even need to be nice to them, just keep your elegance and pride.”

Qiao Xingnan pointed to the script and told Ster softly.
He was a little worried that Uncle Ster’s persona would fall apart because of his good temper.

Ster listened and felt as if the role from his new master was tailor-made for him.
It was so simple that it was a little surprising.
He looked at his stunning master and nodded kindly, hiding the tiny fluctuations he felt inside.

Cards are not gods, and there are things they can’t do.

The previous owners didn’t understand this, but the new owner doesn’t seem to be quite the same.

Qiao Xingnan did not know what was going on inside Ster’s mind.
He just did what a scriptwriter and director should do.
Of course, at this time, he did not know how strong Ster, who had a mean title in the card world, was in battle.

The next day, the steward and Ilir got ready early and came outside Qiao Xingnan’s door.

Joel nodded slightly, signaling to the chief that the person was still inside.

Ilir stepped forward and knocked on the door.

No one responded, but just as he was about to knock again, the door suddenly opened.

As Joel described, the person who opened the door was a white-haired, elegant, gentlemanly-looking old man with an ebony cane.
His azure eyes swept over the person in front of him, and his gentle voice seemed to carry a hint of displeasure: “Please be quiet, your sound is disturbing our emperor.”

“If you are delivering breakfast, you should also observe etiquette.
This is our emperor’s time of rest.”

Ilir frowned: “We are not here to deliver breakfast.”

A trace of understanding crossed Ster’s eyes.
He took out a pocket watch and looked at the time on it: “If there is something you want to discuss with the emperor, you need to make an appointment in advance.
The emperor needs to have breakfast at seven o’clock, and you can come over at around eight o’clock.

“A good knight, I believe, has a sense of time, right?”

Ilir: ……

Now you have to make an appointment to see the one inside?

Knowing that the chief knight of the manor has a stupid mouth, the steward took the initiative to step forward and look at Ster with a serious expression, the lines on his face looked even deeper.

“Your Excellency, we don’t know your identity yet.
Outsiders are not allowed to enter or leave the manor at will.
Your master has brought two people one after another, which I’m afraid is not reasonable.
Please tell your master that we need to ask him about these matters.”

Ster’s eyes fell on the man in front of him wearing the same tuxedo as he was, and it looked like this was the manor’s steward.

His eyes crossed from his clothes to the other party’s looks, and Ster held up his glasses, and the smile on his face deepened: “I’m sorry, I misjudged your insight.
To cater to the rules here, our emperor has already been very aggrieved.
He has never had so few people serving around him.”

This person in front of them was greasy.
No matter what they said, they were not allowed to talk directly with Qiao Xingnan.

The steward and Ilir looked at each other.
Originally, the two of them came here to test this one, and now it seems that this person’s identity seems to be that one’s butler.
Whether it was true or not, the two of them couldn’t barge in and scare the snake, so they could only wait helplessly.

It was not until after seven o’clock, and the one in the room had breakfast, that they could talk to each other.

Qiao Xingnan quickly knew what had happened outside the door from Ster’s side.
He quietly gave Uncle Ster a thumbs up.
He spoke elegantly and choked people without being humble.
He really acted well!

It was not the first time Ster was praised by his new master.
His fingers clutching his cane moved slightly, and the kind expression on his face remained unchanged.

Seeing that the steward and Ilir were about to enter the room, Qiao Xingnan moved his fingertips and resumed his condescending appearance, with Zero standing by his side wearing a hood and Ster standing to his right.

The steward did not say much nonsense when he saw him but just expressed his intention not to bring any more people in.

“If you bring someone in with a magic scroll, please let us know.”

Qiao Xingnan’s golden eyes swept over the other party with a hint of suppressed displeasure in his coldness, “So when will your emperor come here, exactly?”

Why was this person so anxious to see their emperor of Arilance?

The steward’s face remained unchanged, “Our emperor will be here tomorrow afternoon.”

After explaining things, the steward and Ilir were ready to leave to deal with other matters.
However, before walking to the door, they heard the one who had just arrived here say to that person with distress, “Such a harsh environment is really too wrong for the emperor…”

Steward, Ilir: ……

Where exactly is it aggravating? Was your family’s manor a gold mine?

Qiao Xingnan, who found out when the emperor of Arilance would arrive tomorrow, was secretly relieved and prepared to check the script with Zero and Uncle Ster again this evening.

But it did not occur to him that the manor steward’s news had been wrong.

The same night, the emperor of Arilance came to the manor with a group of people.

Qiao Xingnan, who was dumbfounded to hear the news: ……

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