In terms of title, Baron Krack and I were the same in terms of status.


However, just because they had the same status, it never meant that they had the same power.


Anyways, he was quite a recognizable baron with a lot of territory, and Sielra was a powerless baron who only had a orphanage.


So there was nothing good coming if I made him my enemy.
But I was still angry, so I decided to erase this from my mind for a day.


To be precise, I just wanted to kick this old man out now.


Because of this guy children can’t even come out of their room!


I glanced at the clock.
Soon it would be time for lunch.


From today ownwards, I decided I was going to interfere in the children’s lives little by little.
In order to do that, I will prepare their meals from now on.


I got myself up.
The baron’s burning eyes moved upwards towards me.


I turned my back on the baron and sat down on my desk chair and said with my glasses on.



“Anyway, I’ve cleared all my debts and I don’t want to see you again, so can you leave my orphanage and go home? I’m a little busier than you think.”


I need to think about how to make a living from now on.


“……You’ll regret doing this to me, director.”


“Oh really, well I don’t want to see you again, so please give me the receipt and leave.”


When I said in a sullen voice He snatched the gold bag roughly from the table, and threw away the contract and the scrawled receipt, and left the director’s office.


I took a breather only after confirming that he left the orphanage in case he snooped around the children’s rooms or in dining hall.


‘Ha, I’m feeling so tired……’


I pretended to be relaxed and when I said things I shouldn’t say to the baron, but in reality I was quite nervous.


It’s not easy for me to deal with nobles.


I checked the contract and receipt that the baron threw.
It couldn’t be fake.


Fortunately, the of proof for borrwing the money was not fake.


Just in case, I checked if Sielra had borrowed money from somewhere else, but fortunately, there was no one except Baron Krack.


With this now I am sure that all of the debts are paid off.


‘First, I should go prepare lunch for the children.’

I couldn’t prepare breakfast because of Baron Krack, so I am going to prepare lunch for them.


I was worried that my behavior would make children uncomfortable, but I will make sure to keep a distance so that they won’t feel too uncomfortable.


I have to take at least one step to restore my relationship with the children.


I got myself up.
And I went to the kitchen with a conflicted mind.


I also had a small notepad in my hand while going to the kitchen.





“Brother, the director is being weird.”


Chloran, who entered the room with the children, murmured with a serious face.


“She told us to wait because she will prepare lunch for all of us all of a sudden, It’s weird no matter how much I think about it! When did that witch ever cook for us? Maybe she said this so that she could poison the rice? We’re all dead now.….”




As Jake interrupted Chloran, Chloran bowed his head with a dispirited face.


Jake, who looked pitifully at Chloran, said.


“It’s definitely had been a little weird lately.
She bought food and snacks, toys and clothes like these…..”


Jake looked down at the clothes he was wearing.

It was not a very luxurious fabric, but it was clear that it was of high-quality when in comparison to the worn-out clothes I wore before.


The director bought these clothes in several sizes and distributed them to the children.


Thanks to this, children were able to sleep soundly without the skin problems they always had when they wore those worn-out clothes.


‘There’s nothing wrong with being suspicious because of her strange behavior these days.’Jake’s brown eyes narrowed.


The atmosphere was quiet..


At that moment Ren broke the icy atmosphere.


“Well, maybe she really wants to change.”


“What do you mean ren? Don’t you remember what that witch did so far? When Rodi cries even a little, she curses at her, and when we ate that tasteless, bland soup, she was the only human who filled her stomach with all kinds of other food! A person like that can’t easily change.”


‘Chloran, you are right.
Obviously, the director was a bad person before.
But I think the director has become a different person these days.
The way she talks……’


Ren recalled the words that Sielra muttered to her the last time when she was hospitalized.


Obviously, she thought I was sleeping at the time.
(ren pov)


Still, saying that means you meant it.


“Of course, I can’t believe it completely, but…… I want to believe a little bit.”


“If you believe that and get betrayed again, then you’ll only get more hurt.”


Jake replied to Ren’s words.
Ren replied, as she stroked Rodi’s hair who was sleeping, lying on her lap.


“As you said, we might get hurt more and get disappointed if we put our hopes on it…… But I want to believe it one last time, what do you think?”

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