are almost as likely to arouse suspicion.
In this case, Qiao Xingnan preferred to use other ways to shape their persona.

Ilir looked at the white-robed man, who still ignored him and frowned.

Ilir’s family respects the strong, and the strong would have privileges.

The white-robed man was strong, so even if the other party was in league with the crook, Ilir treated him exceptionally well.

Even if the white-robed man ignored what he said, Ilir did not get angry.
He thought it might be that the white-robed man liked to be quiet, and he was too noisy for him.

Just when Ilir was reflecting in silence alone, the white-robed man spoke up.

“Practice sword.

The first one, practice sword, was an answer to whether he practiced sword, and the second word, no, was whether he could look at his stance.

Although the other party’s attitude was cold, he still answered his question.

“That’s too bad.” Ilir was not too disappointed.
He understood very well that a truly strong man would rarely show off his skills.
They all had their pride.

The white-robed man stayed silent and didn’t say anything.

Just as Ilir realized that it was getting late and he needed to go take care of things at the manor, a raspy voice suddenly sounded.

“Is there no Tianming in the lake?”

Tianming? Ilir has not heard of this thing.

As a member of the nobility of Arilance, there were few that he had not heard of.


“What is Tianming?” Ilir hesitated for a moment before speaking.

Seemingly not expecting the other party to ask such an ignorant question, the white-robed man was silent for a moment, “The one the emperor drinks, tea.”

No wonder this one kept staring into the lake as if he was always looking for something.

Illir paused, “Then why would it grow in the lake?”

He had never heard of tea growing in a lake.

“No, Sea race?” The white-robed man pointed to the lake.

Sea race? How could the character of the Sea race be at ease in this small lake?

“There are no Sea people, and there is no Tianming in this lake that your Excellency said.”

Ilir was just about to explain this to Zero when he heard the other party continue.

“Here, is it so poor?” A trace of confusion could be heard in the white-robed man’s voice, “Our country has it.”

Speaking of which, Ilir felt that the white-robed man’s chest was slightly raised, looking very proud.

It was probably an illusion.
How could a strong man do such a childish act?

Before Ilir could think clearly, the white-robed man turned away directly after knowing that there was no Tianming in the lake, as if he had come to this lake for the sole purpose of finding Tianming.

Seeing this, Ilir hurried to follow.

After the white-robed man came to the manor, Ilir sent the knights to guard the two outsiders, but now the knights on watch were not next to Zero.
For the safety of the manor, Ilir can only temporarily follow him.
Of course, it does not exclude the idea that Ilir still wants to observe the white-robed man.

The white-robed man walked faster and faster.
He followed the man closely but was still a step slower, watching the back of the white-robed man disappear around a corner.

Ilir gritted his teeth and ran down the path to the corridor.
When he saw the white-robed man again, he subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, he did not lose him!

If Qiao Xingnan knew what he was thinking, he would probably tell him, silly boy, if not to lure him over, why would he not let Zero go a hundred times faster?

Zero and Ilir have spent enough time together today.
If they stay longer, Ilir will likely find something wrong with Zero.
It just so happens that the timing was rare, so Qiao Xingnan took off his rough clothes and put on a gorgeous white robe, ready to take on the battle himself and shape his persona.

So, by the time Ilir turned left and right and finally spotted Zero’s figure, there was suddenly someone else in sight.

His long black waist-length hair was tied, and the emeralds on his ears were crystal clear.
The white gold patterned silk garment on his shoulders began to wrap around from his left shoulder, covering half of the white robe.
The layered clothes revealed his collarbone, and the mysterious pattern on the robe made him look dignified.
The originally exquisite face, set off by the gorgeous robe, was even more beautiful and breathtaking. 1

Next to him, the white-robed man draped in a white hood covering his face followed the other man as faithfully as a shadow.

“The manor’s…chief knight?” The black-haired man frowned lightly as if he was thinking about who this sudden appearance was.

It’s that crook! Where are his shabby clothes?!

These words popped into Ilir’s mind immediately.


See the cover for reference

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