Chapter 8: Outlaws


Lu Yuanbai had been lying in the hospital for three days straight.
It was not until the fourth day that he could sit up, but he was still unable to walk on the ground.


During this period, Lu Wanfang and the nurse accompanied him most of the time, and Song Zhao occasionally took a look when he was not busy.


And Lu Yuanbai looked at the door of the ward every day, but Duan Yu never came.


Today, Lu Yuanbai woke up early, and it was bright at five o’clock in the summer morning.
Lu Yuanbai moved slowly like a cat and worm, and sat up with some effort on the hospital bed.


He heard the chirping of birds on the branches early in the morning, and looked out the window, wondering if his wife would come to see him today.


When Duan Yu left last time, he said he would find time to see him.


Lu Yuanbai pursed his lips, thinking that his wife must be very busy, so he hasn’t come these days.


Now Lu Yuanbai’s activities are limited, and people are happier when they come to see him every day.


After eating the breakfast that the nurse called from the hospital cafeteria this morning, he stared pitifully at the door with a pair of peach blossom eyes, like a hopeful stone.


However, the wife did not come, but instead the police came in.


Two police comrades, a man and a woman, knocked on the door of the ward and walked in.


Lu Yuanbai was taken aback for a moment.


? ? ?


“Hello, Mr.
Lu.” One of the policemen took out his ID and gave Lu Yuanbai a glance.


Lu Yuanbai was a little shocked for a while.
Why did the police come to look for him?


Lu Yuanbai was on pins and needles for a while, “I…Did I break the law?”


The young master has been timid since he was a child.
Even if he didn’t do anything wrong, he was nervous. 


When he saw the police come, his mind went crazy and made up thousands of scenarios for why he had done an illegal thing during this period. 


One hand clutched the quilt tightly, as if a little mouse who was trying to steal something to eat was discovered.


He felt uneasy.


When the policewoman saw it, she smiled and reassured: “Mr.
Lu, don’t be nervous, we are only here to verify the case.”


Lu Yuanbai breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I didn’t break the law?” 


The policewoman smiled: “You did.”


Lu Yuanbai: “…”


When the police came, they had already gone to the doctor, got Lu Yuanbai’s injury inspection report, and also specifically learned about Lu Yuanbai’s indirect amnesia.


It’s really a headache for the case.


However, in the investigation of the case, a surprise was also found, that is, the driving recorder in the white car of Luyuan, and the voice communication guide operation device.


Sure enough, there is a reason why luxury cars are expensive.


The front of Lu Yuanbai was almost smashed into pieces, but the equipment inside was almost perfectly preserved.
Lu Yuanbai did not suffer any fatal injuries.


In addition, there is also the monitoring of the road section where the car accident occurred. 


Since the van driver, another main victim in the case, is not fully awake, the investigation of the case has not been able to give a quick result.


But the police have been relatively familiar with the general car accident process,  they took it slow and steady.


When Lu Yuanbai heard that he had broken the law, he lowered his head in shame, and his eyes instantly turned red.


He has a clear understanding of himself. He has been timid since he was a child, but he didn’t expect that in the future years that he even dared to violate the law.


What a scumbag!


The female police officer said on the side: “You had an accident because you illegally ran a red light on the road.
Now you will be educated and criticized and your driver’s license will be revoked.”


Lu Yuanbai bowed his head in guilt, and after hearing the police’s words, his large bow on his head shook up and down.


The two police comrades gave Lu Yuanbai some criticism and education.
Lu Yuanbai lowered his head and felt no more guilt. 


He even asked the nurse to bring paper and pen over on the spot, and wrote a small self-criticism in eight hundred words.
The police woman looked at Lu Yuanbai and couldn’t help but want to laugh.


After the monitoring of the road section and the evidence provided by the equipment in Lu Yuanbai’s car, they have learned a lot about the case. 


Moreover, there were third-party witnesses at the scene.
Now we just need to wait for the van driver to wake up for further verification.


If everything they investigate is true, then Lu Yuanbai will hardly have to bear any legal responsibility except for revoking his driver’s license.


But now the case has not been thoroughly verified, and it cannot be ruled out whether Lu Yuanbai’s illegal behavior was intentional or not.


Lu Yuanbai’s hands trembled, and he took a pen and wrote the self-criticism note stroke by stroke on the paper.


The corners of his eyes were red, and he sniffed a few times from time to time.


As if he was wronged by the sky, he raised his hand from time to time while writing, and wiped his face with his sleeve in order to avoid crying uncontrollable tears of shame.     


His voice was a little choked, “Comrade police, I will be a good person in the future!”


“I will never run a red light again, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I won’t dare next time.”


Spinning around, tears kept falling down.


When he wakes up, he becomes a law-breaking fanatic, which is really unacceptable.


At this time, Lu Yuanbai’s delicate brows and eyes were slightly wrinkled, and his tender red lips were tightly pursed.


The worst thing he ever did before was to grow his hair long during school.


But it wasn’t illegal at the time!


The two policemen questioned Lu Yuanbai again, and then got up.


Lu Yuanbai shoved the eight-hundred-character self-criticism note into the hands of the policewoman, “I’m sorry, I’ll go to jail when I get better!”




The female police officer was a bit dumbfounded, “Mr.
Lu, the case is under investigation.
Whether you should be held criminally responsible has not yet been determined. If the case is really your responsibility, and the victim is seriously injured, we will also hold you criminally accountable according to law.” 


For the young master was not good at studying since he was a child, and couldn’t remember whatever legal knowledge he had learnt in those years when he was sensible, what the police comrade said was far too difficult to understand.


After thinking for a while, he said, “Then I don’t need to go to jail?” 


The policeman smiled and said, “Not necessarily.”




Then the two police comrades left the ward with an eight-hundred-character reflection essay of Lu Yuanbai’s blood and tears.


When Song Zhao came in with a small cream cake in the afternoon, he saw the lonely back lying on the bed.


For some reason it looked so lonely from behind.


Song Zhao wondered in his heart, what happened to this little pig.


He then walked around to the bedside, not looking at it, but Song Zhao was startled by this look.


“Fuck, Lu Yuanbai, what’s wrong with you!”


He saw Lu Yuanbai lying on the hospital bed with his head turned upside down, tears streaming from his eyes, and tears weeping most of the pillow.


A pair of peach blossom eyes cried like they had pink eyes, and there were tears hanging from the slender and thick eyelashes.


Song Zhao was so frightened that he hurriedly threw the things in his hands and reached out to help Lu Yuanbai up.


“What’s wrong with you! Talk!”


Lu Yuanbai was so sad that he lost his words, “Uh…I… today…uu…there is…”


Song Zhao shook his shoulders,


“Did you fall asleep again when the cafeteria came to deliver food?” 


“…” Lu Yuanbai shook his head in collapse, his mouth trembled and whimpered: “No…I…ah…”


Song Zhao couldn’t understand for a while, so he helped Lu Yuanbai up and waited for him finish crying.


But Lu Yuanbai’s tears were like the water of the Yellow River, it didn’t flow dry.


Song Zhao had no choice but to say, “If your wife sees you so ugly, he will probably despise you so much that he won’t even look at you.”


When he mentioned his wife, Lu Yuanbai stopped crying instantly.


He stretched his head to look at the door, “My wife is here?”


Song Zhao: “…”


“No,” Song Zhao said, leaning against the bed, “Tell me, why are you crying like this.”


Lu Yuanbai couldn’t help it again, “Song Zhao…I…I broke the law!”


Song Zhao was surprised, “How did you know?”


“The police comrade came to me today, and I was criticized.”


Song Zhao’s heart was complicated, “Okay, don’t cry for now.”


Then he planned to turn his attention to Lu Yuanbai, “Don’t you want to eat cream cake? I’ll bring it to you today.”


Lu Yuanbai was a little surprised and closed his mouth, which was originally going to mourn.
His swollen red eyes brightened: “Really?”


Lu Yuanbai has been eating very light food these days, so he really wants to eat something sweet.


Yesterday he kept mumbling to Song Zhao, but Song Zhao was no match for him, so he smuggled some for him today.


“You can only take one bite, not more.”



Lu Yuanbai nodded, “Okay.”


Just as Song Zhao was about to get the cake, his body froze.


He saw that the cream cake he had brought over had already flown out of the box and lay peacefully on the floor.


Just now, Lu Yuanbai was startled by crying, and he threw away the things in his hand.


Lu Yuanbai saw that people were not moving, so he moved to look.




In the end, Lu Yuanbai became a lawbreaker, and he didn’t eat the cake.


Lu Yuanbai was lying on the hospital bed, staring at the ceiling above his head absentmindedly.


He thought of eating in prison in the future and the aunt who was serving in the prison and almost trembled.


Song Zhao didn’t know how to comfort him, “Why don’t I ask Duan Yu to accompany you?”


Lu Yuanbai turned to look at him, then said, “Okay.”


Song Zhao took out his hand, “Give me his number.”


Lu Yuanbai: “I don’t know.”


Song Zhao’s hand that was holding the phone froze, he had forgotten that Lu Yuanbai lost his memory.


But he was not familiar with Duan Yu, nor did he have the other’s number.


Then his eyes fell on the bag that the nurse sent a few days ago for Lu Yuanbai to verify the items. 


If he remembered correctly, Lu Yuanbai’s mobile phone should also be in it.


Then he got up to get it, and the phone was indeed inside, but the screen was mostly broken.


He pressed the power button, surprised to find that it still works.


Song Zhao handed the phone to Lu Yuanbai.


Lu Yuanbai looked at him innocently, “Password.”




Song Zhao: “How can I know your password?”


Then he raised his eyebrows, “Try to crack it yourself.”




Lu Yuanbai took the phone obediently and pressed 123456.


Song Zhao was speechless for a moment, “Can you use your brain?” 


The next second, he heard a beep on the phone.


The lock screen opened…




Lu Yuanbai couldn’t wait to open the contacts book and looked for Duan Yu’s phone number.


But after looking around, he didn’t find Duan Yu’s remarks.


But there are not many contacts in the mobile phone, almost all of them have name notes.


After screening them one by one, Lu Yuanbai’s eyes fell on the “long-term meal ticket”.


This…it can’t be his wife.


Lu Yuanbai’s peach blossom eyes opened slightly,


Could it be that…


He is a tofu eater!


Then the phone was broadcast suspiciously.


The phone rang a few times before being connected.


“What’s wrong?” The man’s deep and magnetic voice came from the other end of the phone.


Lu Yuanbai held the phone and heard that it was his wife on the opposite side.


For a time, the grievances in his heart are like rolling water in the Yangtze River.


“Why didn’t you come to see me?”

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