In fact,If I considered the original story, it was not a bad choice for the children to escape.


I’d also run away rather than being badly abused by the director.


‘But I’m not the director!’


I never abused the children.
And It was too dangerous for young children to walk on the streets at this time when they don’t have a guardian.


Because the area around this place was not safe, if they went in the wrong direction they could even enter a slum.
If that happens, they could die before the original work begins.


I could see the coachman running out together behind me.
After giving him a nod, I went down the hill.


‘They wouldn’t have been able to go far because Rodi was with him.’

(tl:she is referring it to Chloren by “him”)


It would be impossible to go so far for Rodi, who is young and has short steps.


After coming down the hill, I walked into an alley where the children could have entered.


‘I don’t know why things have changed.’


Maybe I made a big mistake without knowing it.


‘But this is so reckless.’


Escaping in the middle of the sunset, when it’s almost about to be dark.


I don’t think Jake Purite would have come up with this plan to escape at this time.


Even though apparently he is an ordinary boy, Jake Purite has a serious and cautious personality.

It was hard to think that he would escape with all the children like this.


‘Maybe something unexpected happened when I left.


What is this situation?


Ugh, I have no idea what happened.
But finding children is my top priority right now.


I’m feeling so tired already that I can’t breathe, but I forcibly moved my exhausted legs.


I searched for the group of children.




“I think it might be better to ask the director for help now.”



Jake spoke to Chloran, who was stumbling in the corner of the alley.


But Chloran shook his head with a cold face.


“Brother you know that that devil-like director won’t help us.
Don’t you remember the last time when Rodi was sick? We asked her for help.
Instead of helping she was angry and told me not to cry.


Chloran glanced at the girl on his back, unable to finish his sentence.


Her pink hair was wet with sweat clinging to her skin.
Her milky face was hot as if it was about to explode, and a short breath leaked out of her slightly opened mouth.


Rodi said, looking at Ren with a tearful face.


“Ren, are you going to die?”


“Rodi, don’t say that.
Ren is not going to die.”


Jake said while comforting Rodi who had a small bruise.
The girl who followed the children unexpectedly looked out of the alley in a fidget.


“What if a bad person shows up?”


“…… It’s okay, Eddy.
They won’t be able to see you because it’s so dark.
Rather, right now, Ren’s condition is more concerning.”


Jake placed his hand on Ren’s forehead, which was on Chloran’s back earlier.


‘The temperature increased.’


The fever was higher than when we measured it at the orphanage.
It was already well above the temperature of a normal body.
At this rate, her life might be in danger.
(Jake’s pov)


‘I shouldn’t have brought Rodi and Eddy , ren along.’


But I was so scared and worried about leaving Ren alone, so I brought her here.


‘But I didn’t know that the temperature would increase and it would be this complicated.’


I had never been out of the orphanage, so I expected a normal street scene, but it wasn’t.


Instead the road meandered like a snake and the hills were endless.
No matter how much we went down, there was no town there, let alone any person.


At the end of the day, everyone lost their stamina and took a break.


Chloran staggered to his feet.


“Come on we can’t stay still like this here…… ”




But Chloran couldn’t take a step and fell down on the floor.
Ren also fell on the floor from behind.


Jake sighed and began to carry Len on his back.
Cloan looked at Jack with shaky eyes.


“It’s alright, I’ll carry her on my back, so you can take a rest.”


“But…… you’re weaker than I am brother.”


“…… No, I am not.
I am strong too and I know you are also strong, but leave it up to me.”




Chloran looked at Jake with wet eyes and nodded.


But in fact, as Chloran said, Jake’s stamina was not good.
Because he gave up all his usual food to his younger siblings, so he was weaker than Chloran.


However, Jake staggered forward because he couldn’t let Little Rodi or Eddy carry her, who was barely close to Ren.



At that moment someone shouted from behind.


“There you guys are!”


Jake and the other children looked back in surprise.
A man was walking towards the children.


Chloran stepped forward on guard, and Eddy stepped back, wrapping Rodi in her arms.


Jake looked around with a troubled face.
Because There was no corner to run away from and no energy left to run away.


It was a great disaster.


While I was staring at the man with an alert appearance, the man started speaking.(Jake’s pov)


“You! Do you know how desperately the lady is looking for you guys!”






‘None of them are here.
They are really nowhere to be found.’

I’ve looked around the orphanage.
I even went to the entrance of the slums, but I couldn’t find the children.


I thought they were in there.
Should I go inside and find them? Or should I call the police now?


I tried to think of another way, but I couldn’t think any other way.
My mind was blank as a white sheet of paper.


Suddenly, I remembered a memory of a long time ago when the orphanage went bankrupt and all the children were getting scattered.


– “I don’t want to go, sister.
Can’t you live with me forever? You said you would be my mom.”


“………I’ll have to look it up again.”


The emotions of loss and remorse of that time came to me again, I forced myself to get up.


Then at that moment, a man’s loud voice came from over the alley.


“Lady! Here you are! I found the children!”


At the sound of him shouting that he had found the children made me move like I was possessed.
My legs, which had lost their strength, were starting to walk while getting faster and faster.


Following the voice, I went deep into the alley, and I was frozen when I saw them.


“……you guys.”


There really were the children.


The moment I saw that, my emotions soared.
At first I was angry, then I was sad because of the reason why they ran away.


“Thank god…… I’m glad that you’re okay……”


I was so relieved.


After suppressing my emotions, I finally sat down and hugged the children recklessly.

I felt that the embarrassed children were frozen, but now I was relieved that I found the children safely.


I don’t know how long I’ve been embracing the children.
When one of them procrastinated and tried to get out of my arms, I came back to my senses and quickly loosened my hands and arms.


The children backed away with awkward faces.
Now, there was an awkward atmosphere.


I forgot for a moment in relief that I found the children.
I remembered the relationship between Sielra and the children, it wasn’t a friendly relationship enough to embrace each other.


I was worried that this action might cause the children to build a wall before me, but fortunately, it didn’t seem like it.
It just seemed like they were uncomfortable with it.


My mouth was bitter, but I couldn’t help it.
Because it’s not possible to get close so soon.



I turned to Jake.


“Jake, tell me.
Why the hell did you run away from the orphanage?”


Even though I could tell without hearing the answer, I still asked.


They ran away because of me.
I felt dizzy by the fact that I had to ask this question even though I knew the answer.


But the answer back was not what I expected.


“Ren is sick.”


It wasn’t Jake or Cloran, who answered.
It was Rodi, who was at the back and was nearly invisible answered.


“Ren is sick?”


Surprised by the unexpected words, I rose and looked beyond the children.


For a moment my mind was blank.


“Wait! Oh my god.”


And only then, Ren, who was lying on the floor and breathing hard, came into my view.


Her face was red and her breathing was not normal.
The breath was so hot that I could even feel it standing a little far from her.


“Since when was she like this?”


I quickly picked up Ren.


She was so light that I didn’t even feel like I was holding her.


The body temperature I felt over her clothes was very hot.
Chloran approached me on guard as I hugged Ren.
He seemed to think that I was going to hurt Ren.


It was Jack who responded by restraining Chloran.


“Her fever started to rise not long after the director went out.
We tried to lower the temperature on our own, but it only got worse…….”


“And we were about to go to the doctor.”


To Jake’s words, the girl continued to answer.


“The medicine……”

I tried to say something, but soon I closed my mouth.
There is no way there is such a thing as medicine in such a poor environment.


I got up with Ren in my arms.
And said to the coachman who stood and watched the situation.


“I’m sorry.”


“But you can take me to a clinic, right?”


The coachman replied tactfully.
I nodded with sincerely thankful eyes.


“Would it be possible for you again to give us a ride in the carriage?”


“I have served the lady all day, so of course! Please wait for a moment.
I’ll hurry up and bring the carriage!”


Gradually, I felt sorry for treating the coachman coldly.
As the coachman went out of the alley to bring the carriage, I looked around at the children.


What should I do with all these kids now?


I am going to take Ren to a doctor, but I can’t take all of these children…… And Rodi is still young.


The children who noticed my troubled thoughts gulped down.
Jake stepped forward.


“I’ll take the children back to the orphanage.”


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