ies and groceries, children’s school supplies and toys, and some simple clothes for me to wear.

Looking at the list, it seems like it’s not that much, but I spent as much as 20 gold coins in a day.
The amount was not small.


‘When I get back to the orphanage, the first thing I must do is renovate it.
Come to think of it, there was only one table in the dining room.
It doesn’t make sense that there is only one table in the kitchen and the dining room.

Not to mention that the chair in the dining room was also broken.
And the table was so dirty and messy too.
Should I buy a refrigerator first? Wait, do they even have refrigerators in this world? ……Well, I certainly hope there is something similar.’


There were so many more things to buy.
I’ll buy the rest at once later.
“The orphanage is called “Sielra orphanage”.
After telling the coachman about my destination.
I sat back comfortably.
I looked at the shopping bags with happy eyes.

‘I hope that they will like it.
Come to think of it Ren and Rodi both have good sense when it comes to choosing things and clothes.
Jake Purite also seemed to know a lot, so I am certain with this they will be happy.’

Wouldn’t that change their perspective about me a little? Well, come to think of it, what did Chloran like?

…… Wait.
It’s no use of thinking too much I think because Chloran’s favorite is what Ren’s favorite is.
Therefore, if I manage to get Ren’s favor, Chloran’s heart will naturally follow.

‘If I do this……’


Wouldn’t I be able to live safely after making the children independent?

If I survive and help them to become independent, then…… I want to stop running this orphanage and live my life.
Because I’ve always been tied up in an orphanage.
Now that I’ve got a new and different life……

So let’s raise the children well until they are fully independent.

My eyes began to close.
When I opened my eyes and looked, there was still some time left to reach the orphanage……

So I slowly fell asleep.

Little did I know what would be awaiting me at Sielra’s orphanage.



“Lady, we’re here.



The coachman opened the door and the sound of the door opening woke me up.
As I turned my head in half-asleep, I could see the darkened landscape of the orphanage.

We arrived…?

“Thank you for the ride.”


“I have a lot of luggage, so I’ll carry it inside myself.”


As I struggled to unload my luggage, the driver stepped up and started to speak.
I looked at him with reassuring eyes.

I’ve been cold to him all day because of the gaze I saw when I met him for the first time.

“Lady, I’ll carry it inside for you.”


“Alright, thank you.”


I would have refused if the luggage wasn’t havey so, I decided to accept his help.


My body was too stiff.
Because of that I could only carry a shopping bag.

I opened the door and went inside and turned on the light while the coachman moved my luggage to the entrance.

The lights on the ceiling turned on with a sound, like sparks.

However, unlike in Korea, electricity did not flow through the lightbulbs here.
There was no electricity in this world.
Instead, there was a special ore called Mana Stone that replaced the electricity here.


‘I should buy some new mana stones too.’


And so there was one more thing added to the ever-growing list of things I needed to buy.

Listening to the sound of the driver putting down the luggage behind me, I went up to the second floor for a while and stood in front of the children’s door.
My heart was pounding with tension.

‘I have to knock if I want the clothes to be delivered to the children!’

“Hey, Jack, are you in there?”

Standing at the door of the boys room’s door, I spoke in a quiet voice.

But there was no response.
This time, I knocked and raised my voice a little.


“I have something to say.
Can you please spare me a minute?”

It was quiet.

The complete silence made me feel strange.

I turned around and knocked on the door of the girls’ room this time.

“Ren, are you in there?”

But there was no response here either.


I put down my knocking hand.
And without making a sound, I opened the door carefully.
I thought maybe they were sleeping.


“……there is no one here.”

There was nobody inside.
The blankets were laid in ways that made it look like they were in their beds.

I opened the boys room’s door without hesitation this time.
And it was empty, too.

‘Where are they?’


There wasn’t a single child in any of the rooms.

‘Was there an event in the novel?’

I tried to remember in my head quickly.

However, no matter how much I tried to think about it, there was no part where all of the children escaped so suddenly.
There was only a time where Chloran and Ren escaped, without the others.


“Lady, I have moved all your luggage…….”


“Coachman, I need your help!”

Running down to the first floor, I hurriedly grabbed the driver who was about to leave after moving all my luggage.
He looked at me with puzzled eyes.

“The children escaped.
They wouldn’t have gone far.
Please help me find the children.
I’ll pay you with extra money.”

I could feel the driver looking at me in embarrassment, but I left the orphanage after asking him for help.

‘The contents of the novel have changed.’

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