While I was thinking, I realized that I was completely out of the woods.
Then A wide open square appeared.

Looking around, I finally found what I was looking for and strode towards it.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, yes lady.”

When I spoke to him, the coachman who was checking the horse’s reins ran out.

His eyes glanced up to down at me for a moment.
I sighed deeply when I saw his eyes becoming insidious.

‘I should buy new clothes too.’

Because Even if I covered the chest area with a handkerchief, the exposure could not be hidden.

I couldn’t help but to buy new clothes now.
Because Sielra clothes were exposing her breasts so much.

And The clothes left behind were the clothes based on Ciela standards, which were also too revealing in my opinion.

‘If I knew this would happen, I would’ve just brought Everything.’

( T/l:she is referring to the clothes.)

I think I left some clothes for no reason, saying that I was prepared to go.

“Excuse me.”

I looked at the coachman with a cold gaze.
Only then the surprised coachman turned his gaze.

I felt like I was in a bad mood all of sudden.
I wanted to rent another carriage, but I couldn’t see any carriages anywhere else.
swallowing a sigh,I said.

“I’d like to rent a carriage and a coach to ride from Here……”

I searched through my pocket and handed over a gold coin I found safe in the director’s office.

It was to check how much the prices were here.

said the driver, who took the gold coins.

“To rent a carriage it’s 15 silver coins and for the coach…… It’s 35 silver coins in total.”

If you think about the price of silver coins for this novel, it was about 35,000 won in Korean won.

I thought this was not bad enough to rent a carriage and hire a coach man.
Prices were better than I expected.

I nodded and finished.

“Oh then I’d like to go on a trip please.
I have a lot of luggage.”

“Then it’s 70 silver coins, would that be all right……”

The coachman asked cautiously.
I thought prices were better than expected, but 70 silver coins for commoners would be too expensive.

Of course, if I think about it that way, it was a little burdensome for me to go sell things to get money.

But what can I do? There are a lot of places to stop by and buy today.

I nodded my head.

“Yes, it’s alright.”

“okay! Then you can get into the carriage.”

The coachman opened the door of the carriage, which was parked right in front of him.When I got into the carriage, I said to him.

“Let’s go to the jewelry store first.”

It didn’t take long to get to the jewelry store.
I heard the coachman’s message that I had arrived while I was picking up the gold and silver jewels in the bag for a moment.

When the carriage stopped and the door opened, I got up.
The bag was heavy, but the weight will be a little less when I leave this place.

“You,Hold my hand.”

The coachman pushed his hand through the open door.
I looked at his gloved hand for a moment and smiled gently.

I put my hair behind my ears when the wind blew from somewhere and messed up my inner blonde hair.
I could feel the driver staring blankly at me.

After a while I spoke to the coachman in a friendly voice.

“I don’t need it anymore.”

And jumped out of the carriage without grabbing his hand.

I could feel the coachman looking at me with an absurd look in his eyes.

It was worth knowing.
In this world, being escorts were like manners for gentlemens and a necessity for women.

I’m sure the coachman was sure that I’d take his hand and get off.
But I didn’t forget that coachman looked at me with an insidious gaze before.

After organizing my skirt, I said to the coachman with a cold look.
and in a less gentle voice.

“I’ll go in and out by myself, so wait here.”

“What? Oh, yes alright lady…….”

The coachman answered half-heartedly, wondering still in shock that I refused his hand.
Leaving the stupid, dazed coachman behind, I proudly entered the jewel room.
The bell tickled my ears.

Yeah, if it’s a bell, it’s supposed to ring quietly like this.
It was not super loud like the bell in the orphanage.

“Welcome to our store.”

The owner walked out from the inside.
In a short moment, his eyes swept over me.
I looked around pretending not to notice.

I was wearing the most expensive-looking outfit she had, what should I do? I’m afraid I’ll be ignored.

“I came here to sell my jewelry and jewels.”

“I’m glad you’re here.
There’s no jeweler’s shop in the capital that pays better than ours.”

said the owner in a proud voice.
Instead of answering, I smiled and then opened the bag.


An interest flashed through the eyes of the owner who looked inside.

Ruby earrings, sapphire necklaces, pearl earrings, diamond rings, etc.
Countless jewels appeared.

All of them were expensive products, and it could be seen that they were well-crafted.

“It’s pretty and of high quality.
I’ll have to evaluate the details, but I think I can give you any amount of money you want.”

“I’m looking forward to it.
Then I’ll tell you the exact amount after you are done checking.”

“Alright,Would you mind waiting for a moment?”


After shaking off all the jewels, I put the bag back together and sat down on a chair.

The owner, who took a piece of jewelry, began to feel excited and started using a magnifying glass and begin to check.
As I looked around the jewelry store, I could hear the owner’s exclamation from time to time.

Looks like it’s more expensive than I thought.

Considering the money to buy a carriage, it looks like I’ll get more money on my hand than I originally expected.
At this rate, there will be no worries about orphanage finances for the time being.

“I’m done checking them.
And They’re very high quality jewels.”

How long has it been? The owner approached me with a fresh face.

“I think we can give you a total of 650 gold for these high-quality jewels.”

I took a moment to think about the value of 650 gold coins.

As I remember, the value of currency in this novel is similar to Korean won.
One gold is 100,000 won.
Then, 650 gold coins would be about 65 million won.

‘ I don’t think it’s bad.’

In fact, I don’t know what exactly is the value of these jewels.
How can I know what the cost is and what the value is when I didn’t even buy it?


There was one thing I could tell.

He was taking me as a fool.

“You’re ignoring me.”


The owner looked puzzled at my cold voice.
I stared coldly at the owner.

“To you, do I look like a fool who doesn’t know a thing about jewels?”

“What do you mean by, do you mean that I am pushing you over to accept the offer ?”

“ you’re said that you will give me any amount I want .
And now You’re trying to deceive me with 650 gold coins when it’s worth more than that.”

While searching the office, I happened to see the details of Siela’s expenses.

The amount of embezzlement for several years alone is 1,000 gold coins.

In addition, since Sielra peirunte used all those for luxury, it was judged that at least the value of these jewels would be higher than 650 gold.

Even if 650 gold was the right amount, there was nothing to lose because I could go to another jewelry store and sell it.

My sharp voice stammered the owner.

“Oh, no.
The amount is extracted through justifiable judgement…….”

“All right, I see.”

I passed the owner and picked up the jewels on the table.
Surprised by my sudden action, the owner began to stop me.

“Wait,why are you being like that?”

” Ever Since I first came into this shop, you saw me as a girl who knew nothing about this world.
I just wanted it to think of it as my mistake for thinking like that, but now I know it wasn’t my mistake when I heard your judgement.
And There are a lot of jewelry shops out there where I could sell my jewelry for a reasonable and fair price.

I said in a sharp voice and looked with a cold gaze at the owner who was in a hurry behind me.

Above all, when I first entered this store, I noticed that the owner was ignoring me.

First of all, she was of noble birth, so the owner could not take off of Sierra’s aristocratic look.
In addition, I wore luxurious clothes and looked innocent looking around the store.

So, In the owner’s eyes, I would have looked like a Noble running away from home and didn’t know anything about the world that’s why he was trying to force me.
He realized when I asked for the money proudly.

That I knew That he was trying to scam me.

If it wasn’t a scam then, I could see that the price was lowered.

Since they mistook me for an ignorant aristocrat, I decided to use silera’s noble status.

“I’ll make make pay the price for destroying the pride of nobility and for trying to scam me”

“Oh my god.”

The owner, who screamed at my word, was convinced that I was an aristocrat, stepped back.

Soon he prostrated himself on the floor and begged.

” I am Sorry, please forgive my sin!”

“Do you admit that you tried to scam me?”

“No, I didn’t try to scam you, I just lowered the amount a little….… I’m so sorry! Well, I’ll give you as much money as you want, so please forgive me.…..”

Looking at him shivering, I felt like I was a predator.
If you beg that much, I’ll feel sorry.

I shook my head after thinking about the amount of money I wanted for a while.
If I did that, I’ll be no more different from him

Instead, I raised my head straight and threatened the owner.

“This time, you will have to set a fair price.
My patience level is not as high as you think.”

“Yes, of course! Thank you for giving me an opportunity.”

Once again the man who was on the floor got to his feet and began to set the price of the jewels again.

I sat back and looked at the owner.
And I secretly grabbed my beating heart.

Because I’ve never had a powerful background, and I’ve never been above anyone.
It was my first time giving a command like this, so my heart was pounding to death.

‘I’m glad that I didn’t get caught.’

I sighed and looked at the owner.
I saw his shoulders shaking when he made eye contact with me, who was in a hurry to move.

I had a bitter taste in my mouth.

I don’t think I can do this kind of behavior any more.

Because It’s not my aptitude personality.

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