Maze POV

After my little exercise with Lauren, I ended up taking a shower for the second time tonight. Then I had to carry her lazy butt to the tube, wash her up, and get her dress for the night because she claims she couldn feel her legs. That gave us 2 hours until my grand opening, and Im so freaking stressed I have been getting phone calls after phone calls. I want tonight to be great but I just wish my party planner wouldn call me at the last minute about changes. I have already given her the game planned for tonight but she is texting me about stuff that she already has the answers to and knows about. I don have time to worry about that though I got to go make sure Ella is ready because it takes her forever to get ready.

As I was walking down the hall to Ellas room that was on the other side of the house I heard her on the phone with somebody. Oh did I mention that each of us has our own personal floors in our house? Yeah, I guess you can say each floor is like our own personalized house. Then, of course, we have a floor solely for entertainment purposes like a gaming room, indoor swimming pool, workout room, movie theater, and a lot more stuff. When we bought this house we wanted to have everything in it so we wouldn get bored. Im glad we were able to find the best designer out here because I don think anybody else would have done our ideas for the house justifies.

Now back to the problem at hand. Why Justin and my sister on the phone together? I mean don he got a whole bitch he been hiding from us. Man the nerves of these bitches around me first Lauren and now Justin. These mother suckers act like I want ** their asses up. I mean is it so hard to understand that my **ing sister is off-limits. You know what Maze maybe your overacting. I got to calm down I got enough stuff on my plate tonight. Just tell Ella its almost time to go and handle this mess another time.

”Hey Ella its almost time to leave are you ready, ” I asked after knocking on her bedroom door.

Ella: Yeah Maze Im ready Ill be down in 20.

Me: Alright Im about to call the driver so don take all day.

After that, I started walking downstairs to the main floor and getting myself together. I still had a little time, so I decided to smoke a blunt to release a little stress. After a few hits, I was starting to feel good then my phone starts ringing. I saw Justin was calling so I decided to answer cause at the end of the day he still my best friend but he ain finna get with my sister. Best believe we gonna talk about this later but not tonight. I don want to start any drama tonight because I want this grand opening to be amazing.

Me: Hello whats up bestie?

Justin: Hey Maze I was wondering what time yall leaving for the club.

Me: Oh we finna leave in few minutes. Im trying to be there early to make sure everything right.

Justin: Alright well Im finna head up there now and make sure they do what needs to be done. You don need the be the only stressing tonight besides I got to make sure my investment was worth it.

Me: Fuck you Justin I was finna say thank you until the end and you just completely ruined it. Also, you know Im all about my business I was made for this shit and thats why tonight finna be **ing amazing.

Justin: Chill baby you know I was just playing with you. I know whatever you touch turns to gold even when we
e younger you were a hustler. Never meet a kid that can make that much money selling lemonade.

Me: Thats right you better recognize but stay off that gay shit I ain your baby.

Justin: Whatever I got to go though Im walking to my car, and Ill see you at the club.

Me: Okay hold things down until I get there.

After my call with Justin, I walked back upstairs to get Lolo up so we can go. I walked into her room to my surprise she was already awake walking around. ”Damn I expected your ass to be knocked out for hours, ” I told Lolo with an amusing smile on my face. ”Fuck you Maze I needed to walk around a little so I want be walking funny for the rest of the night. ” Lolo pushed past me going downstairs. Im guessing she is already ready so I was finna head to Ellas room but she was walking toward me. I don know when they ass learned how to be on time but Im liking it. I guess Im not the only one who trying to have a good time tonight.

Me: ”Alright everybody looking sexy and ready lets get going!!! ” I yelled doing the absolute most. I can tell I was annoying them by the looks on their face but I can give two **s.

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