Arielle POV

Hey, my name is Arielle and Im 17 years old. I live in downtown New York and thats where I meet my ex-Maze. She is the love of my life despite everything I have put her through I still love her. Thats why I came out here to Los Angles 5 months ago because I wanted to get back with her. I know she probably hates me I mean I did cheat on her and tried to stab her allegedly. I was nervous to reach out to her when I first got to Los Angles and figured if I got out and party a little then maybe I would have the courage to go see her. It so happens that the same exact night an old friend of mines who was also here in Los Angles was throwing a house party for her birthday. I hit her up a couple of hours before the party to let her know I was going to pull up for a couple of hours. I wasn trying to get too **ed up that night, because I wanted to meet up with Maze the following morning. Safe to say things didn go as I plan because the next morning I woke up naked, with hickeys all over my body, to what I thought was a complete stranger. Turns out Mr. Stranger wasn a stranger at all it was Mazes best friend Justin. The crazy thing is I don remember ever seeing him at the party then again, I was mixing drinks and popped a couple of party favors courtesy of the birthday girl herself. I was really missed up that night and I don even know if Justin was in the right mindset or not either. I didn want Maze to find out about us, so I thought about sneaking out but before I could Justin woke up. I was completely frozen like did he realize that he slept with his best friend ex. Turns out unlike me Justin was very aware of the fact that he slept with me and remembered everything. He told me that I saw him at the party I was really missed up, and he offered to take me back to my hotel room. He found my hotel key in my purse drove to my hotel, but I couldn walk straight. He ended up having to carry me all the way up to my room, and when he tried to leave, I started kissing him. Justin was like he tried to get me to stop but I wouldn stop, and the drinks he had earlier were starting to affect him. He looked like he regretted losing control and kept saying he was sorry. I wasn even mad at Justin while he was telling me what happened I started to remember bit by bit of that night. From what I remembered I wanted Justin to ** me hell anybody I was so horny and was happy when I saw him on the dance floor at the party. I told Justin that he didn do anything wrong, and I shared some blame for what happened. Eventually, we agreed to keep what happens between me and him because if Maze found it out, she would be fierce. I mean who wouldn be mad at their best friend sleeping with their ex. I know if I was in her shoes the bitch that she slept with would be dead, and she would be in the hospital. I love Maze too much to just let her die but that doesn mean I can cause her pain. You know the type of pain the makes you wish you were dead. I don know why but after that night I was scared that Justin would break down and tell Maze about the night we spent together. So, I thought if I kept him close by and spent time with him, he wouldn have time to feel guilty. If Justin didn have time to feel guilty then he wouldn go running his mouth to Maze. Well, at least not until I got her to fall back in love with of course and by then what happened between Justin and I wouldn matter. What I didn expect was for Justin to be so damn charming and for him to fall in love with me. After a month of us chilling, he told me he was falling for me and wanted to give us a try. At the time I thought that maybe Justin and I could work out and he could help me forget about Maze.

Fast forward 3 months to today, the day of Mazes club grand opening, and Justin wants to tell Maze that we are dating. When he came to me about it, I didn know how to feel I mean Justin and Is relationship has help me keep my mind off Maze. This is the longest I have ever gone without craving her touch or just being in her arms. I thought I was ready to face Maze and that my feelings for her were long gone. When we arrive at Maze club Justin left me on the VIP floor because he had to take care of some last-minute details. I decided to enjoy myself, so I decide to hit the dance floor. I was having a good time dancing swaying my hips to the music when I got a text message from Justin letting me know that everybody has arrived. I decided to go to the bar for some liquor courage when I felt somebody staring at me. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted Maze and like a flood, all these emotions came rushing through my body and mind. I don know what happened to me, but I couldn control myself. Now Im standing here kissing not just my boyfriends best friend but my ex.


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