Fortunately, he didn’t seem to want to harm me.
I sat across from him.
Just in time, Rick came in and put the refreshments on the table.
After looking at me for a moment, he went out.
Steam was rising over the teacup in front of me, but I couldn’t reach it.
He also did not seem to have any intention of enjoying the refreshments, so I also did not pay attention to it.
He was just staring at me silently,I felt defenseless, as if I was confronting a wild king.
I was overwhelmed by great pressure, but I did not avoid his gaze.



Before I died, I did all sorts of menial jobs to feed the kids at the orphanage.
Because of that I met all kinds of people, I was confident that I wouldn’t be discouraged by those people at least.
But here in front of me he didn’t seem to want to fight me.
Then He took something out of his arms and held it out to me.
I recognized it at once.



“What does this letter mean?”



I could see my handwriting on the paper.






[Dear Duke Dietrich Crayman]



I’ll cut it short and tell you the main point.


I know the answer to the problem that you are currently most troubled with.
If you want an answer, please respond back.



I look forward to hearing from you.



[From Sierra Peirunte of ]






It was none other than the letter from me.
I looked at it again and looked at the Duke of Crayman.The man’s golden eyes were relentlessly pursuing me as if they were going to eat me.
He opened his lips.



“Answer me, what am I currently in trouble with and what is the answer? And how do you know that?”



The atmosphere of the office, which was rather drowsy, changed in an instant.
I felt like the air surrounding me became a sharp sword and was pointed at me.This is probably because of the killing aura he had.



‘But I am not dying.’



To be precise, he couldn’t kill me.
Because he hasn’t gotten the answer he wants yet.
I struggled to catch my breath.
Then I looked straight at him and said,




“Before that, I have one condition.”



“Condition? What is it?”




“Sponsor our orphanage.”



“ the orphanage…… Do you mean ? ”





The duke’s eyes narrowed.
As if trying to figure out what my real intentions are.
But I didn’t avoid it, I looked exactly at him.
Because my real intention itself is the sponsorship.
I didn’t wanted anything else.



The duke let out a laugh as if it were absurd.




“You did this just to get a sponsorship?”



He said it with a look of absurdity, but I was serious.
I opened my lips.
I felt a little choked up.



“To his excellency, sponsorship may look like nothing to you but to us it’s equivalent to life for us.”






Perhaps I was a little upset by the Duke’s attitude for taking it lightly.
But There are children who have to starve because there is no support, and there are children who cannot get treatment because there is no support.
I’ve seen so many of those kids, and I was one of them.



The Duke’s expression hardened at my heavy voice.But he didn’t show any anger at all.
If it’s “that” Duke of Dietrich crayman I know, he’s probably reflecting on his rash remarks right now.
Only If he’s that right one I know.
then soon he said.



“My remarks were imprudent.
I apologize.”



Fortunately, the man in front of me seemed to be the Duke Dietrich Creimann I knew.
I felt a little relaxed.
It was not because he apologized to me, but because I myself deduced his murderous look.



“Then I’ll change the question.
Why do you want to be sponsored by me? You could get the sponsorship by the Empire or by another aristocrat too?”



I was a little speechless by the intrinsic question that he was asked from the beginning.
But it’s not like I didn’t know he’d ask this question so I came prepared.
I replied in a relaxed manner.



“Because you are the strongest and the kindest man I have ever seen.”


“I am the strongest and the best person?” What do you mean?”



“feeling… … I would say.
Even so, I have a good eye for people.”




The duke frowned.
I knew That this statement was absurd .
But I had nothing to say about this.
Not much was officially known about the Duke of Dietrich Krayman, except that he was active on the battlefield.
It was a natural thing.
Because he doesn’t leave the mansion and doesn’t show up in public.
However, even if I am a noble, how would I know about him, who is close to a commoner? I can’t even honestly say that I read it in a book, so I have no choice but to equivocate it like this.


“Are you trying to play a joke with me right now?”


He spoke in a cold voice.
For a moment, I felt my hair stand at the end, but I answered without giving up.


“No way.
As I told you, I risked my life to come here.”


“……I see, Regardless of that.”


I don’t know, but he seemed to be convinced by it anyway.
He moved on to the next question.


“What’s the problem I’m having trouble with right now?”


“It’s about maritime trade with the Western Kingdom.”


I got up from my seat, brought a chart among the maps I had seen on the way in and spread it out on the table.
Then I pointed my finger to the Luxe Empire where I am currently living.
Then, I drew my finger over the sea and pointed out the western kingdom on the other side.


“Is that right?”


“……it’s ridiculous.”


When I looked at him, the Duke muttered with a genuinely dumbfounded face.
In fact, the reason why this job was more dangerous than anything else was because it was difficult to accurately determine the timing of when it would occur.
In the book, it completely proceeded from the perspective of the main character, and it was difficult to read the situation in detail because the Duke of Dietrich Krayman was not the main character.
However, since Chloran is his adopted son, the circumstances of the Duke of Crayman have come out several times.
And what was mainly dealt with was the confrontation with the imperial family.


‘When it was described, Chloran was 20 years old, so it’s about 10 years from now.’


This has been mentioned in the book before.
It was a conversation between Chloran and Dietrich.


[“Father, you don’t look so happy.
Is something wrong?”


““The imperial family completely occupied the sea.
Therefore, maritime trade, one of the big projects that supported the family, is not running smoothly.”


After talking, the duke poured the wine in his mouth.


Chloran stared blankly at his father’s collapsing figure.
the duke murmured.


“Ten years ago, if we had taken the trade route with the Western Kingdom first, it wouldn’t have turned out like this.”]





It is difficult to completely restore the original dialogues, but anyway, that was the main topic of it.
Originally, the relationship between the Imperial family and the Duke of Creman was friendly.
The Duke of Krayman becomes the sword of the imperial family, and the imperial family protects such a duke.
But The relationship was broken after the current emperor took the throne.
The emperor, who killed his brother and sat on the throne, feared the enormous power of the Duke of Krayman and openly rejected him.

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