Chapter 15: Really Exciting

The news came from Luna.

Ever since Luna was swayed by Qiao Xingnan at the lake and saw how unworthy Neil’s two-footed scum was of her attention, she and Jessica have been full of admiration for the man who called himself an emperor.

The two felt that a man with a good heart like that would not be the liar that the people of the manor had spoken of.
They believed that Qiao Xingnan was a noble and dazzling emperor.

After Neil left the manor, Luna switched shifts with a maid and was responsible for delivering meals to Qiao Xingnan.

When he heard Luna say that the emperor had just returned to the manor, Qiao Xingnan, who had just had dinner, almost lost his breath.

His eyes were full of disbelief.
The tyrant came so soon?

Didn’t they say he would arrive tomorrow afternoon?

Qiao Xingnan clenched his fist and tried to keep himself calm.
His face was cold, and there seemed to be some doubt in his voice: “Wasn’t your emperor arriving tomorrow?”

“Sorry, Your Highness, I’m not really sure.”

Luna had overheard the other maids talking about it by chance.
Thinking that this person had been waiting for their emperor and would be very happy to get the news that he was coming to the manor, she couldn’t help but tell him.

Hearing what Luna said, Qiao Xingnan hmmed.
His attitude was flat, as if he thought it was a trivial matter not worth mentioning, but in fact, he had been doing his best to suppress the panic inside.

You can’t panic, can’t panic.
If you mess up, what will happen to Zero and Uncle Ster?

When Luna left, Qiao Xingnan took a deep breath and said heavily to Zero and Ster: “We may have to add some play later.”

Leaving aside the fact that the tyrant most likely already knew about the original body’s experience and was ready to clean him up upon his arrival at the manor, let’s just say that based on his performance at the manor over the past two days, the steward and Ilir were probably very happy to watch the fun and expect him to be cleaned up by the tyrant.

Qiao Xingnan felt that once those two saw the tyrant, they would absolutely tell the other party non-stop that they had been waiting for him.

“Since we know that the tyrant has come to the manor, I guess someone will come to inform us soon.
After all, I was looking forward to the emperor’s arrival.”

Qiao Xingnan gritted his teeth a little at the end of his sentence.

If possible, he really hoped that the tyrant would come a little more slowly.

Looking at Zero and Ster, Qiao Xingnan mulled over the next script.
After a moment, he took a deep breath and said, “There is always a solution to a problem.
The heavy responsibility tonight will be in Zero’s hands.”

He raised his hand, patted Zero’s arm, and then looked at Ster, “Of course, Uncle Ster’s responsibility is also important.”

Although Zero was confused, he always did what his master said.

Ster still had that smile and looked elegant as he nodded and said warmly, “As you wish.”

Qiao Xingnan smiled and told the two men roughly what they should do in the evening.

Outside the door, Joel and Herrick had been on guard and were not as well informed as Luna, but soon they saw the man sent by the steward to deliver the message.

The emperor wanted to summon the one behind the door.

“The emperor is back?” Joel was a little surprised, “Didn’t they say he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon?”

The messenger was silent.
It seemed that there was something not easy to say, so he shook his head: “Do not ask.
Go get the one inside, the emperor is not in a very good mood today.”

As soon as he heard that the emperor was in a bad mood, Joel immediately stopped talking, gesturing for Herrick to go with him to knock on the door.

Since Ster came to the manor, Joel was very reluctant to knock on the door alone because that person really got them speechless.

Joel knocked on the door, and as expected, Ster opened the door with the white-robed man standing by his side.

“May I ask what is the matter?” The ebony cane in Ster’s hand was gently knocked, and his azure eyes were full of gentleness.

Joel swallowed and pointed to the man who came to deliver the message, “Our emperor is back and wants to meet your Excellency.”

Ster smiled, looking kind, but a distinct coolness flashed in his eyes, “If I remember correctly, your emperor was supposed to arrive tomorrow?”

Joel nodded, “It was originally like that…”

“What a disrespectful emperor.
He once again failed to keep his promise!” Ster interrupted Joel’s words, and his cane knocked the ground again, seemingly a little upset: “Your emperor did not keep his promise, while my emperor upheld his responsibilities as an emperor, kept his promise, waiting for tomorrow’s arrival.
He even went to bed early to show his respect, bringing his best side to meet your emperor.”

“Please go back and tell your emperor that our emperor has fallen asleep, and no one can disturb his rest.”

Ster deliberately lowered his voice as if worried about waking up the person inside, and anyone could hear his dissatisfaction.

When these words came out, not only Joel and Herrick but also the person who passed the message next to them had a thud in his heart.

The emperor was now in a bad mood.
If he does not do a good job of calling this one over, what awaits him will never be anything good.

“Your Excellency, our emperor also has his reasons.
Hearing that a great emperor had come to the manor, he offered an invitation to meet and talk as soon as he came here.
Please forgive me and notify of this matter as soon as possible.” The messenger was so nervous that his forehead was sweating.
He didn’t care now.
Any nonsense could be said as long as the other party could go over.

The smile on Ster’s face remained unchanged: “Our emperor also means the same thing.
It is already late in the day, so we will meet tomorrow.”

Just when the messenger’s face was pale, and he felt that he could not invite people and was going to be finished, Ster sighed softly and compromised: “Alright, let our chief knight go.”

Once the words fell, the white-robed man took a step forward.
The wide hood covered his face, and one could only see his angular and somewhat sharp jawline.

The messenger’s heart was instantly relieved.
As long as someone could go along, he couldn’t help but look gratefully at Ster: “Thank you, Your Excellency.”

Inside, borrowing Zero’s body, Qiao Xingnan sat at the table, tapping his fingers on the tabletop.
Although he had guessed that the tyrant would see himself immediately when he came to the manor, it made Qiao Xingnan a little helpless when his guess came true.

His persona was that of a proud emperor.

Imagine, the proud emperor condescended to wait so long, and the tyrant came to the manor ahead of time without saying a word and asked him to meet him at night.
According to his own persona, he would not be obedient in any way.

To send the most trusted knight to have a look was already the greatest respect for the tyrant.

Of course, there was another important reason to not go.
Qiao Xingnan has not yet figured out the temper of the tyrant.
He will take this opportunity to observe and prepare for tomorrow’s meeting.

Qiao Xingnan borrowed Zero’s eyes and looked around.

There were many people at the manor, and the pathway that used to have few people, now had a knight in silver armor every few steps.
The aura around them was obviously different from the manor’s knights, which was the kind of aura that only people who had experienced many fights and seen blood had.

Qiao Xingnan’s golden eyes narrowed slightly, and his fingers tapped, controlling Zero to walk leisurely despite the sight of these people, with a calm attitude.

Soon, the white-robed man followed the other side to the heavily guarded room.

Apart from a bunch of silver-armored knights standing outside the room, Qiao Xingnan also saw an old acquaintance, Ilir, who was standing next to a knight in gold armor, a man with a stern gaze and a serious face who didn’t seem easy to get along with.

When Ilir saw that it was the white-robed man who came instead of Qiao Xingnan, he frowned and walked over, “Your Excellency, why didn’t your emperor come over?” He still wanted to see if that person with unknown background could hold up in front of their emperor.

“Emperor, resting.” The white-robed man returned coldly.

Going to bed after just having a meal?

Ilir slandered, but in the face of the powerful person in front of him, he had a pretty good attitude and took the initiative to take the white-robed man to the emperor.

“Your Excellency, please follow me.”

The white-robed man’s hood moved slightly, and then he followed Ilir unhurriedly.

The golden-armored knight’s brown eyes narrowed slightly, his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.
He noticed that this Excellency, following his brother, took each step as if it was measured, all the same distance.
It was obvious that this man had control of his body to a ghastly degree.

Qiao Xingnan’s finger-tapping movement paused.
As he passed that golden-armored knight, he felt the other party looking at Zero with scrutiny and a strong wariness.

This was not good news.
Qiao Xingnan lowered his eyes, his fair fingers lightly tapping on the table.

The white-robed man seemed not to notice the golden-armored knight’s leering eyes and walked into the room with easy steps.

When the door was closed, Qiao Xingnan looked back into the room, and in the next second, his whole body shivered, and all his hair stood on end.

F*ck, what a bloody scene.

A middle-aged man was lying on the marble floor, and the white marble floor was covered in blood.

For the first time, Qiao Xingnan realized that he was sick of blood.

The man sat on the top seat, the dagger in his hand dripping beads of blood.
His face was still stained with a little blood, seemingly splashed on by the blood of the person who fell to the ground.
His eyes did not fluctuate, and there was no killing intent inside.
When he raised his eyes, the cold turquoise eyes made people’s hearts chill.

A golden python wandered on his arm with cold scales, occasionally spitting out its tongue.
The green pupils of the beast were the same cold-blooded as the man.

“Take it down.”

The man seemed a little bored, casually throwing the dagger on the ground with a crisp clang.
He took the hand towel handed up by the steward next to him and wiped his hands, looking carelessly towards the white-robed man.

“You are his subordinate?”

The man tilted his head, and his casual attitude seemed even more odd in this atmosphere.

The white-robed man gave a cold hmmm, seemingly accustomed to this scene.

Seeing his attitude like this, the man was a bit amused.
The subordinate behaved like this, he wondered what the so-called master’s reaction would be when he saw this scene.

Inside the room, Qiao Xingnan controlled Zero while looking at that tyrant with blood on his face.
His fingers trembled lightly, and he kept cursing internally.

F*ck, really awesome.

This scene was even more exciting than a TV series.

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