I Love My Life

Chapter 6 (Continued)*****Mature

Maze POV

Its been an hour since Ella came home, and right now everybody is getting ready for my club Luxs grand opening. I have worked really hard with designing and making sure the club is ready for the grand opening. Right now Im getting out of the shower going to my closet to see what I wanna wear. After I picked my outfit out I grabbed a pair of boxers and a sports bra from my dresser. After getting dress I head to Lolos room to see if she was ready, as I stood in front of her room I can hear the shower running. So, I decided to just walk in since she probably won hear me knock anyway.

I walked into her room and sat on her bed waiting for her to come out. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel around her waist. When she saw me her ass jumped so hard her ass had me laughing.

”What the ** you doing in my room!! ” Lolo yelled at me.

”Damn calm down I was just checking to see if you ready, ” I said looking over body. Lolos ass is fine as hell and I can help but look at them nice as breasts of hers. ”Damn, ” I said in my head at least I thought I did baby girl got me hard as a rock.


L: ”Pervert ” I hear Lolo said as I was checking her out.

M: ”My bad Lolo what you aspect me to do when you come out here naked ”

L: ”Its my damn room how was I to know you were in here. ”

M: ” Lolo I know we said we weren gone ** around no more, but… ”

L: ”But what we can keep doing this shit one of us gone get hurt. ” she said looking at the ground walking to her dresser.

I got off the bed and walked behind her wrapping my arms around her. At first, she tried to remove my arms from around her, but then gave up when she realized it was pointless trying.

M: ” Baby you know you miss daddy why you trying to deny it, ” I said kissing her neck making her moan a little.

L: ”W-w-why you always gotta do this damn Maze, ” she said turning around kissing me. I knew she couldn resist me. One thing about Lolo and I is that there was always this sexual tension between us, and it only got stronger when started having sex. It didn help that we were each other firsts it just made our feeling for each other stronger.

M: ”Are you sure about this I don want you spazzing out on me later. ”

L: ” Maze I really don know you got my mind going crazy right now ”

I started sucking on her neck leaving hickeys and grabbed a hold of her ass juggling it in my hands. She gasps and I took this as my opportunity to slip my tongue in her mouth. I started sucking on her tongue, she started moaning louder.

To be continued…

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