In fact, I expected it to be difficult to sell this dress, but I was very disappointed that it happened like this.

As I packed the dress with a sullen face, the old man who was looking at it said in a low voice.

“I think you can go to the fabric’s dealer.”

“Fabric’s dealer……?”

When I blinked at the unfamiliar name, the old man reached out his hand out of the window and said.

“If you go into that alley, you’ll find a Fabric dealer called Clover Fabrics.
If you take off some fabric from that dress and give it to her i think she might give you some money.
since it is a place that only deals with fabrics, so it won’t be worth the price of that dress, but would it be okay?”

The old man looked at me.
He seemed to think that I’d be dissatisfied.

But if I can sell something that’s hard to sell, then off to that shop.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, I’m fine with it.
Please tell me the way to the shop.”


As I left the pawnshop and walked along with the map drawn by the old man, I came to the alley.
There were very few people here.

In the map it’s here……but I couldn’t find the store on the map here, so I looked around and found a small store a little further away from here.

Recognizing that it was the store on the map, I approached it quickly.

[Clover Fabrics]

“Clover Fabrics…….”

It was the same name as the old man said.

By the way……

I shook my head.
In a place where rarely anyone comes, I don’t think that anyone would open a store in a place like this? Let’s hope that I am in the right place…..

I felt a little uneasy, but I couldn’t back down now, so I carefully opened the door and went in.

“I’m thrilled……”

“Welcome to the store lady.”

As soon as I entered, a woman who was organizing the fabrics came to me with a welcoming and friendly face.

“I came here to sell my clothes.
Would it be possible?”

“Well, we only deal with fabrics.
So I will disassemble and set the price of the fabric, would that be okay with you?”

“Yes, I’m okay with it.”

I knew it already, so I had nothing to worry about.

I nodded without hesitation and the woman who smiled said.

“Then can you show me the clothes you bought?”

“Here you go.”

I spread out a bundle of dresses and showed it to her.
I was feeling proud that they were all high-quality products without a scratch.

The woman’s eyes twinkled at the dresses.
She murmured, carefully examining the dress.

“They’re all from fancy boutiques stores.
This dress is from Mariana’s dressing store, and this dress is from Kadallina’s dressing store.
Oh my, these dresses are no longer available anymore, are you really going to sell them? I wouldn’t be able to give you the closest price of the original price.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Sielra’s overexposed dress was a limited edition one.
But Still, I nodded firmly.

“Yes, I’m alright.
I want to sell them all.”

“Alright then, I think We can hit at least 10 gold coins for this much.
We can give you up to 15 golds for this dress that is no longer available.
How do you feel about my prices, is it okay?”

At the woman’s words, I barely grabbed my jaw that was about to open wide.
The dresses I brought with me were about 10.

But if I get at least 10 gold coins for each piece, then I could get at least 100 gold coins for these 10 dresses!

“Well, that much…….”

I bit my lips while talking.
They say that if someone is paying a lot, it’s better not to add unnecessary comments.

By the way.

‘You’re really out of your mind!’

If I only sell the fabric, what would be the actual price for this? I was shocked several times today by the luxurious things Sielra owned.

Anyway, I nodded.

“Then please do that.”

” Yes, Thank you.
Please wait here for a moment.”

The smiling woman went inside with the dress in her arms.

I sighed as I calculated the money that was about to come into my hands after I finished packing the empty bag.

‘Anyways, for now there won’t be a problem for a while.’

I hope it’s enough for a while? I hope this can be enough for a few years?

I was feeling a little relieved.
As soon as I felt relieved, I began to see the things around the store.

I looked around the store for a while, while the woman was preparing the money.

‘It’s fascinating.’

This store seemed to sell clothes as well as the fabrics.
Not as beautiful as the dress I sold, but there were enough beautiful dresses on display.

Then, there was something that caught my eye.

“All the clothes here are made by me.”

As I stared blankly at it, the woman approached me and talked to me about when she came back.

When I looked at her in surprise, the smiling woman handed me a bag.

“Here, it’s 164 gold coins in total.”

After Hearing the amount, I closed my lips that were about to open and checked inside my pocket.
One rune and 64 gold coins.

“I am done checking.
Thank you.”

“I’m glad.
By the way, you must be interested in children’s clothes.
Do you happen to have a child?”

The woman asked, looking at the children’s clothes I had been seeing all along.

When I thought of the children in the orphanage for a while, I replied with a gentle smile.

“Yes, for five children.”

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