hen Jake said.

Jake was the reason why the children were able to be safe even though there were no guardians.


Jake Purite.


A child who will not appear in the future in the novel.

Jake looked at me with calm brown eyes as if he felt my gaze.


But they say sometimes quiet people are even scarier than any storms.
I was more worried about Jake than Chloran, who was openly hostile.

Because of Jake’s personality, he won’t clear his doubts about me until the end.

Finally, I found the girl who didn’t fit with the group.

An unknown character.


The girl was just standing still in the back of the children as if she was hesitating.



She looked somewhat anxious and nervous.
After a while the girl folded her hands and turned back to go inside.


I couldn’t take my eyes off her back.


“Ren, go inside and take a rest.
Jake, can you come to my office for a moment?”


After the children went inside, I called Jake separately.
Jack looked at me suspiciously, but he followed me gently.

When I entered the director’s office, it was emptier than before.
There were no more jewels and ornaments on the walls, or dresses that filled the closet.

Jack also looked surprised at the suddenly changed interior, but he didn’t show it.


“Why don’t you take a seat? Sit down, and would you like to have a cup of hot chocolate?”


“……Ah sure.”


“Wait a moment.”


I searched through the shopping bag brought yesterday and took out a container of cocoa powder.
After heating the milk and mixing it with the powder, it had a sweet scent.

I said to Jake, holding out the cup of hot chocolate.


“I’ll move other ingredients like cocoa, milk, and etc to the kitchen, so you can have it whenever you want .
Oh, and you shouldn’t drink too much of it.
It’s not good for your teeth.”





I was worried that I might have nagged him too much while talking.


But I can’t help but to do it.
There are really no rules at all in this orphanage.
Too much freedom only ruins health.


“I’m confident about making hot chocolate.
Would you like to taste it?”


Jake, who hesitated for a moment as I spoke with a confident face, took a sip of the hot chocolate.

When he took a sip, Jack’s eyes grew big.
Looking at it, I said happily.


“Is it good?”


“Yes, it’s delicious.
I think Rodi will love it.”


“When you go out later, give the kid some hot chocolate.
If I give it to them then they won’t be able to have a taste of it comfortably.”


” Director, may I know why you called me?”


As expected, I try to warm up the atmosphere, but Jake didn’t take it easily.

I sighed inwardly and looked at Jake with nervous eyes.
I carefully said.


“I want to know more about you guys.”


Of course, Jake doubted my words.
Jake was a very thoughtful and suspicious child so it was expected.


But I also didn’t have much to say either.

It’s true that I’m curious about the children.

There was a silent confrontation for a while.
No, should I even call this a confrontation? It would be better to say that I gave Jack enough time to think about my intentions.

I opened my mouth.


“I didn’t know anything about you guys.
I was being too careless and indifferent.
I hurted you guys a lot.

Jack’s brown eyes felt somewhat heavy.
I gulped down my saliva, feeling the burden and guilt, even the 14-year-old child sitting in front me could hardly feel it.

“I don’t think my efforts will heal your wounds.”




“But I still want to be better and create a different future than before.
I want to at least try to make you guys believe that this is a safe place.
So, can you guys please give me a second chance?”


Now my hopes were a pea for their trust.

‘I said everything I had to say.’


If Jake refused it, then I would have to start without basic knowledge of the children in order to improve my relationship with them.

Not only to avoid my death, but to raise them well, I needed to know about them.

And about the girl I saw who wasn’t even in the novel, I know nothing about her at all.

That’s why I need Jake’s help for the first step to improve my relationship with the child.

Suddenly Jake’s eyes glanced at mine.
I followed Jake’s gaze.
There was a bag containing medicine.


Jake opened his mouth.

“Honestly, director, you are acting differently today, I never thought you would get these.”





Jake’s gaze shifted from the medicine bag to me.
He continued, looking straight at me.

“Even so, I don’t want to give up the chance to make the other children happy.”

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