ren to grow up in a better environment than anything else was more important.
And to leave no more scars on their already wounded hearts.


I had to think about what I would do in the future for that.


I looked down at Ren quietly and whispered.


“……so sleep well, Ren.”


When will Ren wake up? After patting her head, I got up.


I didn’t know when she was going to wake up, so I was going to get some water.




When the door closed, Ren slowly opened her eyes.



(from Ren’s pov)


I don’t know when I came to my senses.
But I felt the touch of a hand as if it was stroking my forehead while calling me.




-“Don’t cry, I’ll protect you.”


I never expected that she would say such words.

It was hard to believe.

But more than that somehow I wanted to believe it.


Ren smiled pleasantly.


I closed my eyes.
And I slept with the feeling of a fresh breeze blowing.


This time, I felt like I was going to have a good dream.





“Ren, are you sure that you are feeling well?”


I asked with a worried face as I watched Ren getting ready for discharge.


The doctor said it was okay to leave the hospital, but she had such a terrible fever yesterday! I wish she could stay for another day.


“I am feeling okay now.
I’m sure Rodi would be worried about me.
And I don’t think Chloran can live another day without me now.”


Ren, who spoke so confidently and firmly, was wearing the clothes she had worn before.
Those were the clothes she was wearing before when I arrived, so they were still ugly and sloppy.


When Ren, who had changed her clothes, looked at me with her eyes, I sighed lightly and reached out to Ren.
Ren looked at me in wonder.




This time I became conscious of my actions.


‘It became a habit to hold the sick children’s hands when I was at the orphanage in my previous one…….’


In particular, it was a habit of mine to hold hands tightly of the sick children to prevent the child from falling while walking.
Ren and I aren’t close enough to hold hands yet.


Ren’s embarrassment made me smile awkwardly and hold back my hand.


No! don’t take it back.
I was going to hold it.
(Ren pov.)




I was surprised.
Ren, who held my hand tightly, looked ahead and said.


“…… let’s go, director.”





I nodded and started walking following her steps.
Outside, there was a carriage that had been called in advance.


“Oh! She’s all better now.”


“Yes, she is, and thank you for yesterday.”


“No problem lady, Lady, get in.”


“Yes, once again thank you.”


The carriage I called was none other than the carriage I rented yesterday.
The coachman was the same man.


He knew the location of the orphanage, and in thanks for his help yesterday I wanted to repay him back so I rented his carriage once more.

Several small packages had already been placed in the carriage.
While Ren looked at me curiously, I looked at the packages and explained.


“They are medicines for fever, stomach medicines, and disinfectants.
I didn’t want anything like yesterday to happen again, that’s why I brought them… … ”


While Ren was sleeping, I went to the pharmacy and bought everything we could ever need, but I wondered if this was enough.


What happened yesterday was too shocking to me.
According to the doctor, Ren’s fever would have gone down quickly if she had taken the medicine for fever, and had gotten a good rest.


However, the child lost consciousness because these simple and basic things were not done for her.
Which was ultimately because the orphanage did not have a healthy environment for the children.


‘I won’t let it happen again.’


But there was something that I learned from it.

‘In the original story, Ren had a major fever when she was 10 years old.
So maybe Ren and Chloran are 10 years old right now.
And Rodi is 7 and Jack is 14 years old…’



But who was that other girl? I couldn’t recognize her.

Last night, while I was sitting next to Ren who was sleeping, I recalled the whole book to figure it out.
But the main characters in the orphanage were Chloran, Ren, Rodi, and Jack.
Only those four.

As far as I recall, there were originally four rather than five children.
So, who was that other kid?


I became lost in my thoughts as the carriage began to move.


While I was thinking deeply, I heard a voice that made me come back to my senses.


“I don’t know if you’ll be offended by saying this, but director…… I think you’ve changed.”




At Ren’s words, I narrowed my eyes and looked at Ren.
Ren continued, While avoiding my gaze.


“You wouldn’t have taken me to the doctor or purchased medicines before.
And also……”



Ren couldn’t finish what she wanted to say.


It wasn’t because she didn’t know what to say.
I could still feel her fear of me.


Perhaps it took a lot of courage for her to say this.


Suddenly, Ren resembled an abused puppy.
A puppy who is afraid of people because of abuse, but still cannot hate them.


This may look a little different to other people, but in my eyes, Ren seemed to be trying to get close to me.


I blinked.
When our eyes met, Ren looked away and then came back to meet mine again with hesitation.


Ren started to open up to me.

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