ad nice clothes.


I was glad to see Chloran puff his cheeks and unwaveringly glare at the old man.
The children seemed to be more confident now that they were dressed properly.


“Jake, what’s going on?” I asked, but he wasn’t the one who answered.


“Excuse me, Director! What rude treatment this is! You can’t do this to me!”

The old man shouted from the other side of the gate.


I scanned the carriage he appeared to have arrived in.


‘A noble’s carriage?’


The emblem on the carriage signified that it was owned by a noble, which meant that this man, who came in this carriage, was an aristocrat.


“Why are you here?”


“Sielra, let me in first.
I’ll have to punish those cheeky things myself.”

He seemed to be very familiar with me.


Chloran looked angrily upon hearing the man’s words, while Jake ushered the children back.

I looked down at the children for a moment, before looking back up to the man.

He seemed too confident that I would open the gate for him.


I smiled broadly and replied, “I refuse.”


Naturally, the man was bewildered.
The children were also shocked.


It seemed the children also thought I would open the gate for sure.


“Si-sielra? What are you talking about?”

“You heard me.”


“You shouldn’t do this to me.
Do you know how much you owe me right now?”


The man narrowed his eyes as a sign of warning.


This interaction gave me a rough idea of the relationship between this man and Sielra.

Apparently, Sielra was in debt to this man.
That’s why he could act this way.


I glanced back at the children.

All the children seemed to be wary of this man.

I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he’d been here before, given the way he seemed to think I’d easily open the door, and also the children’s shocked expressions.

Did this man threaten the children every time he visited?


I felt the blood in my body boil.


Even so, I was not so foolish as to express my feelings outright.


I looked at Jake and asked, “Jake, why don’t you take the kids inside? You can prepare some snacks and have them with everyone.
Don’t come out for a bit.”


Kids, let’s go.”


Jack looked at me with strange eyes for a moment, but then escorted the children into the orphanage.

After confirming that the entrance doors were closed, I approached the man.
He stared at me with a very unhappy face.


I said to him with a gentle smile.


“Please understand.
Since I am the director of this orphanage, I can’t let it be exposed to such threats.”


“There will be trouble if it’s like this.”


“Come in first.
I’ll take you to the director’s office right away.”



If it was true that Sielra owed this man a debt, nothing good would come out of getting him even angrier than he already was.



Well, he has since gotten angrier after I let the kids go back in.
But he was lucky I didn’t kick him out.

I escorted the man straight to the director’s office.

The dining room’s door was firmly closed, so Jake must have led all of the kids in there safely.


It was good Jake was here.
It would have been harder to manage the children without him.


‘…Is that fortunate though?’


It was only this way because Sielra had not been a proper guardian in the past.

As the man entered the director’s office, I gestured him towards the sofa.

He sat down with a loud humpf.
I sat down at my desk, opposite of him, in silence.


His eyebrows twitched, probably irritated that I didn’t serve him a cup of tea right away, but like an upright noble he pretended there was nothing wrong.


What was so good about this man who threatened the children?

Inevitably, he was the first to speak.


“You know, you owe me 1,000 gold coins.
You must remember, right?”




For a moment, I almost stopped breathing.

I tried my best not to show how caught off guard and surprised I was, but I felt like looking in the mirror and wringing his neck.


‘I was wondering how the hell Sielra even managed to buy so many luxurious items in a situation where there’s no financial support for the orphanage!’


My question was solved.

Sielra had gotten a loan.
A loan of 1,000 gold coins! That’s about 100 million won.


My hands trembled.

I instinctively leapt out of my seat and nervously gulped down the cup of water sitting on my desk.
Then I quickly sat back down and faced him again.

The man was studying my actions with a bewildered expression.
I thought to myself: If I pay the debt back this very instant, I wouldn’t be able to overcome the shock of losing 1000 gold coins.


‘But it’s strange.’


1,000 gold coins was not a small amount of money in this world.

In fact, it was an exorbitant amount that no ordinary family could even dream of touching, even if they worked for the rest of their lives.

So why did this man believe in Sielra, and believe her enough to lend her such a large amount at that?

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