et and eerie atmosphere that Qiao Xingnan slowly walked out.
He used his spiritual power to control Zero while sweeping his golden eyes coldly over the people outside the door, his sight falling on Ster.

“What is it?”

Ster slightly saluted, then came up to Qiao Xingnan’s ear and whispered a few words.

Howard could feel the dark-haired man’s eyes turn to himself as the butler finished.

“Zero.” The black-haired man’s voice was flat, and he raised his finger to point at Howard as if this was a trivial matter worth nothing to him: “Go talk to the chief knight of Arilance.”

The white-robed man’s hood made a slight movement.
Then, there was a flash, and he stood by Howard’s side.

The black-haired man turned around and was ready to leave.
As he walked away, he suddenly remembered something.
He looked sideways at Zero and said slowly: “Don’t hurt anyone.”

The casual tone and attitude seemed to be certain that the white-robed man would not lose.

Howard’s face was slightly uncomfortable, but the black-haired man did not even bother to glance at him and directly entered the room, followed by Ster elegantly.

Only after the door closed did the white-robed man make a move, his hood moving slightly as he turned to Howard.

“What is it?”

His voice was hoarse and cold.

Howard tried to make a soft expression but was unsuccessful, so he simply gave up and said seriously, “I would like to have a match with Your Excellency.”

It was simple and clear and immediately made Qiao Xingnan, who was watching from the room with the help of Zero’s eyes, give a dark tsk.

What should come will always come.

The white-robed man did not refuse.
He nodded his hood up and down and said directly, “Where to?”

Howard and Ilir smiled joyfully, but immediately afterward, Howard pointed to the sword he was carrying behind him, “Won’t your Excellency use a weapon?”

No money, can’t afford that thing.

Qiao Xingnan sighed and told Zero not to answer.

The mysterious and silent knight always made people subconsciously a little in awe, and the three of them arrived at the lake.

“Your Excellency, be careful.”

Howard was not very polite.
He drew his sword and spoke to the white-robed man before directly attacking.

As the head of the six chief knights of Arilance, Howard was the most likely to become a paladin of Arilance.
Similar to their family’s usual style, even if Howard uses a heavy sword, he starts with a big and imposing manner of a swordsman.

The sword was heavy and large, but Howard made it look as light as a feather.
The broad sword cut through the wind and broke the air heavily, carrying an unstoppable edge.

Qiao Xingnan didn’t even think about it.
He directly opened 150x speed and concentrated his mind to control Zero to dodge the opponent’s attack.

Zero was fragile but faster than Howard.

This was also the reason why after the upgrade, Qiao Xingnan dared to let him fight.

The white-robed man’s footsteps flicked, and the corner of his coat grazed the edge of the heavy sword and flashed away, followed by the opponent’s successive attacks like a thunderstorm.

Ilir stood watching his brother fight with the other side, his eyes full of amazement.
The white-robed man seems to be faster!

Before, the white-robed man was fast, and there were times when he could not even detect where the other party ran, but he was nowhere near as fast as now.

No, the other party was likely to be suppressing strength before.

Ilir frowned.
The white-robed man was strong, and he could see the growing excitement on his brother’s face.

As the party in the battle, Howard had a deeper understanding.
The other party seemed to anticipate his movements and would always dodge away in the next moment.
The more critical thing was that he could not reach the other party.
His stance was really like what Ilir said, like teleportation.

The heavy sword emitted a thunderous sound, and the surrounding air seemed to vibrate.
The white-robed man shuttled under the shadow of countless swords with a light posture and unhurried footsteps that appeared at ease.

No one knows that Qiao Xingnan’s spirit was tense at this time.
Beads of sweat ran down his forehead, and his golden eyes were full of concentration, not daring to shift his attention at all.

Fortunately, Zero’s speed had increased so that while Qiao Xingnan’s brain reacted, Zero was able to avoid the sword that was about to fall on him.

Time passed by, unknowingly for two hours, Howard’s breathing became rough, and sweat seeped out of his forehead.

But for such a long time, the white-robed man’s stance remained calm, seemingly just teasing the opposite side, lightly side-stepping the sword cutting across.

Just when Howard seized the opportunity to slash again, the white-robed man raised his hand in the next second, and a green shadow cut across Howard’s neck and embedded like a blade in the tree next to Ilir.

Howard’s body paused, only to feel a chill on his neck, and bright red blood flowed out along the cut of the green shadow.

The white-robed man also stopped at this time.

At this point, Ilir realized that the one deeply embedded in the tree was a jagged green leaf stained with red blood.

Pulling the leaf out, Ilir realized that it was the most common leaf by the lake.

How strong was the control to be able to do this?!

Howard also realized this and stared intently at the white-robed man.

The winner had already been decided.
The white-robed man nodded slightly, ignoring his stare, and turned to leave.

When a gust of wind blew by, the green leaf in Ilir’s hand was blown off, and Howard, who had been watching the white-robed man, vaguely saw the mysterious and bewitching red pattern under the hood that was slightly raised by the wind.

Seeing this, Qiao Xingnan was slightly relieved.
He raised his hand to wipe off the sweat on his forehead, and a message automatically sent by the system reached his ears.

[Marionette – Active time is up.
Please use after forty-eight hours of cooldown].

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