Justin POV

Whats up everybody my name is Justin and Im Mazes best friend. Im 16 years old and Maze and I have known each other our hold lives. Currently, Im with my girlfriend Arielle at her parents downtown L.A. home and we are getting ready for Mazes club grand opening. Im kinda nervous because this is the first time the crew will be meeting my girlfriend. We have been together for about 4 months now, and Im kinda surprised that I was able to keep our relationship a secrete for this long. It has been really tough, and I have had a couple of slip-ups like when Maze almost caught me sneaking Arielle out of the house one night. Thank god that we never keep the light on downstairs at night, because I don know what I would have done if Maze found out who I was dating. The thing is my girlfriend and Maze have what some may call an awkward history. By awkward I mean they kinda sort of had a fling last summer which ended with Arielle going a little crazy when Maze called things off. I know Im breaking bro code but Arielle and I really have something special. I mean at first, I had my doubts I thought she was playing me to get back at Maze. So, I decided to play along I mean you know what they ”game recognize game ” and before I meet Arielle I was the definition of a playboy. I don know how or when the game changed but at some point it did and I fell I love with Arielle. I just hope that Maze can understand, and give us her blessing. This is really important to me because Maze is my ride or die we have known each other since we were 3 years old. She knows all my secrets and I know all of hers. She is not just my best friend but she is my sister and I love her crazy ass. Hopefully, shes in a good mood tonight I got a call from Ella a couple of hours seeing that she back at the crib. So that should put her in a good mood having the hold crew there for her grand opening which consists of Maze, Lolo, Ella, and myself.

”Damn baby you look sexy who you trying to impress tonight, ” said Arielle as she came out of the bathroom fixing her hair.

I was wearing a brown suit, a black round-neck shirt underneath and some leather loafers, and a custom Rolex watch. Since I was co-owner with Maze and Lolo I was trying to look professional but at the same time casual for tonight.

”Nobody but you baby and you look sexy as always, ” I said walking towards my beautiful girlfriend kissing her lips moving my way down her neck.

Arielle: ”Baby stop we have to finish getting ready or we going to be late ”.

Justin: ”Come on baby Im sure we have a couple of minutes to spare, ” I said as I tried to unzip her all-black sleeveless jumpsuit while kissing her soft spot on her neck sucking on it trying not to leave a hickey.

Arielle: ” Justin come on we can be late Im already nervous about seeing Maze tonight. ” she said while escaping from my arms and walking to the mirror.

Justin: ” Arielle you don need to worry about Maze Im sure after I talk to her she would understand ”.

Arielle: ” I don know about that Maze isn as forgiving as you may think, and after what I did to her I wouldn be surprised if she kicks me out of her club or worse. ”

Justin: ” Arielle I know my best friend we just got to give her some time now lets get ready to go, ” I said as I walked toward the door to warm the car up.

Man, this whole situation is stressing me out but a couple of more minutes and hopefully we can put all this behind us.


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