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Children’s meals were important even in this situation where their lives were in danger right now.
They need to eat to grow taller and to have a healthy body.

I remember that even in my previous orphanage, the financial situation was not good, but there were good meals at the orphanage.


I hurriedly across the hallway, this orphanage had 2 floors.

The floors were neither small nor large.

There was the director’s room and a dining room on the first floor, and there were children’s room on the second floor.

Since it was a simple structure, it didn’t take me too long to figure out the building.


‘But there are no employees here?’


At least there should be many employees in a normal-sized orphanage.
But there weren’t any of them here, I was surprised because I have never worked with my body and there were no employees in this orphanage.


I arrived in front of the dining room while I was thinking deeply.
the smell of the soup touched the tip of my nose.


‘So today there is soup on the menu?’


I tilted my head slightly.
There was always a menu in the director’s office, but there was no such thing in here.
Because all the financial budget was used for all kinds of luxury items that filled the director’s office.


Anyway, now I need to go inside to give food to the children.

I opened the door with a nervous face.


Suddenly a child who was walking fast with her tray bumped her head on my stomach.


“ …… ”


“Are you alright!?”


When it became obvious that the child who bumped into me would fall over, I quickly reached out and grabbed the child’s forearm and grabbed her tray.

The shocked girl regained her balance and looked up to me.
I smiled brightly at her gaze.



“I’m so sorry, Director..!”


Even after I finished speaking, the child began to Shiver and apologized.

She couldn’t even put the tray down while shivering, so I looked at her in bewilderment.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t even know the director was here.


“No, no, no, no,It’s alright.

really alright!”


I tried to remember the child’s name in my head but I failed to remember it.

This child was not the heroine or male lead, but just an ordinary supporting role in the Romance, fantasy, novel, “the Indelible Scar”, the supporting role was already explaining details of this situation.

This novel wasn’t an affectionate one .


“I’m glad that you didn’t get hurt.
And I am alright.”



As soon as I was done speaking, the child ran as fast as if she had been struck by lightning.

I tilted my head Looking at the child’s back.


‘By the way, she is going outside with her tray, looks like she is going to eat outside?’


At first glance, there were a lot of delicious foods on the plate.
And there was no soup with a stinky smell.


‘I knew it was soup on the menu, so I was expecting that it would have a stinky smell but it looks like it doesn’t, so now I am looking forward to it.’


I’m quite a soup lover.
And, the tray was full, so there should be plenty of food.

The director must have fed them more than I thought.

As I entered the room thinking that, but then I realized that I was wrong.



When I suddenly entered, the children were quite surprised, so I opened the door as quietly as possible, but suddenly I stopped moving due to the breaking sound of the glass.

Then I heard a woman’s scream.


“Rodi! Do you know how much this costs?” You couldn’t even clean a bowl properly! You are so useless!”


“I’m sorry, Romanda.”


“Do you know Even know what happens when you say sorry to the director?

Especially, the plate you broke was something the director cherishes so much!”


The child, who seemed to have dropped the plate while washing it, apologized by bowing her head down, but Romanda couldn’t Let go of her anger.

I was about to step into the point of her being aggressive with a fierce face.

but at that moment, A boy with black hair came forward exclaiming.


“Rodi apologize!”


“Cloran! Get out of here! And is there even a law in the first place? If you want to solve this situation so much?”


“But that doesn’t mean you can’t pay back for the broken plate.
I’ll leave it this time.
But you will be in charge of washing dishes!”


“Okay, are we done with this now?”


At the cry of Cloran, Romanda raised her hand with an angry face.

Then she swung her hand as hard as she could to hit them, suddenly a brown-haired boy pooped up and wrapped his hands around Cloran and the other children.

Not being able to see it, I grabbed the wrist of that person who was about to hit them and came in between.


“What are you doing?”


When I suddenly appeared and spoke in a cold voice, Romanda looked at me with embarrassed eyes.


After leaving her for a while,

I immediately checked the condition of the children.Then I recognized them at once.


‘Black hair is Cloran, and pink hair is Ren.’


There were so many detailed descriptions of the character’s appearance in the original novel that made me recognize them at once.


‘That child……’


But that brown-haired boy who was trying to protect Cloran and rodi.


‘That child……’


I couldn’t remember it at once.
It took me a while to remember his name.


‘ Jake Purite.’


The eldest child of the orphanage and the child who will not exist in the novel in the future.

When I saw The main characters, Cloran, and his future lover, Rodi and Jack, were in front of my eyes, I felt strange strange emotions.

So at First it was exciting to read the childhood of characters that I only read in novels.
But now seeing for a moment, it was very terrible

The children’s appearance made me feel angry in my head.

Then I looked at Romanda, who was still caught by my wrist.

Based on her white apron and what Cloran said, I noticed that the woman was a maid hired by the director.

But it was strange.
She was the maid here who was supposed to work but children were the one who were working instead of her?




“What are you doing right now, instead of working? you were going to hit the children with your hands right now?”


It’s the first time I’ve seen her and she looks older than me, so I thought it was right to use respectful words, but I didn’t want to.


First of all, I have higher status than her, and above all, I saw her trying to beat the children.

In this world human beings loved to abuse children, because it was fun for them seeing them in pain.

I looked at you with cold eyes.

Romanda made a confused face.
She said it out loud, as if she was innocent.


“Madam, please Listen to me! Rodi broke the plate that you cherished the most so I tried to teach her a Little lesson, but she answered me with a rude reply.….”


“In the first place, you should be the one cleaning the broken plate.”


“But why are the children doing it instead of you?”



Romanda couldn’t answer easily.

And I was there.
So the situation was very unfamiliar to Romanda.

How could she have made the children work so badly like that in the first place and even tried to slap the children out of anger?

Because she was allowed to do that by the original director.


Originally the director was the one who was the guardian of the children but she left her responsibility to Romanda.


‘Come to think of it, I think I read about that in the novel’


When Ren and Cloran were young, there was a woman who bullied children on behalf of the director.
Whether the maid made children do her work, the director accepted that kind of behaviour, and the more children said, the more that maid bullied the children.


But after firing the maid due to financial difficulties, the director herself abused the children.

I said, looking coldly at her.


“You’re fired romanda.”


startled Romanda who heard it, ran and shouted.


“ What are you talking about all of a sudden madam? What do you mean by fired? What have I done wrong for being fired!”


Romanda ran to me saying that she was innocent and didn’t do anything, but I didn’t care.


“No way you are doing this to me when i took care of these children as you told me to”


“I told you to take care of the children, not to abuse them.
And you’ve made the children do all the work that you were supposed to do, and you’ve been getting paid for this so far.”




Romanda’s face darkened, but she couldn’t refuse it because it wasn’t wrong.

Her lips twitched.

Indeed, the director didn’t stop Romanda’s unacceptable behaviour.
Because it meant yes that she could do it, and there were no direct orders by the director anyway.

But I caught that improper behaviour of her’s in a min.

Romanda’s shoulders were shaking.
She held her clean apron tightly in her hand.

As I looked at her, I said in a more certain voice.


“Get out of this orphanage right now.”


“……you’ll regret kicking me out!”


Romanda, who looked at me with bloody eyes as if she would kill me, left the dining room wildly.

Then at the end of the day, an unknown girl grabbed the door frame and looked at me with a frightened look on her face.

when my eyes met her eyes, she avoided it.

I turned my head and saw the children.
Jack was still hugging the children, Cloran Ren and Rodi were inside his embrace.

I glared at him.


The bitterness and fear in his eyes made me suffocate.

I was in a hurry to avoid their gazes.
Because I felt how much the children were upset and scared of me.

It was natural of course.
Even if there was no direct abuse,Romanda abused them mentally and bullied them and they were all left alone.

To the eyes of children, I would be the same as Romanda or a devil.

My eyes were on the children quietly.
Then I noticed that the Children were much smaller than the children of their age.


And The fact that the traces of abuse were clearly visible, and the fact that I had entered the person who left those traces.
I was out of breath.


I lowered my head and murmured softly.


“I’m sorry……”

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