n muttered and lowered his posture.
Originally, the jungle gym was a playing facility for children to enjoy, but Sierra made the jungle gym as high as a castle, to show off that it was an orphanage.
Therefore, I told the children not to go up to the top because it was dangerous, but Chloran, who has a strong curiosity and adventurous spirit, couldn’t stand it and went up to the end.


I looked around.
Jake is probably reading since I can’t see him around .
It’s because I worked to take the opportunity when Jake wasn’t there.
I’m thinking of nagging you when you come down.




Chloran’s body, which was preparing to come down, lost its balance for a moment and tilted outward.




Eddy screamed.
In the meantime, Chloran’s body was about to fall down.
Ren covered Roddy’s eyes and she was at loss.
I flew away without time to think.




And he got the falling Chloran straight.
For a moment, I felt the joints in my body twisting for a moment, but without even having time to feel the pain, I checked the condition of Chloran’s body in my arms.


“Chloran! Did you get hurt ? Are you okay?


“Oh? Uh…yes….”


Chloran, who had been frozen in embarrassment, nodded belatedly.
Relieved at the sight, I finally felt the pain in my body.
But I didn’t show it on my face.
Instead, I spoke to Chloran with a stern look on my face.


“I told you to not go up to the top because jungle gyms are dangerous.”


“Ha, but…….”


Chloran hesitated, but I didn’t erase the stern look on my face.
Then Chloran muttered in a small voice.


“……I’m sorry.”


As long as you didn’t get hurt.
Still, you should never do this dangerous thing again.
Got it?”


“Well, there…….”


Cloan nodded timidly and blurted out the end of his words.
I felt sorry for him, so I melted my frozen expression and said.


“It’s good to play, but you have to eat.
Go in and wash your hands.
I’ll prepare lunch for you.”


The children’s faces, who were wary of my words, brightened up.
Then they went inside one by one.
Smiling at the back, I looked back at the jungle gym and sighed deeply.
The playing facility, which was untouchable due to old grime and burned dust, was transformed into a new one thanks to my efforts to clean it every day for a month.
Even when I touched it, there was no dust at all and it felt good.
Perhaps that’s why the children, especially Chloran, spent more than half of the day here.
Yeah, it’s nice to play.
I just want them to be careful while playing.




That’s the age when they want to jump around the most.
So It is not good to just keep stopping them because they can get hurt.


‘There’s nothing I can do.
So I had no choice but to keep an eye on them.’


I sighed once again and paused as I tried to move.
Then I frowned and lowered his gaze.
A throbbing pain spread from my ankle.
It seems that my ankle was sprained when I was hugging Chloran.


‘I should put a bandage on it later.’


It was throbbing, but not unbearable.
This kind of pain is familiar.
I always lived with pain like this because I didn’t hesitate to work hard to make money.
I walked into the orphanage, not thinking much of it.


I have to hurry up and prepare the children’s lunch.
Then I suddenly stopped walking and looked around the orphanage.
Even though it’s only been a month since I became a Sierra, the orphanage has changed a lot.
Children’s playground, newly painted exterior walls and voices.


‘It wasn’t easy.’


Repairing childcare facilities was not the only difficult thing.
but it was never easy to get close to children.
In fact, it’s hard to say that we’re still very close.
However, it can be said to be a great development compared to before.
If it had been in the past, Chloran would have never said sorry to me.


‘Ah, it was really hard.’


Chloran kept pushing me away, but every day he came back injured.
In the end, we got a little closer as we had a sincere conversation.


At that time, Eddy began to get close to the children in earnest.’


In fact, it was none other than Eddy who made the most changes in the past month.
Not long ago, when it was time to have a sincere conversation with delicious food, Eddy expressed his honest feelings to the children.
She came here last, so it was hard to get close to the children.
But they didn’t push her away, she is gathering courage little by little.


Who was that at that time ? Oh, it was Chloran.
At Eddy’s words, Chloran who heard it screamed and got angry, said, “We already thought of you as a family, but you don’t.” At that time, Eddy burst into tears, so I remember being very embarrassed that time.


I gazed further away.
Outside the fence, to the way where the Duke of Crayman’s mansion was .
Not long ago, it was reported that Duke Krayman had pioneered a trade route to the Western Kingdom.
And I’ll soon hear from him too.


I headed to the kitchen.
The kitchen, the ingredients I had prepared in advance were there.
Taktak, I sliced the paprika and vegetables and then stir-fried them all at once.
At the same time, well-cooked rice was scooped and dropped on top of stir-fried vegetables.
Children gathered one by one as the sizzling sound and delicious smell began to waft.


“What’s for lunch today?””


In response to Ren’s question, I cracked an egg and said.






At my reply, Roddy raised her arms.
The child who liked omurice the most was Roddy.
The other children also had the look of expectations on their faces.
I Placed fried rice in a round shape on a plate and added yellow egg yolk on the top.
At the end, I drew a picture with ketchup.
It’s my favorite time when making omurice.
Rabbit, cat, dog, flower, tree.
After drawing that, I put a cute mini flag at the end.
Now it definitely looked like the omurice that a child would eat.


“Eat slowly.”


I moved the dishes in front of the children.


“Thank you for the food!”


The children who shouted together began to eat omurice with spoons almost at the same time.
They must have been very hungry after playing all day.
I glanced at the child sitting on the edge.
It was Jake.
While the children were playing, Jake read a book.
He was reading so eagerly that even when he ate, he did not put the book down.


‘Come to think of it…….’


I recalled Jake’s age.


‘Fourteen Years Old.’


He was at an age where children were curious about the world and had a great desire to learn knowledge.




He raised his head when I called.
But his brown eyes were still dry.
Even when most children opened up to me, Jake was the only one who didn’t open up to me.


“Yes, Director.”


But that didn’t mean he rejected me at all.
He was drawing a line.
The distance between me and him was where I could change back to the past self any moment.
Jake was always getting ready to run away, so I had a hard time approaching him.
I paused for a moment and then said,


“Do you want to take a formal class?”




At that question, Jake’s lips were closed.
At the same time, his eyes shook.
As expected, Jake was hoping.
He might learn more and more by reading books.
However, because the situation was not favorable, so he must have been solving his desire to learn by reading books.


‘It’s something that I will have to face someday.’


Education costs a lot of money.


‘The amount left right now is 90 gold coins.’


It was the money I barely saved.
It wasn’t a very relaxed situation, but I wanted to make sure that process of education was completed.
For the future of the children.


“……really can I do it?”


Jake asked with incredulous eyes.
It was the moment when I tried to answer him with a smile.


Ding dong.


The bell rang.
Someone is here.
I tilted my head.
Did anyone come? I spoke to the children.


“Don’t come out and eat.
I’ll check it out.”


After smiling at the nodding children, I glanced at Jake for the last time and left the dining room.
And the moment I opened the front door, I was surprised.


“You are…”





* * *





Bang! The thick round table made a dull sound as both fists broke it


“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, the wound on your hand…”….”


“Rather Punish us …….”


Then there were groans like wailing from all over the place, but Emperor Ioman Prece, the man who punched, could not erase his anger.
He let out a roar.


“The Duke of Crayman won the right to trade with the Western Kingdom first! By the way, did you lords just did nothing but sit back and watch them?!”


“Well, that’s…….”


“You don’t even know what route Duke Crayman used to enter the Western Kingdom! Even if you knew, the Duke of Crayman took over it first, so now we will have to pay a tax to use it! To him, I, the emperor of the empire, is like his servant! Do you think this is normal?”


“Well, it’s not your majesty.”


“You are right, Your Majesty.
The Duke of Crayman insulted the imperial family !”


As the emperor looked around, everyone lowered their posture and began to flatter.
But it didn’t work.
Instead, his cold eyes swept across the round table.
servants were all suffocated to death.
The person who killed his brother and ascended the throne himself , showed his outstanding military forces and resourcefulness, even all the vassals who opposed him were tongue-tied after that.


Since his time as a prince, he has been outstanding, but he could not succeed because his mother’s blood was of a commoner.
In the end, he killed his older brother, who was the culprit, but no one dared to rebel against him.
It was because of the brutality and coldness he showed.
When he became emperor, he led the empire safely, but those who rebelled against him, he followed them to the end of the continent and cut off their heads..
Therefore, there were no more people who opposed him, Except for one, Duke Crayman.


Even though he did not touch them, the moderately gentle emperor was especially angry when it was related to the Duke of Crayman.
The central nobility, who had more contact with the emperor than the duke, hoped that Duke Crayman would not offend the emperor, but this time Duke Crayman did it really well.
It was by stealing the trade rights with the Western Kingdom, which the emperor was aiming for.
When the emperor heard the news, he went wild, and thanks to that, only innocent vassals were shaking like a man who had received the date of the day when they would die.


“I don’t understand.
How did the duke know about that trade route? That no one really knows about it?”




There was silence.
At that moment, a man raised his hand.
As the emperor’s eyes turned towards him, the man who swallowed his saliva said.


“I’m not sure if it’s the main reason, but…… According to the person who placed, at the Duke’s mansion, before the opening of the trade route, there was a guest who came to the Duke’s mansion.”


Then the emperor frowned and asked back.


“Guest? Are you saying that having a guest at the duke’s mansion is special?”


“That’s,that’s because of that person’s status, with that status it is usually difficult to enter the Duke’s mansion, but they entered….”


“It’s frustrating.
your stomach is going to explode if you keep prolonging, Say it at once.
Who the hell is it?”


“Well, it’s…… the director of an orphanage…….”


“What? Say it again.”


“……It’s the director of an orphanage.”


“The director of a nursery school? How did the director of an orphanage get in and out of Duke of Crayman?”


” That hasn’t been revealed, but it is certain that after she had a private meeting with the Duke of Crayman, the duke immediately sent some people to check the route.”


As he spoke, the emperor doubted his words.
According to the investigation, she was really the head of an ordinary orphanage.
The only unique thing she had was that she was a fallen aristocrat.


‘They said the orphanage management was so poor that they were eliminated from the audit.’


Therefore, she was the director of an orphanage, which was not even supported by the empire, and it was difficult to call it an orphanage by looking at it.
But how can such women be related to this? The man was sure that he would get a big scolding from the emperor.
He expected him to yell at him for bringing such ridiculous information.
It’s not just men.
All the vassals gathered here sympathized with him.


“You’d better watch them.”


The emperor’s answer was completely unexpected.
The man looked at him with incredulous eyes, but the emperor remained lost in his thoughts.
There was silence.
When no one was raising their hands to speak, the emperor finally opened his eyes and opened his lips.


“Send someone.”


“Uh, where do we have to send it?”


When one of the vassals asked back, the emperor said in a contemptuous voice.


“Where else do you think I’ll send it? Of course it’s that orphanage.”




“Your majesty, you always believe in what you see in front of you.”


The air froze coldly for a moment.
The emperor was still angry.
The vassals who gathered here were those people who shook their heads, saying that he could not become an emperor.
It became a complex for the emperor, but it was also a pride.
Even though he became an emperor, he was stigmatized as an emperor with the blood of the people who followed him until the end, But everyone shook their heads saying no, but his pride made it possible.

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