M: ”Baby this my last time asking we got about an hour and a half before we got to go do you want daddy to ** you or not ”

L: ”Damn I **ing hate you sometimes, ” she said taking off my jacket while leaving hickeys on my neck.

M: ” Ill take that as a yes, ” I said picking her ass up panning her against the wall.

I started kissing her down her neck and made my way to her breast sucking around her nipples leaving hickeys around them. I took her left nipple in my mouth sucking on them while rotating my tongue around them giving them enough attention before switching to the right one giving it an equal amount of attention. She started pulling my shirt over my head, and I use this as my opportunity to unbuckle my pants. I took off my pants while holding her up. My shit was so **ing hard I need some type of release soon, so I got on my knees pull the towel from around her waist. I parted her pussy lips so I could see her glistening wetness, and I started rubbing her clit with my thumb before taking it into my mouth. I sucked on her clit so hard I had her moaning my name like crazy. I took my middle finger slipped it inside of her tight hole and finger her nice and slow. I started teasing her by going even slower.

L: ” Damn Maze if you don stop **ing teasing me… ” before she can even finish I added another finger speeding up just a little.

M: ”You know damn well my name ain Maze when **ing ” I said getting off my knees while keeping my finger in her. I keep pumping them in and out while twirling them inside of her searching for that one spot that would send her over the edge. Once I found that spongy spot I started hitting it consistently until I felt her walls tightening around me. I stopped my moments and she looked at me like I was crazy.

L: ” Maze why the ** you stop, ” she said out of breath.

M: ” I told your ass my name ain Maze when we **ing ” I said wrapping my free hand around her neck choking her. Lolo had me ** up she wanna act stupid and shit. I know its been a while since we last **ed but her ass gone stop disrespecting me.

L: ”M-M-M-Maze s-s-stop, ” she said as tears felled down her cheek.

M: ”No Lolo you want to **ing play lets play, ” I said choking a little harder while I start back pumping my finger slowly.

M: ”Whats my damn name, ” I said finger her slow and hard as **.

L: ”F-F-F-Fuck i-i-it d-d-daddy-y-y, ” she said coughing and moaning.

M: ” Thats what I thought, ” I said speeding up and her body started twitching and cumming all over my fingers. Once she calmed down I put her down and told her to take off my boxers. She slowly did what I told her.

M: ”Now suck daddys dick baby, ” I said smirking at her.

Lolo POV

I took Maze 12 inch monster in my mouth sucking and licking her dick. This bitch had me gagging I could never get used to her size not even after all these years of **ing. Maze being the impatient person she is she grabbed me by my hair and pushed her entire dick in my mouth. My ass starts crying like a bitch and gagging on her dick while moaning. This bitch really trying to kill me after a while she pulled out of my mouth smirking like shit funny.

M: ”Get that ass on the bed and on fours ” Maze demanded. I have never been anybodys bitch before but ever since I meet Maze in middle school she had some kind of control over me. I hate to say this but somehow I think I will always be her bitch. As I walked to the bed and got on all fours Maze walked behind me smacking my ass hard, and I let out a loud moan.

M: ”Spread them cheeks baby ” I did as told as she was about to ram inside of me I stopped her.

L: ”Wait do you have a condom cause Im not on birth control ”

M: ”Fuck that shit baby you know I got you if you get pregnant Ill take responsibility. ” After she said that she rammed in my shit hard as **, before I was even ready. I screamed so damn hard I pretty sure Ella heard me and her room on the other side of the house.

M: ”m-m-m Take that shit baby ” she moaned in my ear giving me long deep strokes. My ass crying she keep hitting every one of my spots, and Im about to come.

L: ” F-f-f-** d-d-d-daddy I-I-Im coming-g-g ”

M: ”Hold that shit don come till I tell you ass to. ”I started shaking my head up and down letting her know I understand, but this bitch always gotta do the most. She pulled me by my hair making my back touch her front.

M: ” Daddy can hear you use your damn words, ” she said speeding up and at this point, my ass is shaking.

L: ” Yes daddy I understand but please… ” I said trying not to come because god help me if I do. This shit ain no joke last time I came before she said to this bitch left me with bruises up and down my body.

M: ” Please what baby ”

L: ”Please daddy let me come ” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Maze started choking me I could barely breathe, but this shit was making me even more witter.

M: ”Come for daddy ” I didn waste any time my ass started squirting on her while she kept dicking me down so damn good I began to see white spots. My body felt limp on the bed I couldn move a bit I felt Maze about to come. I tried to pull her out but my body couldn move ”damn ” I said in my head.

L: ” Daddy please… ” I said crying not being able to get my words out because of my moans.

M: ”Please what… ”

L: ”m-m-m f-f-** please pull out, ” I said trying to hold in my moans.

M: ”I told you I got you not take this dick, ” she said going faster and harder. Next thing you know she put me on my back and put one of my legs on over her shoulder. She was so damn deep I started trying to push her out, but she grabbed my wrist and pinned them above my head.

M: ” Lo don make me ** you up take this dick, ” she said going harder if thats even possible. My body started shaking violently I swear all I could see were stars as I came hard, and Maze came so deep in me I could feel her sperm deep inside me.

L: ”Fuck daddy I can **ing move. ”

M: ”Daddy ** that shit up huh… ” she said damn near out of breath.

L: ” Yo ass too cocky I **ing can with your ass. ”

M: ” Yeah whatever we got to get ready. ” she said heading to my bathroom.

L: ”You know we gonna have to talk about this later right. ”

M: ” I know baby but right now we got shit do so Im about to hop in the shower. ”

L: ” Okay but when you get through help me shower cause I can move. ”

M: ” I got you baby always and forever ”

L: ”Fuck you ”

L: ”You already did baby, ” she said from the shower. Damn tonight is gonna be a long night, and I can help but think about what just happen. What if Im pregnant? Will Maze want the baby? There so much going on right now but I just need some sleep before tonight.


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