very well that a truly strong man would rarely show off his skills.
They all had their pride.

The white-robed man stayed silent and didn’t say anything.

Just as Ilir realized that it was getting late and he needed to go take care of things at the manor, a raspy voice suddenly sounded.

“Is there no Tianming in the lake?”

Tianming? Ilir has not heard of this thing.

As a member of the nobility of Arilance, there were few that he had not heard of.


“What is Tianming?” Ilir hesitated for a moment before speaking.

Seemingly not expecting the other party to ask such an ignorant question, the white-robed man was silent for a moment, “The one the emperor drinks, tea.”

No wonder this one kept staring into the lake as if he was always looking for something.

Illir paused, “Then why would it grow in the lake?”

He had never heard of tea growing in a lake.

“No, Sea race?” The white-robed man pointed to the lake.

Sea race? How could the character of the Sea race be at ease in this small lake?

“There are no Sea people, and there is no Tianming in this lake that your Excellency said.”

Ilir was just about to explain this to Zero when he heard the other party continue.

“Here, is it so poor?” A trace of confusion could be heard in the white-robed man’s voice, “Our country has it.”

Speaking of which, Ilir felt that the white-robed man’s chest was slightly raised, looking very proud.

It was probably an illusion.
How could a strong man do such a childish act?

Before Ilir could think clearly, the white-robed man turned away directly after knowing that there was no Tianming in the lake, as if he had come to this lake for the sole purpose of finding Tianming.

Seeing this, Ilir hurried to follow.

After the white-robed man came to the manor, Ilir sent the knights to guard the two outsiders, but now the knights on watch were not next to Zero.
For the safety of the manor, Ilir can only temporarily follow him.
Of course, it does not exclude the idea that Ilir still wants to observe the white-robed man.

The white-robed man walked faster and faster.
He followed the man closely but was still a step slower, watching the back of the white-robed man disappear around a corner.

Ilir gritted his teeth and ran down the path to the corridor.
When he saw the white-robed man again, he subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, he did not lose him!

If Qiao Xingnan knew what he was thinking, he would probably tell him, silly boy, if not to lure him over, why would he not let Zero go a hundred times faster?

Zero and Ilir have spent enough time together today.
If they stay longer, Ilir will likely find something wrong with Zero.
It just so happens that the timing was rare, so Qiao Xingnan took off his rough clothes and put on a gorgeous white robe, ready to take on the battle himself and shape his persona.

So, by the time Ilir turned left and right and finally spotted Zero’s figure, there was suddenly someone else in sight.

His long black waist-length hair was tied, and the emeralds on his ears were crystal clear.
The white gold patterned silk garment on his shoulders began to wrap around from his left shoulder, covering half of the white robe.
The layered clothes revealed his collarbone, and the mysterious pattern on the robe made him look dignified.
The originally exquisite face, set off by the gorgeous robe, was even more beautiful and breathtaking. 1

Next to him, the white-robed man draped in a white hood covering his face followed the other man as faithfully as a shadow.

“The manor’s…chief knight?” The black-haired man frowned lightly as if he was thinking about who this sudden appearance was.

It’s that crook! Where are his shabby clothes?!

These words popped into Ilir’s mind immediately.


See the cover for reference

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