[I think, therefore I am]



It’s a famous quote, but at this moment, I wanted to get rid of my thoughts and disappear.


‘How did this happen?’


I dropped with my crossed arms and bowed my head.

All of this happened when I read a book.

in the era of 1 million unemployed young people, i was also an ordinary job seeker who belonged to that category.
But my future was more gloomy than ordinary people.

 Because I was an orphan and a high school graduate.

It was like picking stars in the sky to get an ordinary job for myself, who had no solid background or a decent academic background.

luckily, I got a job at a small company.

The salary was not high, but I was still a full-time worker with all four major insurances policies.
The moment I thought I finally found stability because the working hours were just right But one day, The company went bankrupt.
To be more precise, the CEO’s partner ran away with all the company funds.

Thanks to that, the company went bankrupt and I was back on the streets again.

I couldn’t let the news go to the orphanage.
Because I was like the head of that orphanage where it was difficult to make a living.

In fact, as an adult, I was no longer belonging to the orphanage.

I could go out and live alone, but I couldn’t turn a blind eye to the children in that dangerous orphanage, that place’s situation is like jeopardy.
since that place was just like my home.

So, I desperately hid my unemployment and go out at a certain time to look for a new job.

I wandered from place to place to find a job.

However, regardless of my efforts, the orphanage was closed and the children were scattered.

Since the mouths to feed had decreased, I was relieved, but for some reason, my feelings at the time were lost and helpless.

I think it was The sense of guilt for not being able to keep them bothered me.

I wandered around the streets without working.
There was no reason to make money.

At that time, there was the 24 hours comic book store where I use to spend my time to my pass my time.
I wasn’t bored because I could satisfy both meals and sleep with a small amount of money and had a lot of reading.

I sat there and ate read all day long.

 Then, there was this was one novel that caught my eye when I was sick of comic books.
It was a romance fantasy novel.
It was an unfamiliar genre to me, but I enjoyed reading it.

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