These people had no idea that they were walking on the brink of death.

If Wen Qingling came a step late and let the humanoid creature escape to the outside, just a random mouth of poisonous mist could spread through the entire base.
By then, the Ling City Base would collapse from the inside without needing the blood corpse attack.

Until now, Xiao Hen and Ji Rong still had chills on their backs.
This time, it was thanks to Wen Qingling’s impulse to find someone that allowed them to nip the danger in the bud; otherwise, the consequences would really be unimaginable.

And instead of being honored for doing a good deed, they were pointed at by an armed group of people.

The leader of the guard shouted at them to put down their weapons and squat on the ground with their hands above their heads.

The three didn’t move.
They were all looking at him.

The captain of the guard felt provoked, and took the lead in opening fire, hitting the ground beside them, “I told you to put down your weapons! Do you hear me?! Put down your weapons!“

Wen Qingling glanced at Xiao Hen, “A beautiful human society?”

Ji Rong hurriedly said, “Not everyone is like this…“

Wen Qingling raised his hands and said, “I don’t have any weapons.”

The captain of the guard held up the gun and tightened the trigger, “Crouch on the ground with your head in your hands!”

Wen Qingling: “I’m not a criminal.”

The captain of the guard roared, “Is the sound of explosions, guns, and roars caused by you guys?! What have you done here?!”

Xiao Hen had nothing to say to the captain of the guard, “You can’t solve the situation here, let Fang Shenlong come over.”

“Who are you?! Is our base leader someone you can meet…” Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Hen suddenly appeared in front of him, grabbed his gun, and held him hostage.

All the guards were a little flustered.
Some pointed at Wen Qingling and Ji Rong, some pointed at Xiao Hen and the captain of the guards, and some swayed on both sides, not knowing where to point the gun at.

Xiao Hen said: “Evolved zombies appear in the underground parking lot.
We are killing zombies.
Can you handle this?”

With a gun pointed against his head, the captain of the guard stammered: “How can there be zombies here?I think it’s you guys who are plotting against us here! Let me tell you, there’s no one who dares to cause trouble in Ling City Base!“

Wen Qingling said nothing, dragged a zombie with a disintegrated head from the underground parking lot with vines and threw it at the captain of the guard.

The captain of the guard screamed and almost vomited.

Wen Qingling: “What is this? If it isn’t a zombie, then it’s your father?”

The captain of the guard’s face paled, “How, how is it possible?! Why are there zombies here?!”

The captain of the guard hurriedly yelled at the other guards: “Quick, inform the chief, there are zombies here!”

Xiao Hen dropped the guard captain, who finally found his brain, and walked towards Wen Qingling.

Wen Qingling: “That creature’s blood.
It’s best to dispose of it cleanly.”

Having had an experience, Wen Qingling kindly reminded, “That is the purest zombie poison.
Be mindful of contamination and accidental ingestion.”

Xiao Hen stared at him for three seconds, then turned back to the underground parking lot, “Wait for me here, don’t leave.”

At the place where the humanoid creature fell, only a pool of black blood was left.
The color was almost black, and it smelled fishy.

Xiao Hen’s eyes stayed on the corpse of a zombie.
The zombie’s head seemed to explode from the inside, with no visible wound on the outside.
He walked around between the corpses; there were six in total, all of which had exploded heads.
That is to say, within a few seconds of being thrown out by Wen Qingling, he killed six red-eyed zombies.
How did this happen?

Xiao Hen returned, “Ji Rong, go and solve it.
Black blood cannot be left behind.”

Ji Rong nodded and went in, directly burning it clean with fire.

The leader of the Ling City Base, Fang Shenlong, and the deputy leader, Miao Bo, came quickly with a group of captains.

Fang Shenlong was tall and boorish-looking.
This wasn’t the first time that he and Xiao Hen had met, so there was no need for courtesy.
The group first went into the underground parking lot to check, and then came out with a solemn expression.

Xiao Hen didn’t wait for him to ask.
He took the initiative to tell them that it was man-made.
Someone created zombies in the base.
Fortunately, they found it early, or else the Ling City Base would have collapsed from the inside.

Fang Shenlong was furious, “Who the hell is it?! Has the person been caught?“

Xiao Hen: “His name is Fang Zhen.
He is extremely dangerous.
He has something in his hand that makes people turn into zombies.
He has already escaped from the base.
If he comes back again, please make sure to capture him.
Many thanks in advance.”

Xiao Hen deliberately concealed the news of the blood anemone because it was too dangerous.
The fewer people who know about it, the better.

Fang Shenlong sighed, “If you hadn’t found these zombies in time and let them run out, our base would be finished.
Don’t worry, as long as he dares to come back, I will catch him!“

Chang Boheng came out and took the initiative to greet Wen Qingling, “Doctor, long time no see.”

Wen Qingling glanced at him slightly, but did not respond.

Chang Boheng laughed, “Do you forget who I am? Chuchu.”

Wen Chu came over, “What a coincidence.
I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Wen Qingling nodded slightly and continued to remain silent.

Wen Chu said, “I’ve heard of Fang Zhen, who you’re talking about.
During this period of time, he has had a great reputation.
I heard that he can also treat infected people.
Many people have gone to him for treatment.“

“That’s the kid?!” Fang Shenlong had obviously heard of him as well.

Wen Chu nodded, “It’s him.”

Fang Shenlong said angrily, “Is he saving or harming people?!“

It’s such a shame.
He had been wanting to meet this person, but something happened first.

Miao Bo has been looking at Wen Qingling.
Wen Qingling was very stingy and didn’t spare him a glance.

Miao Bo suddenly said, “Are you a psychic?”

Everyone was surprised.

Among the many abilities, psychic ability is the rarest.
If it can be developed, such an ability will be very scary.
It’s even possible to control zombies.

If he was really a psychic ability user, the Ling City Base would do anything to win him over.

Fang Shenlong looked at him eagerly.

Wen Qingling: “No.”

Xiao Hen and Ji Rong, who knew the truth: “…..”

Wen Qingling raised his hand, and a vine came out of the ground, “I am a wood-type ability user.”

Everyone was disappointed.
They thought he was a psychic ability user, but they didn’t expect him to be a wood type… No, the wood type was also very f*cking important, right?! When did they become so conceited that they dared to be disappointed by a wood-type ability user?

No one even thought as far as him having the dual abilities because they had never seen or heard of it, so they were all easily deceived.

Miao Bo looked suspicious, “The person who scouted the base with his psychic power was not you?”

Wen Qingling: “No.”

Xiao Hen and Ji Rong: “….”

Miao Bo said to himself, “Could it be that he has already left? It’s a pity to miss such a hidden powerhouse.”

Ji Rong really wanted to wake up this blind man.
He’s right in front of you, ah! Unfortunately, he didn’t have a loudspeaker.

Miao Bo said sincerely: “Wood-type abilities are also very important to our base.
Please be sure to join our base.”

Wen Qingling: “No need.”

Miao Bo: “Please consider it.
We are gathering the strong, and we are going to give a big gift to the zombies in Ling City!“

Wen Qingling looked at him like he was looking at a fool and turned to leave, “I won’t bother you guys to prepare your gift.
Take care of yourselves.”

Xiao Hen and Ji Rong were about to leave, but were stopped by Fang Shenlong.

Fang Shenlong: “We can’t sit around and wait for death.
We have a perfect plan.
I wonder if you guys are interested in joining?“

Xiao Hen: “We’ll talk about it later.”

The two men hurriedly chased after Wen Qingling.

Fang Shenlong looked at them thoughtfully.

Miao Bo: “Did these two take refuge with that young man?”

Fang Shenlong shook his head, “That’s unlikely.”

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