asking casually.

“Soon.” Qiao Xingnan’s tone was even more distant and flat: ” Ster has always reassured me.”

Asrit smiled faintly, “Then, I’ll congratulate Qiao in advance.”

Hearing Asrit say so, Qiao Xingnan nodded with no hint of reserve.

It seemed that because the cold basin was too comfortable, the golden python’s tail was still moving incessantly, and Asrit soothed the snake with a hitch.

The other party really seemed to like his golden python, Qiao Xingnan’s eyes unconsciously fell on the hand of Asrit teasing the snake.
The tyrant’s hand is very beautiful, with well-defined joints, long and slender like jade.

In the next second, he saw this beautiful hand slowly and forcefully squeezing the golden python’s shaking tail.

The snake, which had been relaxing, popped up in pain.

F*ck, it looks like it hurts.

Qiao Xingnan was taken aback, his eyes widened on his cool, delicate face, and his golden eyes became even more eye-catching.

Asrit looked into his beautiful eyes and reassured compassionately, “Don’t be afraid, Qiao, I’ll correct Mo Jin’s bad habits.”

The golden python hissed a threatening sound, and its green eyes looked straight at Asrit, revealing its sharp teeth.

However, it immediately folded back under Asrit’s flat gaze.

The corners of the tyrant’s mouth gradually rose to a smile: “You are a snake, not a dog.
Let me see you wagging your tail again, and I’ll cut it off for you.”

Qiao Xingnan: ……

Oh my, it’s a little scary.

Snakes cannot understand human language, and that is its habit, so how can it change? If not because his status was not much different from the snake, Qiao Xingnan really wanted to say a good word for his snake brother.

However, Mo Jin unexpectedly could understand human words, and instantly, it did not wag its tail or open its mouth.
The snake collapsed on top of the ice basin and pretended it was dead.

When Qiao Xingnan saw this, he realized that this snake was not ordinary, but then again, the emperor’s snake must be different from the usual ones.

Under the threat of the tyrant, Mo Jin behaved all the way, while Qiao Xingnan on the other side also tried his best to maintain the emperor’s temperament.

“Its name is Mo Jin?”

Qiao Xingnan wanted to ease the odd atmosphere and brush up on the emperor’s goodwill by taking the initiative to ask a question, but his posture was still as usual.

To Qiao Xingnan, Asrit had a good attitude.
He nodded and smiled, “That’s right.”

To be honest, although this snake is very peculiar, but for some reason, it always gives Qiao Xingnan a silly feeling.
Based on his impression of Mo Jin, he pondered for a while and politely complimented, “It’s very good-looking.”

Asrit’s green eyes flashed with approval.
Just as he had said to the Lotus clan leaders, Asrit also told Qiao Xingnan: “It’s just this skin that looks good.”

This was what Asrit thought to be true from the bottom of his heart.

The dark forest was far from the manor, but because of the giant horn beast fired up to move, the group soon arrived at the entrance of the dark forest.

Qiao Xingnan had never heard of the dark forest.
There was no memory of this place in the original body, and he only thought it was a forest like the back of the mountain.

As a result, once he got off the vehicle, Qiao Xingnan was frozen.

The dark forest in front of him was just as its name says, it was a dark forest.
The trees were dark green, the sky was filled with dark clouds from the entrance of the dark forest, and insects and beasts could be heard faintly.

Qiao Xingnan could even see a soccer ball-sized colorful alien insect similar to a large spider in the rainforest hanging at the entrance of the dark forest.
In the corners of his eyes, he could even see black shadows suddenly scurrying past.
He did not know what they were, and he gulped lightly, and his heart was raised instantly.

It was too early to be reassured yesterday.

Qiao Xingnan was a little speechless.
Didn’t he say he was coming out to play? What are you doing in such a scary place, playing with bugs?

A bite from this kind of bug will kill you, right?

He pretended to be calm and glanced to the side.
The golden python climbed up the arm of Asrit.
By his side, Ilir and Howard had their hands pressed on their swords with very calm expressions.

Qiao Xingnan untraceably glanced at Zero, whose control skills were still on cooldown, and looked at the corner of his robe.

It is certain, the two of them came to send their heads.

No matter how calm he was, Qiao Xingnan couldn’t help but doubt his previous judgment.

Could it be that the tyrant did not have the slightest concern for their mysterious identity and, coupled with the loss of patience to try, was ready to finish them off in this dark forest?

Asrit’s golden hair in such a gloomy environment of the dark forest actually looked a little warm.
He did not realize that the person he wanted to test was ten thousand percent opposed to entering the dark forest in his heart.
After all, there was really nothing scary here in his opinion.

“Let’s go.”

Like a demonic whisper ringing in his ears, Qiao Xingnan’s expression was calm as he looked at Asrit: “Why do you want to come here.” The voice carried a hint of displeasure and a tremble that no one could detect.

Asrit was stunned, he looked at the eerie and frightening scene that seemed to be mixed with a strange cold wind, and for a moment, he did not understand what the other party meant: “Is there something wrong with this place?”

There’s nothing right about it, okay?

Qiao Xingnan’s tone was stable: “Dirty.”

The kind of dirty that would come up with dirty things.

Astrid only understood the surface, and he had a smile in his eyes: “Not dirty, it’s interesting, there are fruits inside that Mo Jin can eat.”

Qiao Xingnan instantly understood, so it was an adventure for the pet.

He stood still with his eyelashes slightly drooping.

Whether for the sake of the persona or to brush up the goodwill, no matter how fearful, he must go in.

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