clearly felt a wind blowing across his face, and he suddenly became less nervous.

No matter what card is drawn in the end, he will try hard to make the other party fit into his script.

Everything is for them to be able to live well in the other world.

In the next second, the blue light of the system screen changed, and a few lines of clear words surfaced.

[Card: Ster – Human

Race: Human

Grade: R (Level 1)

Equipment: Ebony Cane, Gold-Framed Long-Chain Glasses

Talent: Elegance

Equipped Skill: Fight for Dignity (To be activated)

Note: When you’re older, you love to teach people a lesson.
This is probably the impression that all the people in the Chaos card pool have of him~]

R card! This can be considered a lucky break, right?

Qiao Xingnan was a bit delighted.
He looked at the card’s introduction and blinked.
The talent is elegant, loves to teach people a lesson, and is old.
How come these adjectives are so strange together?

He was going to ask Zero if he knew this card, but just as the words came to his lips, Qiao Xingnan suddenly remembered what Zero had said about his poor card pool life.
He silently shut his mouth and looked at the card’s introduction again.

What kind of skill was fighting for dignity?

Qiao Xingnan’s eyes fell on the skill, and his fingertips tapped the table.
A pop-up window suddenly popped up, so he concentrated and looked at the content of the pop-up window.

[Ster – Human, Equipped Skill: Fight for Dignity (Can be activated at Level 3)]

[Fight for Dignity: When someone insults my dignity, I will lead the charge, and the ebony cane will always serve as the best teaching tool]

Although he didn’t understand much, this Ster’s skills were unclear but useful at first glance.
Qiao Xingnan thought that when he figured out the usage of the skills and added it to the script, it would definitely be a highlight.

However, if he remembered correctly, it would take at least 30,000 gold coins to raise the R card to level 3.

The pressure of money instantly calmed Qiao Xingnan down.
At least for now, it was impossible to activate the skill.

At that moment, a small red dot suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.
Qiao Xingnan’s eyes lit up, knowing that this was a sign that the card figure was coming out.

The red dot of light floated in the air and gradually expanded.
When it was about a person high, the light dispersed.
An ebony cane was the first to reach out from the white mane and made a rattling sound as it made contact with the ground.

A gentle and loving voice rang out immediately afterward, and he asked, “Why is this place so shabby?”

Qiao Xingnan did not expect the other party to begin with this, and the words he was just about to say paused for a moment before he heard the card on the other side continue.

“My master, please forgive my rudeness.” He leaned down slightly, his kind voice full of apology, “The environment here is really ugly to me.
I’m sorry, I desperately want to leave this room.”

“Uncle Ster, please bear with me first.” Qiao Xingnan vaguely felt as though he had been smacked.
He raised his smile, “After all, it’s not in my home, and our status doesn’t allow for nonsense, or else we’ll die.”


Joel and Herrick, who were on guard duty outside the gate, yawned as the cool summer breeze blew through, making them even more sleepy.

There were not enough people at the manor, and there were few people on duty.
They will not be transferred over until tomorrow, so they both need to stay up another night for now.

Joel was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes open.
Suddenly, he saw a red light flashing in the room, followed by a rustling sound.
He snapped to life, waking up Herrick, who was already falling asleep beside him, with a frown, “There’s movement inside.”

Herrick was also startled, instantly losing his drowsiness.
The two looked at each other and alertly went over and knocked on the door.

“Your Excellency, may I ask what you are doing in there?”

“Ka-cha-” The door opened.

The person who opened the door was not the white-robed man or the black-haired man as the two had imagined.

Instead, it was an old man with white hair dressed in a black tuxedo.
Under his gold-framed long-chain glasses, his azure eyes seemed as forgiving as the sea.
At first glance, he seemed like a gentle elder, but unfortunately, the words spoken by him were not so nice.

“Knocking on the door in the middle of the night will disturb our emperor’s rest.
You are really too impolite.”

Joel and Herrick: ???? Who are you?

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